Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The More Things Change

It’s been a long time.  We haven’t really done anything as far as getting Wife her lover since July.  So you haven’t missed anything.  Nothing much has changed.

I wrote “Nothing much has changed” an hour ago and immediately I knew it wasn’t completely true.  I had to go back a read how I was before.  I got caught up in my own writing, having forgot much of what I wrote.  But I found what I was looking for.

I thought that the curse I have on cuckold/hotwife sites was broken.  David is writing about Allie again.  Even Suburban Hotwife (mmmh) is blogging again.  DH isn’t blogging, but we do get to hear about him (you lucky bastard – 4 titties at once).  I do believe JessTess is gone for good.  And it is good, with her Husband trying to have a baby.  Some bloggers have gone with out any help from me – Confessor X (although I’m not sure he’s gone) and Ms. Inconspicuous.  She is the lucky one – a loving husband and a loving lover with no sneaking around.  I really wanted to hear the story of how her husband found out and why he let it continue.

So I was thinking that maybe that maybe the sexual world doesn’t revolve around me.  Maybe it’s all just coincidence that sites disappear as soon as I acknowledge them.  Then I wrote “I Must Be Wired Different” about the show Californication.  And that was the last good episode.  I guess my small message wasn’t powerful enough to cause the complete cancellation of the show, but after that his world comes crashing down – including finding out that he had sex with an underage girl in a previous season.  That pretty much ruined my fascination with the show.

What else has changed?  Let see.  Mr. E is no longer in the picture.  It’s a shame too.  He seemed like the best candidate so far for my wife.  He didn’t do anything wrong and neither did we.  Life just got in the way.

I still want to tell you about our Night at the Bar in the Land of Misfit Toys – I hope I still have my notes.  But that will have to wait.  As for the sex with Wife mentioned in that post, I have no idea what that is referring to.  Sorry it must have been hot.

Another thing that has changed is my attitude towards my wife’s fantasy.  You may recall I was anxious about Wife wanting me to eat her after her lover has filled her with cum.  During my hiatus, I have been training and now the sight of a cream pie actually makes my mouth water and my penis tingle.  I especially like seeing video of a man’s balls tightening as he strokes and fills the woman with cum then pulls out showing her open pussy filled with cum.  I want to dive in.  I always knew that I would eventually do it because I wanted Wife’s fantasy to come true, but I never thought this would become my fantasy too.

So I guess things have changed.  But you really didn’t miss anything.

Other than we have started looking again.  We are both horny for her to have another man.  And we have set up two dates for this weekend.  One for Friday, one for Saturday.  One young, one younger.  One white, one black.  One straight, one bi-curious (maybe I can get my cock sucked by the man who cuckolds me:)).  This should be a fun weekend.