Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wife’s New Fantasy

Thursday night we were tired and just had a quickie. A little foreplay and the missionary position. It was all over in less than 20 minutes.

So Friday night I made up for it. It started as just some light caressing, just little touches. Then just one finger. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Recently, Wife shared her interest in a blossoming fantasy. I have seen this particular fantasy in the past, but I haven’t put myself in the place of the men in it. I’ve found it more interesting than arousing. Friday night I had been surfing the web, right before bed, which made me quite amorous, and decided to entice Wife with an example of her fantasy I found a while back in Allie’s blog. I brought the laptop to bed.

As she reads the posting, I lightly caress her, her whole body. I barely touch her. As she finishes reading, she is ready for more. I like the way this fantasy excites her! I use just one finger as I touch her pussy. She is so wet. I slide it in her and it’s not enough. I slip another in. That’s going to do it. I move the two fingers in and out at the same time but also continuously curl them independently. She very quickly reaches the state I like. She starts orgasming and stays there for nearly ten minutes, either having an orgasm or enjoying the after effects. Again and again, neither one of us can tell how many. Finally, my hand and arm can’t take anymore. I shift around and enter her with my cock. She is still so worked up that she has 2 more orgasms before I finish. Exhausted we sleep well. :-)

Saturday morning we pick up the laptop and find Cate’s Blogiversary recap post. Wife finds this interesting (not as much as Allie’s post, but still interesting). The fact that she is interested in a blog about adultery surprises me. This leads to a blow job that switches to a hand job and finishes with a blow job before we even get out of bed.

I certainly find Wife’s fantasy more enticing, which scares me a little.

It’s Tuesday Already?

I’m so far behind. Spring has sprung and I didn’t feel like writing. From checking the blogs I read, neither did anyone else.

Mr. X has apparently decided not to meet. He has good reasons for his decision and we respect it. Really I’m guessing his reasons are good. Why else would any straight man not want a chance to be with Wife? He hasn’t communicated with us since last Tuesday, so we don’t really know. I’ve come up with loads of reasons:
  • Perhaps he’s met someone else who answered his ad.
  • Maybe he’s married and decided not to go through with it (although this is not his first encounter of this type).
  • There’s a chance he never intended on meeting in the first place.
  • It could be that he truly is too busy with work.
  • My favorite is that he misrepresented himself in his ad and was too embarrassed to face us :-)
Whatever the reason, we don’t hold any resentment and will (probably) respond if he does contact us. We will take it from there, but he will have to show that he is willing to be more than pen pals.

I said that I would refrain from naming Mr. X until we meet. I had some candidate names selected (and this weekend a few less flattering ones came briefly to mind). So Mr. X will retain that moniker. I think I will use this convention for all the candidates. You only get a letter at least until we meet.

Now we are in search of Mr. Y. How do we do it? Mr. X came from Craigslist. He has many comrades there. You do have to sift through a lot of one liners and illiterate garbles to find a few promising candidates. I suspect this will be true for most search methods. There are other online options: Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, others. Anyone have any experience (pro or con) with these or other sites?

I suppose we could try in real life methods such as meeting someone at a bar (or club lol). Are there other places? I’m not sure how this would work. They get to see and talk to you before you know they are OK with what you want. Loses much of the anonymity. It’s going to be pretty easy to remember “That’s the couple who’s looking for a guy for her!” Couldn’t risk getting that reputation at a place even if it was an hour away, cause it’s a small world.

We would greatly appreciate your words of wisdom either in a comment or an email from my profile page.

Now I have to get busy writing a post about Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights …

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ketchup March 25, 2009

Miscellaneous items that have happened lately, not the main course, i.e. no sex (probably) just a condiment

Mr. X's unexpected trip has been extended. We did not meet him last Sunday, nor Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday for that matter. At one point I thought maybe he found my blog and was scared off, but we believe that he has just been unusually busy lately. We will meet, I'm just not sure when.

I mentioned that Suburban Hotwife made a post. She mentioned Me! That was a very pleasant surprise. I didn't get a chance to post a comment Saturday night, but I woke up in the wee hours and did. Afterwards I checked my blog and the page hits count has gone way up (and continues to) thanks to her. Then I see it. I have a follower and it’s SH! I still can’t sleep, but I’m happy. I crawl back in bed next to Wife and we cuddle while she sleeps. I finally sleep too. Life is good.

Sunday night my wife stayed up later than I and she eventually read SH’s blog. She followed the link in her latest post to this blog. Wife read several posts and came to bed, but didn't wake me. In the morning she said "You've been busy" with a big smile. Tuesday night she read all the posts and comments from the beginning. So now she knows and she’s happy.

Saturday Just Keeps Getting Better

We went to our appointment on Saturday, and at one point, even though I had brushed my teeth, I could still taste Wife from our Afternoon Delight, faint but definitely there. :)

Following our appointment, we had dinner with another couple; one that we have both fantasized about before. I hadn't seen the wife in a few years. She's a bit older, but still hot. Years ago we had mutual crushes on each other. I was way too timid about these things back then to even playfully suggest anything. Now they are too good of friends and connected with the rest of real life that we couldn’t risk losing them.

Anyway we have a good meal and great conversation. It was a lot of good clean fun. After we get home, Wife not so subtly suggests another show. She likes the outfit I wore – button down shirt with jeans, more rugged than before. I let her know in a kind way that I probably won’t tonight (knowing that I probably would).

Then a wondrous thing occurs, I find Suburban Hotwife has made a post, her first in more than a month. Maybe my luck with following sites is getting better. (Now if I could just get Allie and David to post an update.) The day just keeps getting better.

At bedtime, I wait until Wife is in bed. I turn on the radio and search for a suitable song, but can’t find one. “Oh well, I guess I can’t dance without music.” At her urging, I go through the stations again and find Mustang Sally performed by Wilson Picket.
Thumbs on my belt.
Thrust a shoulder on each beat.
Shirt Unbuttoned.
Her hands on my chest.
All the while my hips are moving to the beat.
Shirt off shoulders.
That devilish smile again.
Shirt off and twirled in air.
Tossed in her direction.
Belt undone and slid back and forth.
Then the button to my jeans opened, zipper down, pants down.
Show off my butt again in my boxer briefs.
Now my boxer briefs start coming down, can’t quite see my cock yet and …

Mustang Sally was written in 1965 and is short by today’s standards, especially if you are stripping to it.

… commercial comes on. “Too bad.” “No, Please.” I find another song and finish my show. I used my hands to give her an orgasm, and we finish with her sucking my cock.

Yes Saturday was a great day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Afternoon Delight

Saturday was an amazing day! We heard from Mr. X on Friday and may meet on Sunday. Suburban Hotwife’s Husband made some posts this week after a long hiatus. Saturday morning I found a comment to his blog from SH. She breaks her silence! We even exchange a few remarks. This is going to be a great day.

Wife was out shopping. After she comes home, she walks out of the bedroom wearing a new nightgown and panties that she bought. This is going to be a great day and it’s only 1:30. I had been working on the laptop, so I found a story about a hotwife (I won’t say which one due to my track record of public endorsement for cuckolding sites, lol) and had her read it while I lay behind her and caressed her. As she read, I used her toy to bring her to her first orgasm. It took forever for her to read the short story. I guess I was distracting. At one point in the story, the man went down on the hotwife. So I went down on my wife. I don’t do this very often and she loved it. I licked and sucked her clit for a long time, but I couldn’t give her an orgasm. She says that it feels so good that it is like a continuous orgasm and just as satisfying. Later she told me that she thought of how Mr. X would be doing that soon and wondered if it would be even better. I used my hands and fingers to give her a second orgasm. I let her finish the story and then climbed on top and enter her. She lifts and spreads her legs as she does when she is really horny. I bring her to another orgasm. We finish with another handjob for me while she has me think of anything I want. I thought of the hotwife and her husband and all the things they’ve done together after she’s been with other men. It was very satisfying :D.

I look at the clock. It’s 3:20. We have to rush to leave for an appointment. She didn’t get to show me the other panties she bought and I didn’t get to ask who she bought them for. Yes it is a great day.

And it’s not done yet…

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Catching Up Since Wednesday

Thursday night I asked for and received a blowjob/handjob. We usually don't just do me because I enjoy seeing her have pleasure. As we were tired and needed to get to sleep soon, Wife was happy to oblige me (this time). Wife told me to think about me, her and one other person to join us. Of course, I thought of Firecracker. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and Wife never asked who I was thinking about. It was fairly quick and then we went to sleep.

Last night we went to dinner with Firecracker. It was a last minute decision to go out for a drink, that turned into meeting Firecracker for a drink, that turned into meeting for dinner. As we had a few members of both our families present, there were only veiled innuendos of past events and secretive smiles. We had a delicious meal and drinks at a seafood restaurant that lead to a night of ... watching TV. As we were catching up on some shows on the DVR I received a text from Firecracker. She had intended to invite us back to her place for a beer (Do you think she meant "and maybe something more?") but forgot. Next time maybe we'll make something worth writing about happen.

In regard to meeting with Mr. X, we hadn't heard from him since last Sunday. We were beginning to wonder. Finally on Friday afternoon I received an email. He got called out of the country on business and apologized. We may get to meet tomorrow, but maybe not. As always, I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Snowshoe and Hand Signals

I’ve never used the word Snowshoe in an actual conversation as far as I can remember. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Snowshoe in real life. Sure I’ve seen them in media, but I’ve never come across one and wouldn’t know how to use it if I did.

But Snowshoe has become very important to me. It is our safe word for this activity. If either of us or one of our lovers use it, it is time to stop and find out what is wrong at a later time. It could mean I just need you to slow down, or it could mean OMG my sister’s best friend from Omaha just walked in, you probably should stop kissing my wife. All involved will know this word.

Another thing for safety that Wife and I created is a set of hand signals. Only she and I know our signals and what they mean. We display them very casually and they don’t shout "What the hell is he doing with is hands?" We have signals for a few basics words and phrases. They are:

I want to have sex with him now!
(or if I use it: Do you want to have sex with him now?)
Yes or OK

I’ll let you know if this was necessary or if it even worked. It’s kind of hard to notice them when you are in conversation, let alone when distracted by meeting a potential new lover.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Club

Note: This post written on 3/15/09 but posted 3/17/09.

Last night Wife and I met some friends at restaurant for dinner and drinks. Well things are pretty tame with this crowd. So the discussions were pretty mild. If they only knew!

I always like this restaurant because that is where we had a dinner some time ago with a friend. Wife and Firecracker had each been overworked by business and personal commitments and I had decided that I would drive that evening so they would be free to enjoy themselves. This quickly turned into me being referred to as their chauffeur and my SUV as a limo.

Now, before the big night, I had been flirting with Firecracker for several years. I had hinted to Wife that I’d like to have a 3 way with Firecracker. She usually said no. So I started telling her that I wanted to try some fun with others again. This led to some conversations about what each of us wanted and liked in this area. Wife did not like being left out. For example when we flirted when Wife wasn’t there and when we flirted by text. We really liked the text flirting. So I started to share all my flirtations with Wife. I would tell her about things that happened in person and I went through all my emails and text with her. This helped to calm Wife’s fears and she changed her answer to maybe about a week before the big night. I know maybe is very close to a yes.

The week leading up to the big night, our flirtations heated up significantly, culminating in texts the day before where I suggested we go to the restaurant and a topless bar. She replied that it would be cheaper if Wife and she put on a show. I replied that it would also be a better show and suggested that I give them a show. Later on she suggested that we have a plan B because this restaurant can have up to a 2 hour wait. I said I’d put on a show. She liked that. Of course I showed Wife these texts and asked if she was up for some fun. She said maybe.

On the big night I drove over to Firecracker’s house and we picked her up. On the way to the restaurant the conversation was slightly risqué. I mentioned a trip outside at 3am to shut off noisy sprinkler that I made in the nude that week, and the conversation got rolling. We did have a bit of a wait and my show was mentioned repeatedly. I stated my intention to get them both drunk to which they did not object. After a great meal and 2 strong drinks, I asked for suggestions for where to go for drinks. I got none. I told them I had ideas from titillating to OMG. They said that sounds good. I mentally dismissed any PG-13 venues.

I told them that we'll go to a club first. I guess they didn't know of any clubs in the direction I was driving other than gentlemen's clubs. We had talked about an adult bookstore as a possibility for later on, but that was just kidding (sort of). So I wasn't thinking of a strip club, but neither lady objected. As we drove, the conversation continued and everyone was quite jovial. After a couple of minutes, I asked which club they wanted to go to. I got answers that didn't make sense. 'You pick, you should know which ones best' and 'I don't know, I've never been to any of them.' That's when it hit me. We all had a good laugh, and they had a slight sigh of relief (and possibly a little disappointment). We headed past the 'clubs' and went to a 'bar'. We all thought we still might end up at a 'club' later.

At the bar there were many martinis, roving hands, naughty texts, sexy heels and stairs. In one text, Wife's maybe changed to yessss. It was a great time. When we left I asked if they wanted their show now and they both said yes. So I drove to a secluded area and had them sit in the backseat. I climbed in between them, put on Sharp Dressed Man and proceeded to perform for them.

I wore black slacks, dark gray button down shirt, black belt and shoes, and black boxer briefs, and looked Good. I found out that it is really difficult to dance in a vehicle, even a large SUV, but I managed, and apparently did an excellent job.

Unbuttoned my shirt. Swayed, flexed muscles, gave a devious smile. Shirt off. Unbuckled belt. Slid it back and forth. Shoes and socks off. Danced some more. Now’s the time quit or do it. They were quiet but seemed to be enjoying the show. I’m glad I got them drunk (and so were they!) I decided to press on. Pant unzipped pelvis thrusts, pants down. Just my boxer briefs left.

I showed off my butt in my boxer briefs, moved to the music. I turned around and teased them by stroking my cock though my shorts. First I brought my hands in from the sides thumbs out finger down encircling my package. I moved closer and closer, then a few full strokes. Finally my underwear slowly came down. Both ladies were quiet but had huge grins. I kissed Wife. I kissed Firecracker, our first kiss. We listened to a few songs, and talked. Both ladies had been slightly nervous during the show, but not enough to tell me to stop, and they definitely enjoyed it. So I didn't spoil the evening by try to make something happen. After about 10 minutes I got dressed & we went home. Nothing happened with Firecracker (that night).

Last night nothing like that happened, but we both recalled that night & talked about it on the drive home. Once there we replayed what happened that night when we got home.

I gave Wife another show. This one was much better; so I'm told. My hips & torso moved to the music much better. Wife loved it & was well worked up by the time I climbed on top of her. I teased her pussy with the tip of my cock, lightly touching the lips, the clit & the entrance. Then changed to sliding my cock along her pussy, not inside, outside. This gave a lot of pleasure all along her pussy. Soon she was shifting position so that I would slide in and I did. I fucked her for only a couple of minutes before she started to involuntarily squeeze me cock in the beginning stages of an orgasm. I couldn't hold out and we had simultaneous orgasms, which is rare for us since I usually make sure she has at least one before I do.

We laid together and drifted off to sleep. In the morning, I watched her. She was on her stomach, nude with the sheet down to her lower back. She is beautiful. I got the camera and took a picture to send to Mr X. He has one from the front and has said many nice things about it. Of course Wife woke up but happily agreed to consider sending it to him. Soon she will be laying, legs spread for another lover to kiss and tease her. That led to another session.

Later today, as she napped I slid up next to her and messaged her body. We talked about many opportunities. I told her that I would take her to a hotel. I would go to the bar and meet a prearranged contact. After I felt comfortable with him, we would head up to the room, where Wife would meet us in a nightgown. She would greet him and be in bed with him within minutes. I ended up giving her an orgasm with my hand down her shorts.

I knew the sex ban wouldn't last.

Monday, March 16, 2009

First Meeting Update

After unsuccessfully trying to accelerate the first meeting, we are working on setting something up for this weekend. Don't get too excited expecting an adventure. Wife is adamant that nothing will happen at the first meeting. However she has been known to change her mind :).

Wife and Mr X have been exchanging emails describing what they would like to do. It is very exciting to hear what both would like to do and they sound compatible. Here's a secret. Wife and I talk about what she wants to say and I draft her emails. She reviews and modifies them. It is quite humbling (and exciting) ghostwriting dirty letters for your wife to share with a man she's about to meet. I have to draft another tonight.

I've been technology challenged yesterday and today. I have a post I wrote yesterday, but it is stuck on a device that won't interface with my computers right now. I think I know what is wrong now and I should be able to fix it by tomorrow.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Early Meeting :(

Looks like meeting Mr. X (I haven’t named him yet because I think I should meet him first to make sure the name fits, but I have a couple of ideas already.) won’t happen before next weekend. Trying to arrange three schedules just isn’t working out. Now I’m really regretting agreeing to the no sex until we meet him arrangement. I have hope that she won’t be able to hold out either.

Speaking of that, I’ve been abstaining for a few days longer than Wife. Wednesday night was the last time we had actual sex (lots of petting going on since then) and she really enjoyed it. For Valentine’s Day, I got Wife a new toy. It is bendable and can hit just the right spots. It has only 2 speeds though and even the low setting is a bit too much for Wife when she just wants a nice warm feeling. So I thought how about using old batteries. I hid the new toy with the weak batteries under my pillow and pulled it out when she got in bed. She didn’t really want it at first until I turned it on. High was just right for it to lay between her legs as we talked.

After awhile she was quite turned on. I moved the toy across her pussy. It has lots of ridges to massage her clitoris. I then started to slide it in to her. She loved this, but at some point the weak batteries just weren’t enough and I switched to the good ones. I fucked her with her toy for a few minutes and my arm started to cramp a little. I shifted positions for better access which put my cock and ball next to her hand. She grabbed my balls and held them. A few years ago I devoted myself to pleasing my wife completely. Everything we did sexually was for her pleasure. Luckily she enjoyed seeing me have orgasms. She also developed a passion for holding my balls while I pleased her. The better I pleased, the tighter she would squeeze. I guess she thought I wanted to play this game again, or maybe she didn’t care what I wanted, she wanted it. So I continued to move the toy in and out and around with the added guidance of my wife’s grip. It was about 15 minutes before she had at least one strong orgasm.

At this point my cock was not only rock hard, but twitching. We laid together so she could bask in the after effects of a good orgasm, her hand still holding my balls, my cock twitching on her arm. After several minutes, she said ‘Honey I love you. Goodnight.’ Apparently she still takes great pleasure in knowing that I’m just about ready to cum but leaving me to lay next to her so she can feel my hardon until she falls asleep. Thirty minutes later I fall asleep.

So I’ve gone since Monday, she’s only gone without since Wednesday. We are going out tonight; I’ll probably be able to seduce her.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Meeting Moved Up?

Here are the texts I exchanged with Wife today:

Thursday morining
Me: Next weekend is so far away
Wife: I guess you haven't checked the email. We have a conflict.
Me: :( Maybe we could go earlier
Wife: Yeah
Me: So eat & meet, leave early
Wife: Sounds good to me :)

Later Thursday evening
Me: Sure you don't want to meet tomorrow night? It's just an hour or two?
Wife: idk

Previously she always said no.

Me: Hmmm. Want to see if he's available?
Wife: I guess so
Me: Wow :) :) :)
Wife: :$ (blush)
Me: Ok when I get home I'll write an email
Wife: Did we talk about this Sunday?
Me: Ok that will give us a couple of options :*
Wife: :*

So we've asked. Wish us luck.

And we've agreed - no sex until we meet him.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

HNT: My First! My Last?

OK I know it’s Wednesday, but I probably won’t get a chance to post tomorrow. Anyway I used HNT as my inspiration for my profile photo. I took it this morning. Leave a comment to tell me what you think.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oral Promises

Last week I was perusing the personal ads. I looked at ads for couples seeking couples and saw some I liked, but none that I thought Wife would go for right now. I looked at ads for men seeking couples. Obviously most of these men are bi. While I’m not afraid of another’s cock touching me while my wife plays with him, not being bi I’m not what they are looking for. I did see an ad for a man seeking a cuckolding couple. I mentally put that one down as a possibility for the future, but I think he may want me to join in in ways I'm not ready to do.

I looked at ads for women seeking couples. A few looked good to me, but I don’t think Wife wants that just now. I looked at ads for women seeking women. While Wife would probably like this, she isn’t ready to initiate contact alone. I didn’t think the other woman would appreciate my presence when they meet. I looked at ads for couples seeking women. Same concerns as above.

I looked at ads for men seeking women. Wow, lots of ads! Lots of strange ones. A few pics of some pretty good looking bodies, I must admit, mixed in with many more that were, well, not. I did see a different ad from the man seeking a couple (his pic was ok). So maybe he would work out. Finally I saw an ad that looked promising, a man close to Wife’s and my age was looking for a woman to enjoy his oral talents NSA. Wife really likes having her pussy licked but over the years I’ve come to like it less and less. Someone that really likes to do something will probably be much better at it than someone who finds it ok. So the opportunity to give my wife something she really wants, performed by a man that can do it better than me, is too much to ignore.

He made it clear that there is no possibility of intercourse. While in my mind this limits their fun, I know Wife would see this as a way to start slowly. The ad seemed like a really good fit for us.

So I show a few of the better ads to Wife on Friday evening, and she is intrigued by the last one. After a hot session in bed ...

My naked body laid next to hers. I run my hands over her arms ever so lightly. Not a word is spoken. The gentle touch causes the little hairs to stand up. After a few passes I switch to a firm caress which conveys just enough of the strength in my hands. I alternate, gentle and firm, gentle and firm, and expand my range to other areas, the shoulders, the neck, the ears. Finally, I include the breasts, gently teasing the nipples which have been begging for attention.

Many minutes later my hand is on her thigh. Light strokes up, firm strokes down, each time getting a tiny bit closer to where she wants me to go. I stroke the outside pussy lips lightly, barely touching them. She can’t stand it. She loves it. I get firmer avoiding certain parts. The thumb and two fingers gently “kiss” her pussy. I don’t know if she understands the symbolism or just loves the pleasure.

I pass a finger over her clitoris. Then again. Now on the down stroke it just barely enter her. She is going wild. I continue to slowly go deeper while not forgetting to include her clitoris. Many minutes later I feel her start to tighten. It won’t be long before she has an orgasm. I keep going until she starts those wonderful rhythmic spasms. Soon she grasps my hand silently telling me to stop. I hold still as wave after wave of pleasure passes through her body.

When she recovers, I slide on top of her. I don’t tease anymore and the time for light touches and gentleness is over. I enter her again, this time with my cock. She is so wet and squeezes me. I move in and out quickly. It’s my turn and this is for me. The fact she likes it is all the better. I pound away until I'm done.

... as we cuddled, I asked her if she still wanted to me to respond to the ad, and she said yes. So Saturday morning I sent a reply describing my wife including a picture, indicating that she was intrigued, and asked if he was interested and what he would do with her. All day Saturday I would check my email for a reply whenever I was near a computer. By Saturday night, still no response :(. I checked again Sunday morning and no reply. So that led me to two possible conclusions: 1) he won’t check his email until Monday, or 2) he’s not interested :(. I decided that we wouldn’t know until Monday.

Sunday afternoon I’m finalizing my first post and OMG there’s a reply! A chill runs down my spine right to my crotch. There is a man within minutes of my house that wants to eat my wife! I send her a text “You have a reply! ;D” Her reply “:)”.

He sounds like an intelligent, fun and respectful man. We’re exchanging emails and making arrangements to meet, but that probably won’t happen for a more than a week. Life gets in the way of fun. I’ll keep you posted.

Note: Edited 3/11/09 to clarify some points

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Starting Point

An Introduction:
My wife has decided that it is time to take an additional lover. Since early in our relationship I have told my wife that she can sleep with other men. And we have fantasized about it often in the bedroom. I’ve made love to her while discussing other men, specific men by name. She has enjoyed this immensely.

However, this had remained our fantasy until a few years ago. She was ready to take the next step. She got an account on Adult Friend Finder and was quickly exchanging emails with several other men, local men that she had real opportunities to meet. We openly talked to each other about her with other men, what she wanted, and how we could get it. This talk wasn’t just in the bedroom (although those talks continued :)) and it became very nonchalant.

I remember sitting on the beach at a resort where the staff had lined up lounge chairs in pairs with an umbrella and six feet separating each pair from the next. It wasn’t very crowded at this time of day, and we talked in normal voices. The chairs closest to us were vacant, so there was sufficient privacy. We were having a conversation about what Wife wanted in her new relationships. I guess we weren’t quite quiet enough because at one point, a woman sun tanning on her stomach 15 feet from us picked her head up and gave me the oddest look. At first I took it for disgust, but I didn’t care and we kept talking. Obviously she had heard enough to know what we were talking about. Later I caught her stealing glimpses our way and her look was of curiosity now. I wonder if we helped her to consider new possibilities.

Anyway, after a couple of months of online flirting, Wife seemed to never find the time to pursue this any farther. I’m not sure of the exact reasons, but we continued to talk about her and other men, mostly in bed.

So why start a blog now?
Over the last few months, Wife has expressed a renewed interest in finding an additional lover. Last Friday, 3/6/09, she looked at a personal ad and was intrigued. Yesterday morning, after discussing the possibilities, I sent a reply to the ad. This seems like a beginning. After reading JessTess’s blog (and Suburban Hotwife’s before her hopefully short hiatus) I was inspired to create my first blog and to start it at the beginning. Recording events as they happen, we will see where this goes.


That’s an odd heading, isn’t it?

1. First I need to apologize to Wife. I’m starting this blog without her knowledge. I’m sure at some point I will share this and she’ll like it, but for now I wanted to start it alone. (However, even just setting up the blog and writing this first entry has been difficult to do in secrecy, and I don’t want her to think I’m sneaking around. I’ll probably share it with her very soon.)
2. Next I need to apologize to you. The title may have set expectations that the blog doesn’t live up to. Wife has not taken a lover. This blog is about the journey and I don’t know if that is where it will end up. If that’s all you want to find out, check back in 6 months.
3. Third, this is my first blog and I don’t consider myself a creative writer. Most of my writing is of a professional or technical nature, but I’m finding this to be fun. I am a terrible proof reader (it always says what it’s supposed to say until someone points out otherwise), and I may not find time to post updates very often. As such, I may commit some blogging breach of etiquette. When I do, please kindly point it out. I will do my best.
4. Finally, I apologize to the authors and fans of any cuckolding site that I join. I tend to lurk for awhile before joining/subscribing/follow a site but once I do, the site is sure to call it quits. I first noticed this with a Yahoo group called Wives Considering Cuckolding. Women asked questions, answered others, talked of their experiences, what their husbands thought, etc. When a woman decided to finally do it (or to not do it), she was welcomed with many comments of support. I especially liked the posts and congratulations comments from the I Did It announcements. After lurking for a year, we made an introduction and posted questions on where to find men. Within a month the moderator decided this wasn’t fun anymore and shut down the group.

Other examples are The Cuckold Forum (although they may be back at OurHotwives.org - I haven’t joined), FMSB (stopped updating right after I joined), and the three of the four blogs that I started following last month. Suburban Hotwife and her Husband have taken a break from blogging. David hasn’t updated Allie’s blog in over a month. Even JessTess has changed direction in her blog since I started to publicly follow. I don’t feel any malice to any of the authors for their decisions. In fact I fully support their decisions to do what is right for them at this time. If they want to write to tell me (oh and the rest of the world too) about their lives I happily read, but if they choose to stop telling I wish them the best and will miss these online friends I have come to know.

End of the Starting Point

I was all prepared to tell you that we didn’t get any response back yet from the ad, and I would have if I hadn’t taken extra time to start this blog in secrecy. But my deceivery (is it a Faux Pas to make up words?) is your gain. We have a response, and it is pretty good. Next time I will have to tell you about Oral Promises. :D

Note: Edited 3/11/09 to add hyperlinks. QM