Saturday, February 13, 2010

Odds and Ends - February 13, 2010

1. Wife sucked BD’s (Black Diamond, aka Mr. G) cock while we were parked in the SUV at the end of the last adventure.  I forgot to mention that.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t see it in the dark.  I like seeing a cock in her mouth.  She hasn’t sucked my cock in months and his was in her mouth twice in the first two times that she went out with him.  I’m glad she is comfortable enough with him to suck his dick.

I might just have to have her suck mine tonight - whether she wants to or not.

2. I ran across an old friend from school a few weeks ago on the web.  He has a fairly distinctive name and while surfing some erotic sites on web, there it was.  About right age and height, but he had grown a beard and gained weight so it was a bit hard to recognize the face (and I certainly never saw the rest of him, before).  Still I was in disbelief.  This man lived a several hours from where we went to school.  Could be him, but might not. Yet there he was – doing some things that I wouldn’t do, but things that are exciting to see some one else do (although he took it a bit too far, and he was a bit, ok a lot, out of shape).  Still he’s got some balls to put those pictures up for the entire world to see AND has my name and city on the pics.  This disturbed me somewhat, so I did some checking, and found that my friend has a different middle initial.  Still, I don’t know and I’m not about to get back in touch just to ask (I’m afraid he’ll say yes).

I wonder how I would react if he had a more appetizing physique.  Would I call him and see if he wants to fuck Wife?

3. Speaking of running into people on the web, I showed Wife a profile for a couple on a sexual matchmaking site I just refound.  Trying to open the door to some play for both of us.  She liked him, and she liked her.  We’ll see.  A few days later I see not only the same man, but the very same picture - Where? as a suggestion for a friend on my real Facebook account!  He is a friend of several of my friends.  And I have met him, though briefly.  At times the thought of hooking up with them excites me, and at times it frightens me.

4. The website I first saw them on is SwingLifeStyle.  I had looked at this site before and found it lacking in ease of use.  But they have been working hard and now it is certainly much better.  Check it out.  When Wife starts looking again, I plan to use it.  Unlike AFF, their rules for free versus paid accounts are clear and easy to find.  If we like it, I might just become a lifetime member.

5. (Warning, this item turned into a long gripe session.  You might want to skip straight to number 6.)  AFF on the other hand is getting more difficult to use.  We are currently standard (free) members and the logic to determine when we can view profiles and when we can’t is completely illogical.  I was on their IM app a few weeks ago and as a couple we get several invites whenever we open the chat.  I always check out the profile of the guy (it’s always a guy, never a woman or couple, always a guy) to get an idea if Wife will be interested at all.  No sense wasting each other’s time.  (Unless, of course, that’s the only reason you’re on and never want to actually meet, Bastards.)  So as I’m chatting, I get two new requests, I open one profile and know it aint going to work.  I open the other profile, but I can’t.  In the minute between these two the system decides no more looks for you - in the middle of the afternoon!  WTF.  And for several days after that I couldn’t view profiles, then suddenly I could view them again.  I don’t understand.

In addition, standard members can no longer leave testimonials.  We finally have met some guys to leave some good testimonials for and we can’t.  ):

They’ve also taken away the ability for us to set Wife’s mood.  I think they may have eliminated it for everyone, not just for standard members, but I could be wrong.  I liked that feature cause it was one of the few things on the profile that we could change without having to wait for our profile to be reapproved  We used it to tell those that wrote that we were not looking at the moment.  We didn’t want to turn off our profile completely but we also didn’t want to have guys think we were ignoring them.  But nope that’s gone too.

Alas there is some good news to report with AFF.  I found that you can get to AFF by going to  Use your same username and login and you get a nearly identical site, with one positive exception.  Your profile, mail, hotlist, friends, cupid setting, everything is there from AFF, and it doesn’t matter which you log into because they use the same database.  So why does it matter which you use?  With when you hover over a picture a flyover pops up with a preview of the member’s profile, same as with AFF.  But unlike AFF, you can hotlist them, flirt, or invite them to join your friends network – all things to get the ones you want to notice you and write.  When you can view profiles, this is no big deal, but when you can’t, you can’t do any of those things.

BTW I did find a way to see the less explicit versions of profiles used to entice you to create an account.  Don’t ask me how to do this, I don’t know.  All I know is one of the multiple web browsers I use (the worst one.  You can guess which.) can’t seem to remember that I’m logged in after I do a search by username.  It takes me to the order page and I click the user’s pic and up comes the PG-13 version. (:  Big hassle, but worth it for a select few profiles.

I also found a way to view all the photos in a profile.  If you can view profiles, are a bit computer savvy, and you have some friends in your network with photo albums, you should be able to figure out the web address.  Hint: Use the “Send Voice Message” address and modify it.  Again big hassle and all you get is thumbnails.

Edit:  I wrote this a section a few days ago, but now things have changed yet again.  There is a new alert feature that lets you know when anyone does anything you might be interested in.  You can customize it so you don’t get too many.  It also seems to have an effect on the links on a page (at least in the browser I usually use for that site).  Turn if off if the links on the bottom half of the page don’t work. 

Also, we can once again set Wife’s mood again, but we can no longer view profiles.  In addition, the big company browser is now remembering that we’re logged in and therefore not letting us see the PG profiles again.  But I’ve found if I search on a user name in one browser and get the order page, I can copy the link on the picture and paste it in another browser to see these.

6. Finally, we do have another tale to tell.  It actually happened before I had a chance to write the last series of posts.  But don’t worry, I have good notes.  It just takes a lot of time to write these posts. And then Wife needs to find time to read and check them.  She reads all of them before I publish to make sure I got it right, especially when I try to state what she was experiencing.  That last line in item one might be a bit more difficult after she reads this one.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Round 2 with Mr. G - Epilog - Naming Mr. G

He has entered her - time for Mr. G to have a name.  We thought about this a lot.  It’s hard work.  I wanted to call him Dick since part of his name is a euphemism for penis.  You know - Richards, Peters, Cochran.  Wife didn’t like that.  We considered Tall, Dark and Horny; Onyx; and Mr. Charm, but finally settled on Black Diamond (BD).  Because, well he is black, and he is a precious gem to Wife.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Round 2 with Mr. G - Part 3

It’s been about an hour and a half since we left the restaurant.  And during all of it Wife was getting pleasured.  Mr. G used his hands on and in her.  He kissed her, on her breasts, on her neck, on her lips.  And she kissed back, their tongues intertwined.  She touched him, rubbed his chest, stroked his cock, pulled him towards her.  And they fucked, many times.  His dick in my wife’s pussy.  Her legs spread for him.  He frequently changed positions and techniques.  She had many orgasms, too many to count.  Not only that, but they were some of the best orgasms she’s ever had.  He made her squirt.  On rare occasions I’ve been able to do that, but only a few times.  And she has to be really turned on and comfortable.  I’m very happy and excited for her.

He unfortunately was not able to cum.  There was still a bit of stage fright (or something unnerving about fucking a friend’s wife).

Turns out I was pretty close to getting a creampie.  They got swept up in the moment (although this could never be mistaken for just a moment).  They did not use a condom.  (We have no reason to not trust him, but he if he did this once with Wife, he could do it with others too.  Wife will talk to him about this.)

We take him back to his car.  Wife kisses him in the parking lot.  The first time I can really see them kiss.

We race home, and cuddle in bed.  No need for a shower tonight.  His skin was on hers now mine is.  I’m so horny.  I want her so badly, but she is sore.  He worked her over good.  After 30 minutes of light foreplay, Wife tells me I’ll have to settle for a hand job - from myself.  I masturbate as she watches and tells me how good he was.  I cum on my chest and stomach.  She gets a wet wash cloth so I can clean up.

She’s still sore in the morning.  In fact she is sore for days.  I wait, each night cuddling and caressing, but no release.  Finally Thursday morning, I can wait no longer, but she is still not ready.  She watches me masturbate again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Round 2 with Mr. G - Part 2

I drive around the suburban area while they go at it in my backseat.  I know at least a few people saw that something was going on in the back seat.  At one point I pull up to a red light.  As I’m sitting there, the SUV is rocking side to side.  No one pulled up behind me before the light changed, but there were two cars in front of me and plenty traveling on the cross street.

As I continue to drive, I peek in the mirror, and when there is no traffic close, I look in the backseat.  I wonder how many times I almost run off the road!  Later, when I got on a highway, I ended up in front of a car with their bright lights on.  That really lit up the back seat.  I know that they, and the car behind them, saw a lot.  I slowed down to let them pass.  They pulled up beside and slowed down too.  Both cars had a good long look cause it took them minutes to pass me, with the second car lingering after the first had finished enjoying the show.  I imagine they saw Wife’s white legs with her black lover between them.  But maybe all they could see is that there were people in the back screwing.

At one point, Super Freak comes on the radio.  I hear him laugh and mutter “Rick James”.  Some of the lyrics are so appropriate.  I can relate to “She's a very special girl, from her head down to her toenails.”  I think he can relate to “the kind you don't take home to mother” and “i really love to taste her, every time we meet.”  I know Wife can relate to “She says that I’m her all time favorite.”  While we all know that “Three's not a crowd to her she says” and “That girl is pretty wild now”.  “She's all right.  She's all right.  That girl’s all right with me.  Yeah, Hey Hey Hey Hey.”

I ended up driving 25 miles playing dance music as they fuck, stroke, finger and please each other.  Wife is not a screamer, but she’s not silent either.  She has a certain sound that I know.  So when I'm driving and hear it, I know she’s having orgasms.  And she had a bunch of them, plus she is being louder than usual.  Finally, I decided to find another place to stop.  I chose a secluded neighborhood with big lots and few street lights, and stop on a dead end street facing the exit.  After about 10 minutes, they finished up with his hands in her pussy.  As they sat naked in the back seat, we talked as one, then a second, car drove by and some people were surprised to see Wife naked.