Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The More Things Change

It’s been a long time.  We haven’t really done anything as far as getting Wife her lover since July.  So you haven’t missed anything.  Nothing much has changed.

I wrote “Nothing much has changed” an hour ago and immediately I knew it wasn’t completely true.  I had to go back a read how I was before.  I got caught up in my own writing, having forgot much of what I wrote.  But I found what I was looking for.

I thought that the curse I have on cuckold/hotwife sites was broken.  David is writing about Allie again.  Even Suburban Hotwife (mmmh) is blogging again.  DH isn’t blogging, but we do get to hear about him (you lucky bastard – 4 titties at once).  I do believe JessTess is gone for good.  And it is good, with her Husband trying to have a baby.  Some bloggers have gone with out any help from me – Confessor X (although I’m not sure he’s gone) and Ms. Inconspicuous.  She is the lucky one – a loving husband and a loving lover with no sneaking around.  I really wanted to hear the story of how her husband found out and why he let it continue.

So I was thinking that maybe that maybe the sexual world doesn’t revolve around me.  Maybe it’s all just coincidence that sites disappear as soon as I acknowledge them.  Then I wrote “I Must Be Wired Different” about the show Californication.  And that was the last good episode.  I guess my small message wasn’t powerful enough to cause the complete cancellation of the show, but after that his world comes crashing down – including finding out that he had sex with an underage girl in a previous season.  That pretty much ruined my fascination with the show.

What else has changed?  Let see.  Mr. E is no longer in the picture.  It’s a shame too.  He seemed like the best candidate so far for my wife.  He didn’t do anything wrong and neither did we.  Life just got in the way.

I still want to tell you about our Night at the Bar in the Land of Misfit Toys – I hope I still have my notes.  But that will have to wait.  As for the sex with Wife mentioned in that post, I have no idea what that is referring to.  Sorry it must have been hot.

Another thing that has changed is my attitude towards my wife’s fantasy.  You may recall I was anxious about Wife wanting me to eat her after her lover has filled her with cum.  During my hiatus, I have been training and now the sight of a cream pie actually makes my mouth water and my penis tingle.  I especially like seeing video of a man’s balls tightening as he strokes and fills the woman with cum then pulls out showing her open pussy filled with cum.  I want to dive in.  I always knew that I would eventually do it because I wanted Wife’s fantasy to come true, but I never thought this would become my fantasy too.

So I guess things have changed.  But you really didn’t miss anything.

Other than we have started looking again.  We are both horny for her to have another man.  And we have set up two dates for this weekend.  One for Friday, one for Saturday.  One young, one younger.  One white, one black.  One straight, one bi-curious (maybe I can get my cock sucked by the man who cuckolds me:)).  This should be a fun weekend.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Must Be Wired Different

I’ve picked up a new vice.  Really it’s just about my only vice now - still busy all the time (but I can see that soon I will have at least some free time back :) ).  Sure I’ll use a few minutes once in awhile to catch a post by a hotwife (and even more rarely, create one myself), but I make time regularly for this new vice.  So why take on a new vice now?  Mostly cause it’s quick and satisfying - less than 30 minutes a week.

Californication is in its 3rd season on Showtime and for some reason I’ve made it a priority to watch it even though I haven’t seen any episodes from the previous seasons.  For those unfamiliar with the show, it centers on a man, Hank (David Duchovny), who lives in LA with his teenage daughter.  Her mother, Karen (Natascha McElhone), lives in NY.  While Hank loves Karen, I’m not sure if they are married, but in any case they have an open relationship.  We don’t see what happens with her, except when she is talking to him, but he certainly has fun, sometimes with multiple women in one episode.  She knows (or at least suspects) and even playfully talks about it.  Seems like a good way to go through life.  A man I can relate to.

So QM, who cares what you watch?  That’s a very good question.  And the answer is most certainly (almost) no one.  But I tell you this because while watching this week’s episode, thrice I thought I must be wired different.  In the episode, Glass Houses, Karen made a trip to LA and while Hank is making advances she tells him she slept with Bill (someone of importance if you saw the first two seasons, I guess).  She had been trying to dissuade him and it worked.  Hank gets sick to his stomach, a normal response.  But coming from a man who is currently sleeping with (or close to) three other women, I would have expected at least some acceptance.  I, however, had a quite different reaction; I would have wanted Wife even more.  I would have been on top of her and wouldn’t have taken no for an answer (or even allowed that there was ever a question).  I must be wired different.

Later we see another couple, Marcy and Charlie, having dinner at their home with Hank and Karen, and one of Marcy’s teenage heartthrobs.  Charlie and Marcy are separated but living in the same house.  Each week it seems like they are simultaneously about ready to get back together and divorce.  Anyway, Marcy ends up banging her heartthrob and we listen with Charlie in the next room.  It’s tearing him up.  This man is fucking his wife and she is squealing with delight.  He is very distraught by it all.  I, being wired differently, would have been quite happy to have my wife live out one of her fantasies and, from the sounds of it, really enjoying it.  Sure, I would have liked to be with her, watching him turn her on, take pleasure in their first kiss, seeing her stroke his cock, looking on as her lips and legs open, knowing that they are in their own little world, enjoying sights, sounds and aroma as he enters her, and snuggling up when she was done.  But I would have been content to listen from the next room, if that is what she wanted.

Finally, at the end of the show, Karen and Hank are flirting again.  This time she wants Hank to continue so she tells him she didn’t really sleep with Bill.  Of course this gets Hank really going and he dives in.  For me though, that spoiled it.  It was a turn off.  It didn’t matter if she slept with him or not.  But to give me that candy then take it away as we are about to make love, would not have worked for me.

(Then I got thinking that she is a bitch.  Lying to get me to quit being amorous.  Or is it she is lying to get me to be so?  Conniving Bitch.  If she could say that to me just to manipulate me at that time, she could do it at any time.  I’m not some one night stand here, I’m her husband.)  And then the credits roll and the thought is gone.

So, yes, I am wired differently.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a side note, in this episode, at the dinner party the heartthrob says that he once made a woman cum seven times and everyone is impressed.  I wasn’t.  Does seven sound like a lot to you?  Sure seven is good, phenomenal if you do it all the time.  But as a personal best?  I feel if you or she are able to keep count, you can do better.  I’ve given every woman I’ve ever been with orgasms beyond measure at least once.  You need to find out what does it for her, use your hands, tongue, toys, cock, whatever it takes to get her to the point of multiple orgasms, maybe three, four.  Then you let her rest a bit and go back in.  She’ll protest some, but again you weren’t asking.  In no time, she’ll have a few more, then more.  Soon you’ll be well past seven, somewhere in the 15 to 20 range.  So seven isn’t impressive (or maybe I’m wired different).  And what do you get for the double digit orgasms, most likely not much.  She will be so worn out and sore that you probably aren’t getting anything but undying gratitude and snuggling that night.  Now, if HE was able to cum seven times, that would be impressive.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Long Hot Summer

I go in and pull back, drive a little deeper and then come back some.  Into the tunnel I go.  Three steps in and two steps back.  Slowly making forward progress.  I strive to bend my prey to my will.  It takes time, but I know it’s working.  Now finally the climatic finish is within sight.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Soon my extraordinary efforts will no longer be necessary.  Soon, maybe by Thanksgiving, my mind will not need to be myopically focused.  My horniness will no longer need to be kept in check.  The beast that is the Quiet Man will be unleashed again. 

Not that I’ve been a completely asexual creature during the summer and fall.  There have been moments: Our meeting with Mr. E, the evening in The Bar In The Land Of Misfit Toys, and the morning a few days ago, to name a few.  All of which I will tell you about in time.

Yes, I have been out for a few beers.  Three or four Shocktops tonight, with a few friends, felt soooo right.  It’s been a long time.  Put me in the mood to take time I don’t have to write again.  I’ve missed writing, but not as much as I’ve missed doing things to write about.  Well maybe before Christmas I’ll be able to devote the time needed to get this blog going again.

So, what can I write about tonight?  Let’s see.  I realize I left Firecracker out of the Cast of Characters.  That was unintentional, and perhaps karma is paying me back for the slight.  She is now living with a very nice, vanilla guy.  He probably wouldn’t understand her desire to have the QM, and she (probably) wants to be faithful.  I really want it to work out for her. I want her to live happily ever after.  Still, there is a part of me that wants to catch her on the rebound.  Or perhaps give her the bachelorette party she deserves.  I don’t want to derail any of her dreams; I just want to show her just how good a night can be.  Is that wrong?  We’ll just have to see what happens.

While I’m asking questions … Recently, Wife has given me permission to have a little, but not too much, fun.  I can go as far as getting a blowjob, but that’s it.  However she can’t be anyone that I will work with, nor someone that Wife or I will socialize with.  Sounds good.  But just how do I make that happen?  I know a few women that would be content with sucking a long, hard cock for an hour or so till I cum, without taking it farther, but they fall into the work or socialize categories.  So how do I meet some new slut, interested in me, and determine she would be satisfied with deep throating me in the backseat?  I’m sure they are out there.  Just how do I tell which ones they are?  Complicating the situation, women that want it one time are completely unresponsive to any suggestive comments the next.  WTF?  Do you want me to grab your head and push my cock into your mouth or not?  Sorry, that’s the beer talking.  (We’ll wait until we know each other a little better.  Then I’ll know ;).  Oh Shit, then you’ll be in the socialize category.  Fuck!) 

So, seriously, I welcome any advice for a married man with meeting a woman and getting a blowjob that night.  What should I look for in a woman?  Where should I try to find her?  After we flirt awhile, should I let her know that a BJ is a far as I will go?  Obviously she needs to know this at some point.  I guess what I’m really asking is: how can I tell when I woman looks at me for the first time that she wants to suck my dick?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cast of Characters

Amazing.  That’s the word for it.  I’ve got a few minutes to finally write another post.  But don’t get your hopes up.  Between my schedule, Wife’s first and second jobs (the third one hasn’t started yet and may never), and the family problems (which have come to a conclusion) we haven’t had much time to advance our search, much less write here or even just check my email.

I had a request by the lovely Anon to provide a summary when I return.  It’s a good thing Anon is hot (at least in my imagination) otherwise I might have taken her request as a sarcastic jab about my lack of writing.  So here it is, but I warn you, this entry has spoilers.  So you might want to click here to start from the beginning.

Wife - The most wonderful woman in the world.  She’s looking to find a man that she cares for and will fuck her whenever they want.

Quietman - That’s me, your narrator, as well as Wife’s husband.  In fact, her Cuckold Husband, albeit just once horned, so far.  Wife and I started on this adventure in earnest in March, and we have been looking for the right men to physically please her.  As I said before, I love my wife.  I love her without limitations or conditions.  I want the best for her.  I want her to be as happy/excited/fulfilled as possible.  I want her to get the most out of life.  A few years ago, I finally convinced her that her enjoying the pleasure of another man (or woman) would make me happy that she is happy.

Mr. X - The first man we met on Craigslist.  He was looking to orally please a married woman.  He was not interested in fucking or getting sucked, just eating pussy.  We exchanged emails often and he did make Wife excited.  Now he was no Quietman when it came to writing, but he was pretty good.  I think a significant portion of the thrill was due to this being the first man we were chatting with.  To know that there is a man who wants to eat Wife’s pussy and is close enough to make it happen in just a few minutes was very sexhilarating.  (I made that typo while I was writing and felt it was appropriate.)  After several weeks it became apparent that he wasn’t interested in meeting.

Mr. Y - The second man we met on Craigslist.  We exchanged a few emails with him before we exchanged phone numbers.  Wife gave him a call and liked talking to him.  We set up a meeting.  When the big night came, we were nervous and eager.  We had fun, but it just didn’t feel right.

Mr. Z - Single Track Mind (STM).  We had been looking for a couple of months and without any luck.  Then we had a weekend away planned and we set up a fun night to kick it off with STM.  He is several years younger than us.  It was a very thrilling night that ended with STM fucking my Wife for a couple of hours.  He was very good with his tongue and Wife thoroughly enjoyed her first time.

Mr.’s A & B - After the thrill of our night with STM and the romance of the long weekend we were ready to find someone that would be a permanent fuck for her.  We set up accounts on AFF and AM and soon were getting mail and winks/flirts from several men.  We found a few that we liked and after awhile, we arranged to meet them.  My extra responsibilities had started and our nights to go out were limited.  So we arranged two meetings for the same night, one early and one later.  Well, Mr. A didn’t show up.  Thankfully, Mr. B did.  We had fun with him, but again, it just didn’t feel right.

Mr. C - He was quite aggressive and confident via email.  Wife was a bit nervous about him, wasn’t sure she could handle him.  He was crude, but in a very sexy way.  It was a couple weeks since we started exchanging emails, that we tried to set up a meet, but he seemed to loose interest.  Guess he was more a man of talk than action.

Mr. D - He’s a couple years older than us and was very eager to meet Wife and me.  By this time, my extra responsibilities were taking almost all of my time.  We found it difficult to set up a meeting.  He and Wife continued to exchange emails and texts.  Finally we found a date that worked for all of us.  A few days before, I sent him an email to make sure we were all on the same page.  I didn’t want him to expect anything more than dinner that night as well as remind him of our expectations.  Luckily for us, he showed his real colors and replied with “WAY TOO MANY RULES” and called it off.

Mr. E - Have I told you about Mr. E yet?  I’ll have to sometime.

Until I have time to tell you the story of Mr. E, enjoy this Aussie cuck couple.  He had to edit the video to avoid showing faces so it seems choppy, but I like it.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why Would I Want My Wife to Have a Lover

Here’s a video I found in December or January.  By the time I got a chance to show it to my wife a couple weeks later, it was taken down.  I found it again, showed it to her and said this is how I want her to feel.  She liked it a lot and she was ready start actively looking for a lover (rather than waiting for the opportunity to come up again) with my help.

I feel this man loves his wife the way I love mine; completely, with out limits.  He’s happy, not necessarily horny, for her to enjoy herself.  I recently tried to find it again and got lucky.  It’s called “Cherrys 1st Interracial” and it is long (almost an hour).  Enjoy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Ever Happened to Mr. D?

I realize that we never let you know what has happened with Mr. D.  Where we left off, he and Wife were texting and emailing on a pretty regular basis, and he was eager to meet us, both of us.  The idea of pleasing my wife while I watched (or even participated) was a big turn on for him.  He’s a couple years older than us and divorced.  We got the impression that he didn’t have much opportunity for sex and this fantasy was very exciting for him.

He lives about an hour from us, so we suggested a meeting for dinner about half way between.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it the day we suggested and we couldn’t make it for awhile any other night.  Finally we were all available on Wednesday night, June 17.

The necessary communication between Wife and Mr. D trying to set up our first meeting was not all that sexual.  As they went back and forth trying to find an available time, it seems that he gradually began to realize that this may really happen, and that maybe it wouldn’t live up to his fantasy.  I’m guessing at this but you could sense something was different from the tone of his emails.  He was slower to respond and less excited.

Anyway, we finally agreed to meet on a Wednesday night for dinner.  On Sunday I sent him an email to confirm the time and place along with some tips on some of the things Wife likes while flirting and a reminder of our expectations (must be non smoker, D&D free, first meeting there will be no sex, condom use, etc.).  With the exception of the pointers on how to turn my wife on, there was nothing we hadn’t said to him before, but he replied that we have “WAY TOO MANY RULES” and called it off.

Maybe we do have too many rules, but we state them in all the ads we have posted.  None of this should be a surprise to any of the men that respond.  We also sprinkle them throughout our emails with them to make sure there are no surprises.

We thought about softening the rules, but if Wife is going to let your cock into her pussy, she deserves to say what she wants.  We made the mistake of not having STM confirm that he is a non smoker, and that was the one negative from our encounter with him.  In fact, that may have been the one thing that kept him from being invited to spend the entire night.  So we might be too picky, but we’re not going to lower our standards.  I think the right man is out there.  Maybe it’s Mr. E.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just Whose Fantasy Is This Anyway? (or What’s With All The Parentheses? And Why So Damn Many Questions?)

Anonymous posted an interesting comment to Ketchup July 8, 2009.  I have to thank him for providing the thought provoking input that got me to create this post.  He (I think Anon is a he.  Hard to tell really.  Could be a woman, I guess.  Maybe Anon isn’t even sure.  But I think he’s a man and therefore I’m going to assume he is.) thinks that I (that sure loses the (sarcastic mimicking) emphasis of being in all caps) am the one with a fantasy and Wife is “going along for the ride.”

Now Sexy PTA Mom is definitely a woman.  Wow what a woman.  She also posted a comment to that post.  I spent some time looking at her blog.  In fact I went there first (and went back again too (not cause I liked it, but because it was intellectually stimulating (oh and the pictures are very artistic, makes you feel real emotion :) (Can you guess which one?)) In fact I think I might go there for some stimulation (intellectual that is (Hey if I’m going to be accused of thinking with it, I might as well)) right now)) before I ever gave a thought to Anon’s comment.  It is interesting that these two commented on the same post.  Sexy PTA Mom admits that this was her husband’s fantasy from the beginning and she has done things (enjoyable things) to please him (the piercings, for example).  I think that’s sweet.  However, is it still just his fantasy?  No.  First of all it’s no longer a fantasy.  She is doing it.  And second, she seems to be enjoying it.  It sounds like it is turning into her desire as well as his.  At least I hope so.

But Anon’s comment begs for a response.  He asks if he is right.  Seems like I have two choices, yes or no.  Is he right?  In some ways, yes.  In other ways, no.  So to answer, I need to address each part of his comment:

“I found your blog few weeks ago and love your writing!!”

Correct – who would not love my writing ;)

“As far as finding a lover for wife, you both discussed that option (stated 3.8.09.). You say she enjoyed that discussion immensely.”

Correct – We have had many discussions over the past 4 years about seriously finding her other men with whom to enjoy sex.  Prior to that it was something that I told her she could do, but she wasn’t sure I meant it.  (I’ll have to go into our history sometime, but that’s another epic post.)  Mostly it was a bedroom topic, but 4 years ago it became “real”.  That is, it became a real option for her.  An option she considered obtainable.  Since then it has always been something she could do if she chooses to do.  And, yes she does enjoy these discussions, but it wasn’t just one discussion.

“You also mention that you are smart, good looding etc.”

Incorrect - I have never looded!  But I am a smart(ass) blogger.

“I guess am still curious as to why you want a lover for her. I think that it's YOU that wants to watch etc.”

Oh yeah!  Well I think it is YOU that wants to watch etc.  Don’t you?  You’d like to see my wife getting banged by another man.  Yes, I enjoyed seeing my wife have sex with STM, but not for the exact reasons that I think you think I have. 

“Otherwise, you would be swingers and share couples..”

WRONG – Believe me, if I had my way we would be swingers and sharing other couples (and single women).  I’m as horny for women as they come.  But as I said in my profile, I’m faithful.  I couldn’t enjoy myself doing anything like that if Wife didn’t give me the OK, and she hasn’t :(.  You may not believe that.  You might think all men are dogs (which, of course, we are, but some of us are house broken), and will hump anything we can.  But I could never risk losing my wife for some hot, steamy, passionate, all night long, doing it over and over again, in the car, on the patio, in the hall, on the stairs, in the bed, in the shower, in the garage, strange, 4 women on me sex.  And occasionally she does let me off the leash for a little while :).

“Sounds like it YOUR fantasy and wife is going along for the ride.”
Incorrect – She is definitely not along for the ride.  She wants a long term lover.

Now I admit that have I enjoyed the idea of cuckolding for a long time.  I’ve always been sexually excited by the idea of women who are not shy about getting the sex they want.  I like watching porn actresses get fucked by multiple men especially when it is her choice rather than the men’s.  A married woman that gets sex from other men is getting what she wants and I love that her sex drive is so high.  I also like the idea that these strong women deny their men.  That some put them in chastity devices and never have sex with them again.  I like these women.  I want to have sex with them, but do I want my wife to be one of them?  Hell No.

So why do I do it?  Why do I want my wife to have a lover?  I stated it in the first thing I ever wrote for this blog, my profile.  I love her.  I want her to have what she wants.  I want her to have the best life she can.  I want her to enjoy sex at its best.  I give her what I can (and that is pretty good I’m told), but even so I want her to have more.  STM was great with his tongue (I’m good with my tongue, but not great) and others might be better at this or that.  I want her to have it.  I want her to have two men.  I want her to have what she wants.  If she didn’t want this, there would be no fun in the fantasy for me.

How do I know she wants a long term lover?  I asked, dumbass (sorry, the smartass came out again (or maybe it never went in)).  Let me explain.  Four years ago, when it looked like this might become more than a fantasy, I asked Wife how she wanted to proceed, what she wanted in a man.  Then I changed my desires to match her desires.  For example, I thought it would be best to start with a man that there is no chance we will ever see again, but I didn’t tell Wife that.  I let her tell me what she wanted.  She wanted, in effect, a boyfriend.  That was hard for me.  I’ve never told her that.  I wanted her to try sex once to see how it went, and she wanted to have a guy she likes first and can see and fuck on a regular basis.  I did not let on my reservations but went about changing my feelings.

How did I do this?  I thought about it over a long period.  I did not take action until I had time to thoroughly contemplate it.  I asked if she wouldn’t like to start in the way I had considered.  She said no, she didn’t want just some stranger.  That wasn’t her.  She needed to feel something for him before she would want to sleep with him (She’s a good girl at heart, even when she is bad.  Sleeping with someone just for fun was something good girls just didn’t do. A one night stand? Out of the question.  (A long term boyfriend for a married woman though was a different matter, though. :) ))  Finally, I fantasized about it.  I took my cock in my hand and stroked myself while thinking about my wife out on a date with her boyfriend, about her spending the night (or weekend) with him, about the three of us celebrating her birthday together, about him being a part of our life and how much Wife would enjoy that.

This is a technique that I came (literally :) ) across awhile back.  See, I used to (OK still do) think about all kinds of things while I masturbated.  Some of these things were the type of things that you don’t find exciting (like your wife having sex with other men) except when you are really aroused.  My standard process was to think of these things while I stroked, but to switch to a more acceptable fantasy (like me fucking a big chested babe) just before I came.  The downside to this was right after I came I felt a bit of shame/guilt/disgust about what had made me so hot.  I didn’t like that that had made me so excited (Guess I’ve got some baggage too.).  But it was always short lived, just a few minutes and I could easily get my mind off it.  Well, one day I was deep in one of these fantasies, and it must have been a really good one, but I really don’t remember what it was, and I got close to cumming.  Like I said I must have been deep into this fantasy, because while my brain could tell me that it’s time to switch to the “safe” fantasy, it was too confused by all the pleasure coming from my cock to be able to think of one.  I couldn’t come up with anything other than what I was already thinking.  I tried to hold back to give my brain time but that only increased the pleasure and urgency to cum.  My mind was spinning.  Finally, I couldn’t stop it any longer and I came with one of the most satisfying orgasms I ever gave myself.  (I told you I was good.)  As I laid there, my brain and body exhausted, my chest covered with the huge amount of cum I produced, I was completely satisfied and content.  I knew the fantasy that had brought me to this state.  I had used it many times before, but this time there was no shame/guilt/disgust, only contentment.  The more I did this with a fantasy, the more I could enjoy that fantasy when I wasn’t aroused.

So I used this technique with my wife and her boyfriend.  This was the first time I used it to make one of my wife’s fantasies mine, but not the last.  It worked.  After each time I felt more at ease with the idea.  After many times, it became my desire too because I want my wife to have everything she can.  Now the thought of her enjoying not just another man’s cock, but her lover’s cock, is getting me excited.  If anyone is riding on the other’s fantasy, it’s me riding hers.  But really this desire is ours, not hers, not mine, ours.

“Am I right????”
Let’s see: 3 correct and 3 incorrect.  So it’s a tie.

“Great job in writing and keeping us entertained!!”
I’ll do my best.  And when I can’t, I’ll still try to keep you up to date on the quest.  That shouldn’t be too difficult this month.  Wife is out of town for 3 weeks, and there is virtually no chance that she will be able to do much of anything in regards to finding a lover.  When she gets back, hopefully there will be a bunch of horny guys ready to meet her.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ketchup July 8, 2009

Hi.  It’s been awhile.  Wife has taken up the reigns on finding a lover and writing the blog.  She has found out that it is a lot of work, and has found the time to only perform the highest priority tasks, which, of course, are the actual searching rather than the writing.

She’s been corresponding with several guys on AM, AFF and email.  She has texted and talked on the phone with one man that we are getting close to meeting.  In fact we had a date set up for last Saturday, but we had to move it to Sunday.  On Sunday, he got called out of town.  We (meaning Wife and he) are working on setting another date.

He is a discreet man, but can be aggressive once given the go ahead.  He’s smart and a good conversationalist (so I’ve heard from Wife).  I think he may work out to be Wife’s lover, but since we don’t have a firm date set up with him, I’m hesitant to assign him a letter yet.

There are several others that we (Wife) would consider meeting (and maybe more) if this one doesn’t work out.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Lastly, tonight we are going to dinner with Firecracker.  I always enjoy going out with her.  Will anything exciting happen?  Probably not, there will be other family members there.  Still it’s always fun.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wife of Quiet Man’s Turn

QM is very busy with work nowadays.  So I am taking over trying to find a lover.  So I thought I would also write a post to give my view on things.

The Search:  Our meeting with STM was definitely exciting.  But finding someone for long term and local is becoming a bit of a challenge.  We’ve scared some away, had a dud, and a no show.  Not much to show for about 2 months of looking.

We have a couple of prospects that we have pics of and are emailing to see if there is any type of connection.  We shall see, maybe even this weekend.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adult Friend Finder Find Me a Friend (with a Big Cock)

It’s Saturday night and I’m writing a post.  That can mean only one thing, Wife’s out on our date alone with Mr. D?  No, it means that Mr. D couldn’t make it tonight.  But he and Wife talked on the phone for the first time this week.  She liked it.  We might meet next Wednesday evening.

Since I’m not out meeting the man attached to the next cock to be in my wife, I thought I would torture you with a long boring post about AFF.  I gave you my first impressions nearly 2 months ago.  Since then I have learned a lot about AFF.

When you first register for AFF you select your gender, what you are looking for, your location, a valid email address, and your choice of user names (something like ImTheQuietMan.  You may have to try a few cause your first choice, say QuietMan, might already been taken.)  That gets you to a second screen of questions.  You select from a list of choices for things like your sexual orientation, height, smoking, etc.  You can upload a photo if you wish.  At the bottom of the page you will find the most difficult question, “Tell others about yourself”.  After this you will receive an email with the password.

Get your password and login.  You go to the Order page.  You can sign up for a silver or gold membership at this time (but see later why to wait).  You are now a standard member (Doesn’t that sound like it translates to average dick?).  Near the top of the page are menus for Home, Mailbox, Account, Search/Browse, Friends, My Lists, Chat, Get Local, Video, Blogs, Groups, and Shop.  Look around and see what you like.  I must admit it took me a long time to find my way around.  And I still haven’t tried all the features available to standard members.

At this point you won’t be able to do some things until your profile is approved.  I think they mainly check to see that you haven’t done anything illegal or posted contact info.  It shouldn’t be long though.  They say it can take up to 48 hours, but both accounts that I have set up were approved in about 2.

Here’s some of what you can do.

•    On the left side shows the number of messages, flirts, points, referrals (not sure what this is), new matches, views of your profile, and friends.  Click on any of them to go to a page with details.
•    You’ll probably notice the center section first, cause it’s got lots of naked people (It was weeks before I realized there was anything else on the page, lol).  Not sure why this is here, because they are from anywhere in the world, and usually nowhere near you.  Still you can’t help but look at them and mouse over the little i for a bit of info.
•    Click on the Online Matches at the top (or Our New Matches on the left) and if you’re like me, you’ll find a lot of guys in Dodge have limp dicks.  These are a few of the people near you that you might be interested in.  You can change your cupid settings so the default search is more to your liking and also to filter you incoming mail.

•    The mailbox shows you the number of unread messages in the menu bar
•    You will have an email from the system.  READ IT.  It gives you good information about being successful using the site.  Save it and read it again later.  It apparently has a link to a benefits page that lists what you get for as an average dick, silver dick or gold dick.  That’s the one thing I’ve bitched the most about, and fuck if they didn’t tell me on the first day.  Typical man, never reads the instructions.

Account: where you can update your profile and change account settings.

Search/Browse:  duh, but limited for standard members

Friends: You can collect friends.  What good is that?  As far as I can tell, you get to see their private photos.

My Lists:  here you can get lots of good info on whose viewed you, flirted with you, and hotlisted you, as well as who you have flirted with and hotlisted.

Chat:  haven’t used

Get Local:  use this to find out about places and events near you.  This is based on your IP location, not the place you might have picked as your location when you signed up, say Dodge City.  But you can change it to anywhere.

Video: check out member’s webcams.  Only one can be open at a time for standard members.  I watched a woman cuckold her husband with their friend one night.  That was really cool.  Another time I found a woman in Spain showing off to just 2 people.  When I joined, her robe closed quickly (but not quick enough) and she then went private.

Blogs, Groups, and Shop:  haven’t used them (why bother, my blog’s not on there!)

What I like:
•    This site it made for everyone.  No matter what gets you up, they got it.  (Unless you’re into something illegal.  In which case, you’re on your own, buddy.)
•    You can sign up as a male, a female, a couple (man and woman, 2 women, or 2 men), a group, or a TS/TV/TG
•    There are lots of people on here.  We’ve had contact with men, women and couples.  Most from our area, but some from around the world.
•   If you are popular, you can view profiles as a standard member.
•    Mailbox shows how many unread messages you have in the menu bar
•    After a few days, we got a discount on upgrading.  First it was 10% for about a week.  Then it went to 20% for about 2 weeks.  Finally it went to 40% for less than a week.  By then, I was busy and missed the chance.  After, it returned to 20%, then 10%.  Now it is full price again.  We’re still happy as standard members, so no need to pay just yet.
•    LOTS of good stuff.  Profiles, chat, webcams, local info, flirts and more
•    Anyone can flirt with anyone
•    Email By name who has sent you a message in AFF
•    Emails showing which members have put you on their flirted with, hotlisted, and viewed you
•    Emails showing new members and matches in your area
•    Upload a voice greeting and send voice messages
•   Post photos, standard members can only see a thumbnail of the main photo.  Others can see more (silver limited to 5 and to approximately 3x2” area, gold can see all full size).  There is one woman who rotates her pics every few days so we can see them all.  You can also upload private photos for your friends network to see.
•   You can hide your profile
•   You can set up an auto response to incoming emails

Additional services available for a fee:
•    Always be able to view profiles
•    Keep emails longer (60 or 120 days)
•    View photos in profiles (up to 5 per profile for silver, unlimited for gold)
•    Advanced search
•    View members’ videos
•    Priority placement in profile lists, search results, etc
•    Telephone tech support

What I don’t like:
•    Haven’t found a way to change the password from the random characters the registration process creates to something I can remember.
•    Sometimes when you leave a webcam, you can’t open another right away.  You have to wait up to 2 minutes for it to realize you have closed that window.  Othertimes it works fine.
•    Hard to find your way around.  I’ve been using it for 2 months and still have a hard time ;) finding everything.
•    Your emails are somehow screened.  I think it is electronically looking for certain words.  We had a guy (Mr. A) send us his profile name with another site name.  His email was caught and we got a message saying he sent something inappropriate.  You can’t give out contact info for the first 2 messages.  We’ve seen people put things like contact me at xxx on the why in other screened fields.
•    There is no “I’m not interested in you, loser!” flirt
•    It keeps your profile forever.  We saw the old one we abandoned 3 years ago.  We no longer have the email account associated with it so we can’t log in.
•    If you hide your profile, no one can contact you, even those you have been emailing aready.

What I don’t know:
•    How you become popular.  Is it based on the number of emails you receive?  That might explain why we can sometimes see profiles and sometimes not.  Although there seems to have been a widespread problem with viewing profiles in early May.
•    What are referrals?

Overall, I like Adult Friend Finder.  We have met some good and some not so good guys on this site.  The site is definitely there to make money, which I don’t have a problem with.  We will probably sign up someday (if Mr. D isn’t enough).  The site is horrible to navigate.  There are many screens with similar info, and finding the one you saw last time is frustrating.  On top of that, sometimes we are popular and have extra privileges and sometimes we are not.  There is no way to tell.  That’s not true.  You can see if you can view others profiles.  If not, you’re not.  But we didn’t know about the extra privileges for a long time and couldn’t understand why we could view things one day and not the next.

There are a lot of active people on this site.  So much so, we had to put a message on our profile telling people that we we’re looking right now.  That slowed down the messages and flirts, but didn’t stop them.  Wife wants to wait until we meet with Mr. D before we open it up again.

I do recommend Adult Friend Finder.  I think it is good for a quick hook up and for finding a long term relationship.  It all depends on who you meet, just like anywhere.  Only on AFF you know a bit about what each is looking for first.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ketchup - 6/7/09

Ketchup - 6/7/09
No time to write.  Even worse, no time to play.
We’ve both been very busy the last couple of weeks, and we’re busy again next weekend.  We haven’t arranged any more meetings.

We have not heard back from Mr. A.  He’s a gold member on AFF and has logged in as late as yesterday.  I don’t get it.  Why would you pay to be a gold member and spend time emailing if you don’t really want to meet anyone?

Mr. C has been conspicuously quiet.   He is on AM and he logged in 2 days ago, but didn’t answer our latest email.  Could be that he’s busy.  Or it could be because we asked if he is a smoker.  In his profile, he left that question blank.  We assumed that meant he was a smoker, so we asked.

Mr. D is another situation altogether.  We asked for his cell number and Wife has texted with him a few times.  He seems very eager. 

I started writing this post 4 days ago and got interrupted.  Now we have asked Mr. D if he would like to meet this Saturday for drinks.  We’ll let you know what he says.

Still haven’t heard from Mr. A or Mr. C and we don’t expect that we ever will.  So right now we’re down to just one Mr.  That’s about all we have time for.  If he doesn’t work out, we’ll start looking again.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Double Date with Misters A and B - Epilogue

So Mr. A didn’t show and Mr. B wouldn’t look at Wife.  In fact, Wife tried to give him a sly smile or the look away then back again move, but that’s kind of hard when he won’t look at you.  We waited a few days to hear from him.  I think he should have sent a short note saying he had a good time (even if he didn’t) and thanked us for meeting him.  It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.  I certainly would have.  If he was no longer interested he could have politely added that too.  We sent him a note to say we had a good time, but things seemed a bit off.  We didn’t slam the door, but it was definitely closing.  If he was interested, he needed to reply that he had a great time and had really hoped to see more of us (or Wife).  Instead he politely replied that Wife didn’t seem interested in him and wished us well.  That closed the door.

We decided that we want someone that is more aggressive.  Mr.s Y and B have been tame.  Even SMT was pretty tame, but he did give Wife some complements and had his hands on her.  (Ah the memories of that night.  Were a white couple, obviously married, in a restaurant with a young black stud sitting next to and feeling up my wife. :-)  I would have liked to hear some of the conversations at other tables or in the kitchen.) And she reminded me that his texts were pretty hot!  For our first time, that was the perfect mix of being non-threatening and lustful.  Next time though, Wife wants more.  She wants to know that he is hot for her, that he wants her and can’t wait to fuck her.

We wrote Mr. A an email to see if there was some misunderstanding.  He says he was there!  There is another restaurant with the same name about 30 miles away, but it is in another city.  We had agreed on this one.  It is possible he had the wrong day or time, or even was at the other one.  We didn’t push it.  If it was a true miscommunication, then OK we’ll give him another try.  We said that we need to exchange phone numbers so this won’t happen again (and so he and Wife can text each other).  The message was sent yesterday, and Mr. A has demonstrated that he only checks AFF every 3 or 4 days.  So it’s no surprise that we haven’t heard from him.  We’ll get his number and check him out.  If we don’t have any more surprises or red flags, we’ll meet him again.  This time though we probably won’t do dinner.  We need a venue where we can say thanks, but no thanks and leave at any time.  What do you think are some activities that would be appropriate?  Send me an email or leave a comment.

So that’s a twist I didn’t see coming.  Mr. B is out and Mr. A is back in (sort of).  Interesting.

The real interesting part starts with Mr. C.  He has definitely been more aggressive.  His emails have been very suggestive.  That scared Wife off for a bit, but not enough to completely turn her away.  Now suddenly he seems more suitable.

And there is a Mr. D.  He’s is a bit older than us, and we just got his number.  Wife will text with him and we plan to meet him.  However we are still very busy.  Any meetings will have to wait at least two weeks.

Plus there are several others we are just starting to get to know.  It’s starting to seem this might take longer than I thought.  We’ll see.  We’re enjoying the ride.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Double Date with Misters A and B - Part 3

We do have Mr. B’s phone number and the name on the caller ID matches what he told us several weeks ago.  We feel much more confident that he will show.  He's the first man we've met from AM.

We make our way into the third eating establishment of the evening.  Wife orders a Mich Ultra and I get a Shock Top.  It comes out with an orange slice which surprisingly goes well with the flavor.  After a few minutes I see a guy that vaguely resembles Mr. B’s photo.  I ask wife if she thinks that’s him, and she’s not 100% sure.  At first he seems to be looking around, but then he picks a spot at the bar.  We’re not sure it’s him.  After a minute though, he’s looking around again and I give him a head nod.

We are seated at a square table and he sits next to Wife, opposite of me.  He turns out to be a nice guy, which we expected from his emails.  He has met a few couples before and was obviously comfortable with the situation.  Our conversation covers many different topics, but rarely touches on anything sexual.  I try not to take control of the conversation so that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed by my presence.  There is a band and at times it is quite loud.  Due to my position, I sometimes have trouble hearing the conversation between him and Wife, and even they had to lean together to hear.  I left them alone a couple of times, the longest for about 10 minutes to be sure to give him a chance to get to know Wife.  As the night gets older, I suggest that we take a walk in a nearby park.  Everyone thought that was a good idea.  I thought Mr. B might make a move like trying to hold my wife’s hand.  At times I try to walk a little ways away from them so they can get close, but it never seems to happen.  After about 30 minutes, we decide to call it a night.  He hugs Wife and we head back to our cars.

On the way, I ask Wife what she thinks.  She likes him, he was nice, but something was missing.  Later, she told me that she tried to catch his eye but he would never look at her.  He was not aggressive at all.  We agreed that we need someone with more lustful desire.  Someone that will let Wife know that she is hot and he wants her.  Someone like Mr, C.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Double Date with Misters A and B - Part 2

As we wait for Mr. A, we go over the menu.  As I said before, we’re not shy of sushi, but we are not adventurous (OK, in some areas we obviously are, but not with raw fish).  I pick a couple of new things we might try.  Hopefully, Mr. A will be able to give us some guidance.

We talk about our feelings and expectations for the night and the nights to come.  Wife repeats that with each guy that she’s comfortable with, she wants to try him out in bed before she picks the one or two that will be her regulars.  Currently there are five guys that we have considered meeting.  Here is my wife nonchalantly discussing having sex with 5 guys she has never met over the next month or so.  :-)

In just a few minutes, the door opens and in walks … a couple.  Not Mr. A.  We have a good view of the door and every time someone comes in we see it’s not him.  Pretty quickly a half hour goes by and we know we’ve been stood up.  Our waitress answers our questions on the menu and helps us choose.  We order a Scallop Dynamite Roll and Hibachi Scallops. Wife enjoys her flavored sake and I have another beer.

We had a great meal and good conversation.  The food was delicious.  We made good choices.  While we were disappointed that Mr. A didn’t show, it certainly did not dampen our spirits.  We decided that we would use the time before we meet Mr. B to go elsewhere for dessert.

Our choice for dessert is TGI Fridays.  We share the Brownie Obsession and watch the people.  It was fun and the dessert was terrific.

We leave in time to get to the place where we will (hopefully) meet Mr. B.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Double Date with Misters A and B - Part 1

Saturday, I planned to leave work no later than one and a half hours before the meeting time with Mr. A for dinner.  As the day presses on, it becomes apparent that we won’t be done at work.  I decide that I can leave as late a 1 hour before and still get home, cleaned up and to the restaurant.  I coordinate my departure with a coworker and let Wife know.  As the clock winds down to the 1 hour mark, so does our task.  We are on track to finish a bit early and I start to feel comfortable.  Well, we hit a bit of a snag and things take a bit longer, but we finish with exactly 1 hour to go.  I plan to make my exit.  However, our lead wants to do a quick wrap up and discuss our next steps.  OK, that should take five minutes.  Except today it drags on and on.  I find myself trying to quietly escape as I hand my coworker a note with my cell number and ask him to call me to let me know if we are working on Sunday.  I dash out of the building to my car.

This normally wouldn’t be a problem.  We would just call our dinner acquaintance, and let them know we were running late.  However, Mr. A did not respond back to our last email in which we requested his phone number.  Red flag?  You bet, but not out of character for Mr. A.  Remember that he has always taken a bit of time to read his email.  So there is a possibility that he didn't get it.

So here I am, rushing to get home and to get ready for our dinner date, when we have some doubt that Mr. A will even show up.  I have Wife pick out an outfit and lay it out for me.  I run in, head straight to the bedroom, strip down, clean up, and get dressed.  We’re out the door only a couple minutes late.  We will probably make it there on time.

On the way we review a printout of Mr. A’s AFF profile.  I would have liked to have time to review our email exchanges, but of course there was no time for that.  We reviewed the questions we had previously written to ask at this meeting and added a few more.  We are all set to pull into the parking lot right on time.  Then we had one more set back.

We had never been to this restaurant before, but knew where it was.  Or so we thought.  We pulled into the parking lot of the shopping center, and the restaurant wasn’t there.  We quickly figured out where it was and got there with only a short delay.  We were less than five minutes late.

We walk in and look around.  No single men looking anxious.  We ask for a table for three.  The place is small and not crowded at all.  They bring out warm towels and we order drinks.  I have a beer and Wife orders the 4 shot sampler of flavored sake.  We’re glad that we made it (close enough to) on time and didn’t make him wait.

We talk about our upcoming meeting.  The nervousness of the last two first meetings is not there.  We’re getting to be veterans at this.  I guess once you meet a young black man (oh, didn’t I tell you Mr. Z was black?) in public where everyone knows something sexual is going on between him and Wife, you know you can handle any of these meetings.

So now we wait.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Intro to Mr. B

We met Mr. B on AM.  Just a few days before we went on our trip, he sent Wife a wink and a private showcase key.  She liked what she saw and read.  He’s tall, fit, and a couple years younger than us.  He said he likes to kiss a woman’s neck, fingers, breasts, all over; he’s very oral. Wife sent him back a wink and her private showcase key.  He does live over an hour away, so meetings will have to be planned.

After he and Wife started emailing each other, we found out that he immensely enjoys being with a married couple.  He’s tried it a few times and loves it.  It’s good to know that he will be comfortable with this situation. 

Anyway, he’s been pretty good at responding to emails in a day or so, but when Wife texted him, he was very slow to respond.  Maybe he doesn’t text.  That’s OK.

We meet him tonight for drinks after we meet Mr. A.  I hope 3 hrs is enough time to have dinner and get to the second place which is about 20 minutes away.  That shouldn’t be a problem, but you never know.  We’ll use the time in between to discuss our impressions of Mr. A, and what we need to discuss with Mr. B.  Twenty minutes may not be enough time for that.

I’ll let you know how it goes from both our “dates” soon, but remember I don’t think anything real interesting is going to happen.  Then again, if she clicks with one of these guys, maybe something more interesting than sex will happen.  Maybe she’ll make that special connection that will last a long time.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Intro to Mr. A

Let me tell you a little about Mr. A.  We met him on AFF.  He saw our ad and wrote to us about a month ago, and we have been exchanging emails and pictures since.  He is Wife’s favorite of all the men we have met.  He is a couple years older than us and seems like a nice guy.  We have had a bit of difficulty communicating with him.  He seems to prefer to use AFF rather than the email address he gave us, and he only checks his AFF account every few days.  (We also have had some trouble with AFF losing or censoring mail, but that is for another post.)  Otherwise he seems very eager to meet us.

He is divorced and lives fairly close, close enough for Wife to stop in for a quicky when she wants. :-)  He’s not very tall, but he is taller than Wife, handsome (not like me of course) and he says he has an athletic build.  Interestingly, he is the only man not include a photo of his cock, and now that I realize this, I’m wondering how big (or small) it is.  I don’t know if Wife has noticed this yet nor what she thinks about it.

We are meeting him for dinner on Saturday.  We suggested the date and time and he suggested the place.  He chose a nice Japanese place that is known for its sushi, but we’ve never been there.  We like sushi but are a bit tame.  We tend to stick with the California roll with the occasional spicy shrimp or blue crab roll and even more rarely a Hawaiian roll.  Hopefully he has eaten here often and his superior knowledge will give him some confidence that will carry over into seducing my wife.

We don’t plan on anything happening at this first meeting.  It’s just a chance to get to know each other.  We will have dinner and a drink or two to see how we hit it off.

Besides, we have to meet Mr. B for drinks just 3 hours after we meet Mr. A.  :-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ketchup - May 19, 2009

Has it really been a week since my last post? I apologize.

I had planned on writing a post with an AFF review and I know you want to know what's going on since we met STM. Well not much in terms of Wife finding a lover. Plenty in the rest of our lives. This brings up a concern that I knew was coming. Our lives have gotten much busier and will be for several months. I will not have as much time to devote to this blog as I have in the past. I will try to post at least once a week, but I fear that even that is unrealistic. We have set a priority on making some time available to continue to find Wife a lover, but that is not as much as we had in the past.

All I can say is that I will try to post at least once a week with at least a short status.

So, for the last few weeks we have been emailing with 4 guys every few days. These are the top 4 that Wife has picked from the many we have had contact with. We will be meeting 2 of them Saturday night, one for dinner and one 3 hours later for drinks. I know, 2 in one night! However, these will be PG-13 rated meetings as Wife wants to take it slow. Wife has decided, though, she will meet and, if she is still interested, have sex with all 4 guys before she makes her choice of a long term lover.

I’ll let you know what happens.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Impressions of Ashley

So it’s been three weeks since we signed up for 3 online hookup services, and two weeks since I wrote my first impressions of them.  We’ve been getting a lot more action from these, well at least from Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder.  The other one is small and there are not many members in our area.

Here are my updated impressions of AM. 

First, what I like:
•    The mailbox is great.  When you log on, you are taken to your mailbox, and it shows all your contact messages with other members (messages, winks, add to favorites, private photo keys).  I like that it is all in one place.  So checking for any updates is easy.
•    Open an email and there is a link to show message history for last 10 messages or 30 days with that member
•    Helpful help
•    And good getting started page - Helpful Tips for Using the Ashley Madison System.  It’s hard to find though.  I didn’t find it until doing research for this post.  Go to the bottom of any profile, including your own, and click on “about member feedback [?]”.  Check out their fun lists of acronyms and emotions.  I’m sure you’ll find a few new ones.
•    Lists for favorites, keys sent, and block profiles – all available on the “Lists” tab
•    Feedback checkboxes at bottom of profiles
•    Easy navigation

Plenty of free services:
•    Anyone can send a wink
•    Including a wink that says sorry I’m not interested
•    Anyone can view profiles, many don’t have public photos, most of those have private photos, anyone can request a private photo showcase key and anyone can send their showcase key for free
•    Full function search
•    Favorites list
•    Email By name who has sent you a message
•    Emails showing a summary of how many members have put you on their favorites list, winks, showcase keys and messages you’ve received in the last 24 hours – but not by name
•    Emails showing new members in your area

Additional services available for a fee:
•    As of this writing, credits cost between $.25 and $.50 each, depending on how many you buy at one time, and never expire.
•    Only costs to send a message to a member for the first time (5 credits).  After that the two members can reply all they want for free.  Messages can contain alternate contact info such as email addresses and phone numbers. 
•    Also costs to initiate instant messaging. (30 credits for 30 minutes, 50 credits for 60 minutes, with some limited methods to save minutes)
•    Collect messages (5 credits for the receiving (male) member, free for the sending member)
•    Priority mail (additional 5 credits)
•    Gifting (20 to 50 credits for gifts) Why, you ask.  I don’t know.  Why would anyone want an electronic necklace?

What I don’t like:
•    Fewer members in area.  They seem to think that anyone in my state is in my area.  I guess if you live in Rhode Island, that works out well, but in larger states these “members in your area” are more often than not, hundreds of miles away.
•    Chat box takes up 1/3 of the screen, across the top always.  We don’t use the chat, because it could be me or Wife that happens to be logged in, and that wouldn’t be fair to a potential suitor.  So this is wasted space for us, but even if you use it, it takes up too much space.
•    No couples selection.  You can’t register as a couple nor can you state you are interested in anything but a male or female (but not both).

What I don’t know:
•    Apparently you can transfer credits to other accounts (for a 25 credit fee plus the number of credits you transfer).  You can select the account number to receive them, and the number of credits. (Hey, give me credits rather than a fake necklace, moron.)  I'm not sure how this really works.  There doesn't seem to be much documentation on it.

I like the way the Ashley Madison site is laid out.  It is easy to use and the impression I got is they really want to help people connect.  Their site reflects that philosophy. Sure, they want to make money but they let you know in the help section exactly which services are complementary and which will require credits (and how many credits).  Another page, conveniently labeled “Buy Credits”, shows the price for packages of credits.

While it was a little slow at first, which we accredited to the fact that I knew and approved of Wife’s activities on AM, it soon picked up.  The more likely reason is that there are fewer people on AM and therefore fewer people in your immediate area.  We have been conversing with 4 guys on AM and have exchanged winks (including several (5) no thank yous) with many more.  I’ll post more about them soon.

I definitely recommend Ashley Madison for people that are looking for long term relationships.  If you want to hook up tonight, try somewhere else (like sending me an email, lol).

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z - Epilogue

Friday we talk about the events of the previous night often.  There are lots of double entendres and we have fun with it.  We are both very happy.

Saturday, we go site seeing around the city.  I try to not discuss STM or this lifestyle much.  This is a romantic weekend away for us and we use the time to connect like any other married couple.  (Although we do occasionally check our email and AFF and AM accounts.)  We have a great time and serendipity smiles on us Sunday.  Through a lucky break, we get to extend our vacation a few more hours before we head home.  We take advantage of our luck and go to a nearby city and have a good time and a great late lunch.

This week we’ve been exchanging emails with several guys from AFF and AM and I’ll have to tell you about the potential new Mr.s sometime.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z Part 4

After STM leaves, we head down to the pool.  She is happy.

And sore.

And not just her nipples and pussy.  Her whole body and hips in particular are sore.  He gave it to her good.  And she loved it.

We talk about what happened and how we felt.  Definitely no regrets.  We are both ecstatic and content.  It was such a thrill to see her having so much fun.  Some people may ask: if I love her, how can I let her do this.  I ask: if I love her, how can I deny her this.

Another couple gets in the pool.  (If it had been the lesbian couple, I might have whole other series of posts, lol)  I barely even notice they are there.  I’m completely focused on my wife, and remember I just had my own personal porn show without any release.  We spend about an hour in the pool and jacuzzi.

Once we are back in our room, off come the bathing suits and I fuck her.  I don’t remember much foreplay.  I don’t think either of us needed any.  After a couple of minutes I pull out and we finish with a hand job.  I cum much more than normal and shoot it farther too.  We fall asleep.

At 3:30 I wake up and I’m aroused.  I keep thinking of Wife and STM.  They had so much fun together.  I slide over to Wife and caress her.  She wakes and kisses me.  I gently touch her body.  She is still very sensitive from the events early that night.  When she is ready I get on top of her from behind.  I’m laying down with my dick inside her pussy, my body touching her’s.  It’s very gentle and intimate, very different from earlier.  By 4:00 we are done and fall back to sleep.

6:30 I’m awake and ready.  Wife is still on her stomach and I run my hands over her again.  They find their way to her pussy.  She is very wet.  I enter her pussy from behind again.  This time I’m sort of kneeling and she is turned sideways.  The bed is good.  It bounces just right for our rhythm, and we’re making that slap, slap, slap sound again, except this time it is me and my wife instead of STM and my wife.  In a half hour we are done and falling back to sleep.

In the morning we get up, pack up, have breakfast and head out for our travel day and 3 days of vacation.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z Part 3

He comes in to the lobby a couple minutes later.  Turns out his car didn’t fit the area and a guy sitting in his car in a hotel parking lot is suspicious.  I guess there have been some drug and prostitute activity in the area recently.

As we enter the elevator, another hotel guest walks up and gets in with us.  Turns out he is going to the same floor as us.  We leave the elevator first and make our way to our room.  Wife has trouble opening the door for a moment, and guess where our elevator friend is staying.  Right next door.  Our neighbor makes his way into his room just a foot from us as we struggle to get into ours.

Once inside, STM gets to business quickly.   Kissing her neck, his tongue on her neck.  She is surprised, but loving it.  He has her shirt off quickly.  So quickly I didn’t even see it come off.  She is wearing a beautiful black bra camisole.   He’s kissing and licking my wife’s neck, shoulders, breasts.  It’s beautiful.  She loves it.  She is so happy.

He undresses her.  And SHE LETS him!  She is down to her camisole and boy leg panties.  The two look so beautiful together.  His hands are all over her.  She looks at me and I mouth “Are you OK”.  Her smile tells me she is more than OK.  She asks if I’m OK and my smile tells her the same.  STM spends several minutes touching and kissing her body.

Next he takes her panties off and puts his tongue in.  He licks her for a long time.  Wife’s face shows her joy as he eats her.

Finally he undresses, and wants his cock sucked.  Wife doesn’t do that.  He’s disappointed.  She strokes him and gets him hard.  He sucks her tits while she continues to stroke him.  Later I realize this is the first time I've seen an erect cock, other than mine, in person.  The fact that it's in my wife's hand makes it much better than any I've seen in magazines, videos or the computer.  But I don't get to see it for long.

STM puts on a Magnum condom on and slides it in.  OMG he’s fucking her.  She is loving it!  She looks so happy.  He keeps it up for several minutes.

Later he has her turn over and switches to doggy style.  Her knees are on the ground and her chest and head are on the couch.  He goes almost another 10 minutes.

At some point I join in, kissing her and sucking her nipples.  Now he is eating her again and continues for a long time.  He asks if I want to jump in and get her wet.  I eat her and slide my fingers inside her.  Inside where his cock was just fucking her.  Another man fucking my wife and now I’m eating her pussy.

After he takes a break, he puts on another condom and fucks her a second time.  This one takes him a long time.  How long, I don’t really know, but it seems like 20 to 30 minutes.  Also, he is not easy on her.  He wasn’t exactly gentle the last time, but this time he pounds away at her, making the distinctive slap, slap, slap sounds.  He’s got her legs up in the air so he can go as deep as possible.  It’s making her moan on each thrust.  I wonder what our neighbor is thinking :).

While they fuck, I’m kissing her as her whole body is rocked over and over again.  She tells me she’s had just about all that she can handle.  She’s had close to 2 hours of bliss.  He finally finishes, and at this point we’re done and thank him.  He dresses and goes.

We wonder if the cops pick him up again.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z Part 2

We head out to the restaurant and arrive a few minutes after 6.  We never were able to confirm with Mr. Z the new time.  He didn’t have his cell phone and his work number went to voice mail.  So we don’t know if he will be there when we get there or not until after 8.  He chose today to sell his phone!  We choose a booth in the bar area.

I sat on one side of the booth and Wife sat on the other.  We ordered a couple of beers and some chips and salsa as we waited.  It was obvious that we were married, and we had told the host and the waitress that we were meeting a man but didn’t know when he would arrive.  At one point a guy in a basketball uniform comes in.  I ask Wife if she wants to trade up.  :)

Mr. Z shows up about 6:50 and the first thing we both notice is that he is a smoker :(.  We were very clear that we were not interested in a smoker.  However, he’s a fun guy and the smoky aroma is light and soon fades.  We enjoyed a pleasant meal and a couple of drinks.  The conversation was light and fun.  We talked about where he has lived.  He grew up in Atlanta.  Where should we go if we visit, we asked.  I don’t know; go to parties; that’s where you will have fun, he said.

He said he was thinking about moving to another city a couple of hours from here.  He’s just bored where he lives now.  Not a lot going on.  We all discussed the pros and cons of various cities in the area.

We sat in the booth; me on one side and Wife and Mr. Z on the other.  He tells her how attractive she is.  Several times his hands made there way to my wife’s knee, then up a little to the inner thigh.  Not too far up, but far enough.

The conversation turned to tonight; what might happen when we get back to the hotel.  He had previously told Wife that he could stay all night if that’s what we wanted.  That sounded like fun, but we’d have to wait and see.  We talked about going to the jacuzzi either before or during a break.  Mr. Z didn’t bring a suit, claiming we didn’t tell him to (although later I checked the text messages and sure enough we did and he responded OK).

He’s tall, dark and hold on, he can only handle one adjective at a time.  Don’t get me wrong.  He’s a great guy, but he can only concentrate on one thought at a time.  If that one thought is pleasing my wife, I’m fine with that.  So Mr. Z is Single Track Mind (STM).  So STM is tall, dark and good looking.  Also, he is much younger than Wife; 13 years younger.  I wondered what everyone else in the restaurant was thinking about us.  I clearly was her husband and they were sitting close.

After we paid and were walking out, the waitress called for me.  I had left my credit card at the table.  So I had to take a few extra seconds going back to get it.  STM got to this car first, and let me tell you it was smokin’.  It is interesting to see what people drive.  I didn’t have any idea what he would be driving and we certainly weren’t driving anything but basic transportation.  I could see him driving a sedan or an SUV, maybe with a little flash or a kick ass stereo.  So anyway, when I say it was smokin’, I literally mean smoking.  It was a nineties POS and created its own cloud.  I told Wife that he must have just lit up a few smokes.  :)

Since we took longer to get to our car than STM, we missed a light that he made.  This light seemed to take 5 minutes.  So we didn’t see what happened next.  When we get back to hotel, there is a cop ahead of us in parking lot.  We didn’t think anything of it, but when we come around corner, guess where cop car is - behind STM’s Smokin’ POS.  What did he do?  Just exactly what did he smoke?  Is that the end of our fun for tonight?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z Part 1

It’s Saturday morning.  Wife is sleeping and I’m sure most of you are as I start to write about our adventure of just 36 hours ago.

We got out of the house early.  We were anxious to meet Mr. Z, and our meeting was planned at a restaurant near the hotel at 8.  We thought a couple (but not too many) drinks would be in order.  After that we would go to the hotel and see what happens.  It by no means was a sure thing from our perspective.

So we hurried and got out early.  Before we left we suggested to Mr. Z that we move the meeting up to say 6 if we get there early enough.  He said OK.  Then we get a text that he wouldn’t have his cell phone after 15 minutes.  WTF!  That is the number that we had always used to talked and text to him.  Now, as we are about to meet, he gives us his work number.  The area code doesn’t match and not just a little off.  The online reverse lookup is not working completely, but it does tell us it’s a land line from a thousand miles away.  So this was almost enough to scare us off.  Finally I figure out that his company is using voice over IP and he probably isn’t a thousand miles away.  We end up deciding that he probably is just as he has told us.

We get to the hotel and check in.  It’s a nice upscale, but not overly pretentious hotel chain.  After we settle in to our 2 room suite with a king size bed, we head downstairs for the complementary happy hour.  As we enjoy a couple of drinks each, there is much talk about what might happen, about the hot black guy with a beard near us, and about our upcoming trip.  I barely notice a couple sitting fairly close to us.  She’s got short hair and he has stylish dreadlocks.  I’m much too distracted by the evening’s possibilities to really take much notice of them.  As I go to the bar (it’s a counter actually, but that doesn’t bother me here - maybe that’s because it has a granite surface) the woman smiles at Wife.  When I get back she tells me and I realize the guy is a woman with braids and beads.  Later she also smiles at Wife.  They are so obviously lesbian.  It’s hard to believe I missed it.  Suddenly Wife’s options have increased.  Lol.  While Wife isn’t opposed to a little bi action, they weren’t her type.

We head out to the restaurant …

Thursday, April 30, 2009

We Met Mr. Z

Things didn't go exactly as planned, but we at least have a good story to tell. I'll tell you all about it as soon as I can.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is There a Mr. Z Yet?

As I said last week, we are going away for a weekend and decided to stay in a hotel Thursday night in another city.  We went on Craigslist for that city and found an intriguing ad.  He had pictures of his (large) cock, by itself and in action.  He said he would seduce my wife in front of me and then please her while I watched. 

So we sent him a long email describing ourselves and what we wanted.  It went on to say that we would be there only for the night of the 30th and that we would like to email for a week, text for a week and then talk on the phone the last week.

His reply, “Of course”.

Not sure about this.  I write 5 paragraphs and he comes up with 2 words.  We send him back an email and ask him to describe what he would do with Wife and we include 2 pics, one showing her laying on her stomach nude and one of a breast.  Nothing you could identify her by, but tantalizing.  He sent back a face pic (and another cock pic).  We’re learning not to ask him too many things at once.

Wife started off the flirting and it went back and forth for a few days.  He was pretty good at that once he got started.  But he never said anything about her pics.  Wife was starting to get annoyed.  She wanted to hear what he thought of them.  Finally we asked him, and he never saw them.  So we sent them again.  That made him want to talk on the phone.  It was still almost 2 weeks before we would be there and Wife was too nervous.  She wasn’t ready to talk yet.  We told him we would text the next week and phone him a few days later.  At this point I think he thought that we were some guy trying to get him to write some dirty lines cause he didn’t try to contact us for 6 days.

On Wednesday, 4/22/09, when we were ready, I sent him a face and body shot of Wife (fully clothed).  That got his interest up again, and he finally commented on the pictures – “You are stunning!”  That’s what she’d been waiting to hear.  That is when he finally became Mr. Z.  That night they started texting, and the texts got Wife pretty excited.  They continued this for several days.  He was explicit when he should be, but also respectful of Wife’s limits.

This afternoon, it was time for Wife to call him.  She was very nervous.  When we grew up, girls didn’t call boys to talk about going out (let alone setting up a hot fuck session :)).  I don’t really know if it’s different now, but she didn’t have any experience to help her.  I tried to give her some advice, keep her calm, and make sure she was comfortable (and a bit horny, which helped).  So she called him, and within a minute the awkwardness was (mostly) past.  (It was a cell to cell connection that wasn’t very good.  “I’m sorry, what did you say?” is not the most witty response to “I can’t wait to taste your pussy.”  But other than that it went very well.)

He did want to talk to me.  I think he just wanted to hear that there really were two of us.  (A thought popped into my head about having Wife lower her voice and say “This is QM.” just to hear his reaction.  Odd sense of humor, I know.)  So Thursday night is all set up.  We have our hotel reservations and we agreed on where to meet – a restaurant down the street from the hotel.  That way we can all meet and see that we are all like we said we are before we commit to – well you know.
So will Mr. Z become the lover that Wife takes?  In one sense, yes, assuming all goes well.  He will be her first.  But in a larger sense, no.  He will be a one night stand, or at best a once or twice a year stand. Lol.  Taking into account how far we have to drive and how far he has to drive, it totals about 150 miles.  That really isn’t practical for more than a few times a year.

So who will be the lover?  We’re working on that too!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ketchup – April 23, 2009

It’s been awhile since I posted. Five days. I think that is my longest dry spell yet. And even that post was a fantasy. So I haven’t shared anything about us in over a week. Must not have been anything to share. ;)

We did sign up for AM, AFF and another online site. As of today, we’ve had no luck on AM. Surprising, I thought that would bring out a, I don’t know, more sophisticated man. I think the fact that Wife did not hide that I know of her activities probably frightened off some. Wimps! :)

The unnamed site (AM and AFF are too big to fail, this one’s not, and you know my track record with endorsing sites, lol) has one interesting prospect, but he hasn’t been on since 2 days before we entered our profile. He would definitely find us if he did a search, and I think he would at least be interested. I guess we need to write to him. He lives about an hour away, but half way there are restaurants and hotels. What more do we need? :)

But we haven’t gotten around to that yet cause of all the activity on AFF. We put up a quick profile without much effort in it and got winks (and spanks), hotlisted and several emails. Then we went back and created a profile of which we can be proud (although our first one had more info than many others). This resulted in even more winks, hotlisting and emails. We are now seriously emailing with one guy, who we will probably meet, and started emailing with a couple of others.

(The AFF is a little confusing. We are standard members. I thought we would look around for a few days to see what it is like. Now I click on some things and it takes me to the order page. OK I guess I need to upgrade for that feature. That’s fine. But do I upgrade gold or silver? Nothing tells me what I can do as a standard member, as a silver member, or as a gold member (I think there are also VIP members). Usually at this point I just hit the back arrow and get back to the naughty bits. Yesterday, I finally went looking for a membership benefits or FAQ page. Couldn’t find one. So I thought, why upgrade? We’re getting more action than we can handle already. If they had just shown me a simple table listing what you can do for free, as a silver member and as a gold member, I would have already signed up for 3 months. I guess the marketing strategy is aimed at the single males.)

I guess at some point I am going to have to figure out how to tell everyone that we are not currently accepting resumes as we are in the process of interviewing candidates to fill the slut slot, but that should there be another opening we will update our profile and start looking again.

So the poll results were 3 for Craigslist, 2 for AM and 2 for AFF. After less than 2 weeks of data, we can reach some tentative conclusions. For us it looks like AFF is working out the best. I like that there is a form of feedback on the profiles. That probably means I’m going to have to figure out to which level we should upgrade. AM is not for couples and therefore probably won’t yield promising results. The unnamed site really only has the one prospect for us and we’ll see how that works out.

I haven’t said anything about Craigslist. I guess it’s been OK. It gave us Mr. X (a dud, but if he wrote to us today, we would go meet him), Mr. Y (nice guy, but the chemistry wasn’t there), and now Mr. Z.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Traveling Man’s Fantasy

I have this fantasy. It was inspired by the phone call that DH got from his wife and by emails from readers. I dedicate it to a friend that is traveling right now.

A man suspects that his wife is having affairs. He has suspected for some time. The thing is it’s not hurting their marriage. She is always there for him and for her social responsibilities. Just now, she is happier and more energetic – in the bedroom and out.

When it began years ago, the husband suspected that she was going out on dates. You know, a full up affair. She may or may not have been having sex (but he suspects she was). Gradually she evolved her methods. She didn’t need the courting, the dining, the emotional attachment. What she needed was wild sex with another man (or two). Don’t get me wrong. She enjoyed the openly flirtatious innuendo, the suggestive text messages, the hidden smile or kiss. But that was just a prelude to some hot action.

The husband had long since realized that a happy wife is a horny wife and vice versa. Gradually the wife suspected that he suspected, but also that he enjoyed the fact that she was so wonton. She slowly stopped hiding everything. Her alibis were not air tight. She would “go out with a girl friend” only to find she called while she was out. Or she would go shopping for hours and return with nothing. She noted that her husband would never call her on these. He only smiled and was definitely hornier in bed on those days. Eventually, they had gotten to the point where she would just say she was going out for awhile with out any explanation. They both knew what that meant, but they still weren’t quite ready to discuss it openly.

Now the man is going away on a trip. He notices things in his wife that has his curiosity up; while she expresses the fact that she will miss him, she also seems excited; an increased interest in making sure she has electronic access to his itinerary and any changes; an unexplained receipt from a lingerie store. Is she planning on having an overnight guest?

On the second to last day of his trip, he sends her a series of texts. How’s ur day, I miss u, What ya do last night, Hope it was satisfying, etc. Then he sends her “Let’s have phone sex tonight. I’ll be at the hotel by 9. Call when u r ready.” A minute later he sends “And b sure t have ur favorite toy ready. I want to hear u cum while hes in u”.

After work, he grabs a meal and a few drinks. He makes sure he is in his room and ready by 8:45. He lays there waiting. He gets another drink from the minibar and selects a porno about MFM threesomes. And waits. 9:00 nothing. 9:23 still nothing. 9:38 nope. He thinks “She knows I’m sitting here naked and she’s making me wait. She is a thousand miles away and she is still such a tease.” Finally 9:52 he gets a text; “Ready?” He sends “YES!”

9:58 the phone rings. She’s breathing hard already. “Hi honey, I got started with out you.”
“Are you using your toy?”
“Yes, I have it in me right now. It feels soooo good.”
The husbands cock is rock hard. “I bet. Move the phone down so I can hear your toy fuck you.”
He listens as “the toy” slides in and out of his wife. He hears her moans. He also hears an occasional stray noise. Could that be the grunt or guttural uuhhhmmmm that her lover couldn’t hold back? The sloppy noises continue for what seams like forever. The wife’s moans are getting louder and louder (and so are those other stray noises). Finally the wife has lost all track of what is going on. The husband hears a slapping noise as well as a ungh ungh ungh in time with “the toy” sliding in and out. “Oh yes, Yes! Make me cum! Yes Yes Yes Yes OOOOOOOHHHHHhhhhhh OOHHHhhh OH OH OH OH OHOh Ohhh Ohhhh Oohhh Ohh god you’re the best.”

The husband starts to cum on that first long oh. A simultaneous orgasm from a thousand miles away. Later he thinks maybe all three came at the same time and that makes him smile.

“Honey, are you still there?”
“Sorry, I kind of got carried away with my toy.”
“I know. It sounded wonderful. I’m so glad you have that toy. You deserve anything that makes you feel that good.”
“Thanks Honey. Still coming home tomorrow?”
“Why? You want more time with your toy?”
“Ha. No, I just want to know.”
“Ok then. Yes, I’ll be home tomorrow.”
“Alright. See you then. Bye honey.”
“Bye, and I want to watch you fuck him.”

He hangs up the phone before she has a chance to reply.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking for Mr. Z

After meeting with Mr. Y, we started looking for someone that is more likely to get Wife going.  This can be hard to find in a long term friendship.  So maybe we don't look for a long term type of thing right now.

We are headed away for a 3 day weekend May 1st - 3rd.  We are driving to the city with the big airport the night before and staying at a hotel, and decided to have some fun.  We looked on Craigslist (I know, 2 strikes already, I've got to get off my ass and sign up for AM and AFF, oh still 3 way tie, I like that) for that city, and found a guy looking for a couple like us.  You know, one where he can fuck the wife :).  He stated that he would seduce my wife in front of me.  That confidence was a big selling point.  Anyway, we've started emailing and exchanging pics.  I wouldn't call him Mr. Z yet, but he's close.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. Y The First Meeting Part 4

So I asked Wife what did she think, and she said “I don’t know.” That pretty much sums it up. A woman knows if she wants a guy. If she doesn’t know, then she doesn’t.

I felt the same way. Mr. Y is a very nice guy and very likeable, but something was missing. The chemistry wasn’t there.

My uncertainties were first triggered by the face pic we found of him online. He looked like a nice guy, but I don’t know. Wife liked his pic and that was all that mattered. I didn’t tell her my thoughts. Then there was his choice of venue. That wasn’t an appropriate place & I had suggested a place 10 minutes down the road that would have been much better (with lots of eye candy for me!). Finally, when I talked to him on the phone for the first time when he was late, the voice I heard was friendly, like a friend. Is he going to be able to flirt with my wife? I didn’t mention any of this to Wife, she hadn’t heard him yet. I tried not to let these uncertainties influence our meeting. (Wife knows me pretty well and had no idea I had any uncertainties.) I gave him every opportunity. People can surprise you.

When we meet, we hit it off well. Like I said he is a nice, fun guy. It was going pretty well. (See, I told you I gave him a chance.) When we went to the second place, we thought he would start flirting, but he never did. Shit I even flirted with a woman at the bar who was with a guy and with the bar maid even though I was trying to be on my best behavior. This was Wife’s night for fun, not mine. (Sorry Wife, it’s who I am and you wouldn’t like me any other way.) To be fair though the bar maid flirted with me and I was just merely pleasant (until I gave her that look that made her wet when we left, oops). My point is there was plenty of flirting going on around us. This was the place for it. Go ahead say something provocative. Nice is good, but put a little edge on it.

While she was in the bathroom just before we left, he told me that Wife is beautiful. I said something like Yeah. But he continued with “She really is.” I’m thinking: What the hell am I supposed to say to that? And why aren’t you telling her? I thought maybe he had when I was away, but Wife tells me he didn’t.

So maybe I didn’t give them enough alone time, but I don’t think so. I’ll be sure not to make that mistake the next time we meet someone.

Still the night wasn’t a bust. We got to use our hand signals (but we need to work on them a little). Wife is not nervous to meet someone now, and I’m more comfortable too. She’s beginning to realize that men do find her attractive. We had fun and got some info on swinging. Also it was very exciting.

On the way home we decide that we don’t want to go to a club, we’ve had enough excitement for one night. At home, I take her in my arms and finish what I started in the morning. She told me she started off thinking about having both the guys shooting darts, but at the end, she couldn’t think of anything. It was one of the best she’s ever had.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr. Y The First Meeting Part 3

The three of us chat for a few minutes and I suggest he go to the bar counter for a drink (I shake my head every time I write that). Wife & I talk in his absence. He is a nice guy and very likeable. She’s not nervous (much) anymore. When he gets back we agree that this isn’t the right place for this type of meeting, and agree that we will go to another place, a sports bar, when we finish our drinks. Our conversation is pleasant, light and comfortable. During the course of the evening, he answers most of our questions without us even asking. Either the conversation naturally goes there or he volunteers the info.

We leave for the sports bar (Unfortunate event 6). None of us really know this area and we rely on the GPS to find us an appropriate place. The sports bar is right across the highway; convenient. We find out that is in a motel, not just on the property. We were expecting a sports bar, not a motel bar. But it has a real bar and the atmosphere is appropriate for talk about sex. We grab a table where we can get close. It’s about to get good :).

I get us drinks, two Mich Ultras for them and a Sam Adams White Ale for me (It was gooooood. I could have had a few more of these.) We sit and chat until 10:30. We all feel quite at ease with one another, which seems a little odd considering some of the topics of conversation. We had a great time. And I didn’t even flirt with anyone else (much).

At one point, two guys came over to play darts near us. Let’s just say they were a tad younger than us, and they were attractive. One was muscular, more muscular than me, but not huge. The other looked Jamaican with neatly manicured dreadlocks down to his waist. I thought I’d like to see Wife with one of them. We watched their game and continued to chat with Mr. Y.

We had a fun evening. This was supposed to be a short meeting and we already went well past the time limit. So we thanked Mr. Y for a great time and excused ourselves.

On the way to the car, I took Wife in my arms and kissed her. I asked what she thought, and she said …