Sunday, January 31, 2010

Round 2 with Mr. G - Part 1

Sunday 01/17/10
We met at 7:30 at a restaurant for drinks and appetizers.  During the past week we checked out the local hotels – found one with jacuzzi rooms.  That might be exciting.  We chat for about an hour.  Mr. G and Wife are sitting on one side of the booth with me on the other, same as last week.  We decided not to go with them having dinner while I sit at the bar.  We all have a good time talking about our week.  Feels like we’ve been friends for a long time.  There was lots of laughter.

We start to talk about where we want to go next, but can’t decide.  I mention a hotel, but he’s not quite ready.  In a few minutes, I go to the restroom.  Wife asks Mr. G “What do you want to do now?”  “You!”  She loved that answer.

So, I pay the check - I’ve paid for almost everything so far - like a good cuckold - taking  care of his wife and her (soon to be, I hope) lover.

He suggests we go to a spot he knows about where we will be alone.  I drive while Wife and Mr. G sit in the backseat of my SUV.  He’s giving me directions.  I tell him he shouldn’t be paying attention to where I’m going but paying attention to my wife - I’ll be ok cause it doesn’t really matter where we end up and he could be doing more fun things.

He and Wife start kissing.  Soon he has her shirt off.  As I drive I sneak peeks in the backseat.  He’s all over Wife.  They don’t notice me anymore and I drive.  I’m not sure where the place is but I drive around while they play.  I made a couple of wrong turns and had to turn around.  Finally I get as close as I can but have to ask.  I know I’m close but I figure we’re a mile or two away.  He says we just passed it, it was only about 100 feet back.  We pull in and park in a secluded area.  Anyway, by the time we got there they were having a good time.  She was half naked and he was getting ready to be.

I get out on the pretence of a bathroom break to let them get back into it.  I know I probably won’t be able to join in tonight, but that’s OK.  I like to watch.  When I return, Wife is completely naked and he has his pants off.  I know there’s been a lot of touching, kissing and stroking going on so far but I haven’t got to see much.  I touch Wife’s leg.  She knows it’s me since his hands are obviously otherwise engaged.  He’s between her legs.  I get a glimpse in the dark of his hard cock as he moves it toward my wife’s pussy.  He begins to fuck her for the first time.

This is amazing - watching him fuck my wife.  Not that I can see much.  The backseat is dark.  He is dark.  And from this position all I can make out is Wife’s white legs spread VERY wide with his body covering her from mid thigh to mid thigh.  I flash back to the moment just before he entered her.  How I would to have liked to see that.  I remember his cock and I know every point of her pussy.  I imagine them coming together.  Wait.  Is he wearing a condom?  Wife has always been adamant about that.  I’m sure she made sure.  I saw his cock for only a second and it was in the dark.

I try to give them privacy and I keep a look out for someone wanting to know what the hell we are doing there.  After about 15 minutes he has a bit of stage fright.  Hard to keep it up with a man watching you fuck his wife.  Not that he gets soft, just that the mood is broken – No, not broken, just bent a bit.  I suggest we drive around while they play.  He tries to say no, but I’ve already made up my mind.  I want them to have fun.  I take off, and so do they.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting Ready for Round 2 with Mr. G - Part 2

Thursday 10/14/10
Wife got a text from … Mr. G? No.  Mr. F? No.  You’ll never guess.  We didn’t expect to hear from him again.  It was Mr. E.  Poor guy.  If he had just sent that text a couple weeks earlier - before Wife met Mr. G.  She could be all giddy about him right now.  And I know she would have slept with him next time we met him.  She was into him.  He is a good guy - interesting, hard working, good looking and fun.  Just not as much so as Mr. G.  Of course it could be that we saw him in July and we just saw Mr. G.

Anyway, we haven’t heard from him in three months.  All he had to do to get in my wife’s pants was keep in touch.  Poor guy.  Now, she’s had a taste of another man’s cock and she wants more. ♂

Friday, January 29, 2010

Getting Ready for Round 2 with Mr. G - Part 1

Wednesday 01/13/10
Wife gets her nails done.  One has broken and she says she wouldn’t usually go to the salon for just one nail, but she wants to be perfect for him. :)  Also she’s thinking of getting a new outfit for him, and by outfit I don’t mean anything anyone else will see.  ;)

We are considering various options for our next meeting with Mr. G.  Wife and he have been texting since our trip to the club (and the trip to his car).  Wife is the happiest woman on earth.  She tells me, before Mr. G she was having a good time, but now she has the possibility to have a guy she really likes.  This is so much more.  He could become her first long term lover.  But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.  One step at a time and our next step looks like will happen on Sunday night.  One option we consider for our next meet is Wife and Mr. G having dinner while I sit at the restaurant bar.  They would have time to talk and let the chemistry build before ????  But I also suggested we just meet him at a hotel, and Wife liked that idea!  We’ll have to see what happens.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 5 – Saving the Best for Last

At 4:30 I wake up hard. I caress my wife, her arms, back, legs, neck. I give her light kisses on her neck, ears, jaw line and lips. This leads to my hand on and then in her pussy. She has her back to me as I stroke her pussy for a long time. It feels so good. She takes nearly 20 minutes to reach orgasm.

Afterwards, she holds my semi hard cock. She says she forgot to tell me something that happened in his car. “I kissed it.” He asked her to kiss his cock right after I let them know it was time to go. He knew she didn’t like to suck cock. But when he asked, she wanted to kiss it for him. She lowered her mouth to his dick. She ran her tongue twice around the head. And she kiss his cock on the head. He loved it and SHE loved it too.

My penis becomes hard as granite. I kiss her and climb on top of her. As I enter her, we continue to kiss. I don’t take anywhere near 20 minutes. The image of my wife’s mouth on (not just anyone’s, but) Mr. G’s penis fills my brain. As I’m fucking her, she, after a few minutes, demonstrates on my chest what she did to his cock – her tongue makes two circles and then a kiss. “That’s what I did.” It’s too much. I need to cum. I stroke faster and soon I’m pumping cum into her pussy. We lay there for a few minutes and she says “I guess I saved that bit of information until just the right time.” I couldn’t agree more.

We fall asleep in each other’s arms. After a long time, we end up touching back to back. It is not a usual position for us, but it feels nice. I dream of

her and Mr. G cuddling. Long term lovers embrace after a long love making session while Wife and I are back to back. I’m holding a petite, young, hot black babe. She’s someone we picked up for the night. After we sleep awhile I ask her to climb over me and make out with Wife. Afterwards Wife has her make out with Mr. G who cums in her pussy. Then she is back to me.
I drift in and out of sleep.

In the morning we get up and have a very horny day. Has Wife found a lover? We certainly hope so. We will see.

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 4 – In His Car

One thing she tells me is she got to feel how big his cock is and it’s bigger than mine.  “But that’s though his pants” I said “It’s not as big as it feels.”  “It wasn’t through his pants” she says.

These thoughts are driving me crazy as we make our pick up and drop off.  Then quickly home to take a shower together.  We talk about all that happened, first in the shower then in bed.  I get to the bed first and lay in her spot to warm it for her.  She slips in naked.  As I caress her, she tells me everything.

He opened the car door for Wife before he slid in the other side.  He wanted to move the car due to an inconvenient street lamp.  Wife said no, she didn’t want me to call the cops when I came out to any empty parking space.

They kiss.  Not like the little pecks I had earlier with the dancer, but open mouth passionate kisses.  Tongues intertwined, darting in and out.  Lips sucking on each other.  When she tells me this, I get rock hard and kiss her aggressively.  She hasn’t kissed another man like this since 8 months after we started dating.  Mr. E did give her a little peck and STM (Mr. Z) wanted to kiss her (as I’m sure Mr. F did) but there is something special about Mr. G.  A chemistry.  She wanted to kiss him and kiss him hard.

As they kiss, hands explored their bodies.  He squeezed her tits again and touched between her legs.  She felt his arms and shoulders.  He lowered her shirt (again) and sucked her breasts.  He starts to undo her pants.  She helps him out and pulls them down – with her panties (There’s no time to waste.)  She feels his cock through his pants.  It’s long and hard.  Without wasting any time, she opens his pants and pulls out his cock.  She likes it.  It’s bigger than mine, about the same girth, but longer (and she can’t even see all of it!).  She stroked it as they continue to kiss with his hand in her pussy.

When I let them know it’s time to go, they kiss, get dressed and get out of his car.  On the sidewalk, they hug and kiss goodbye.

We had a great time.  It was a wonderful night even without (much of) the hotwife activities.  We made a good friend and spent 5 hours with him, more by far than any other Mr.  All three of us hit it off really well.  We talked about maybe he is the one.  Maybe he’ll be Wife’s lover.  We’re hopeful everything will work out.

At this point, Wife wants to bask in the thrill of the evening and I hold her as she falls asleep thinking of Mr. G.

Friday, January 15, 2010

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 3 – Puttering Around While They’re Alone

We had the possibility of needing to pick up a family member at midnight and all night long we are checking in via text messages.  Finally at 11:00 we know we need to, but Mr. G’s not with us at the moment but gets back in a minute or two.  I leave so he and Wife can have alone time.

I go to the main stage again, only I hang back a bit this time.  Nobody I really want to see up close.  Where’d the girl with the big tits go?  I head to the restroom then to the back stage.  Same story. (which shouldn’t be a surprise since the girls move from the left of the main stage to the right to the back stage.  And yet at the time I did find it surprising.)  Worse yet, there’s nowhere to sit to see the stage except at the stage.  So I sit where I can watch the crowd.

I have a short conversation with a nice looking black chick.  Then her “friend” joins her as she sits on my lap.  Each wants to dance with me.  Each trying to one up the other.  I love capitalism.  One is thin, small tits, very pretty with a tight body.  The other has a little more weight on her but not heavy just more curves, bigger tits but not huge, pretty, soft body, but she gives extras.  She kissed me on the lips, put her nipples in my mouth and my hand on her ass then on her crotch.  I had been giving her my ever so light touches when I sensed she wanted more.  I grabbed her ass, pulled her close and gave her a look that let her know I wanted her.  Her eyes lit up, her body tightened, and she grabbed my cock.  Soon she moved her thong aside for me to touch.

I end up getting a nice dance from both of them!  First kiss with a black girl, first suck of a black girl’s nipples, first touch of a black girl’s pussy.  My bucket list is shrinking.  Still want to fuck a hot black chick though.

I gave Wife and Mr. G about 30 minutes alone and made the most of the time.

I come back to see his hand on my wife’s thigh and it stays there this time.  They are talking.  I sit down and watch the girls.  Another dancer on her way to the DJ stops.  She is freezing, and it shows.  She likes how warm my hands are.  I say “That’s my wife.”  She glances over and sees the hands.  The questions are all over her face.  She is fascinated by this.  Right then Wife and Mr. G get up with their coats.  I had given them about 30 minutes to themselves while I got my dance, but Wife was waiting for me to come back.  Not because she wanted to leave with me, she wanted to leave with him.  Wife tells me to come out in 10 minutes, about the time we need to leave.  The dancer is amazed.  She is a psychology student and we talk most of the 10 minutes about what Wife does, why I allow it, and the fact that I’m not allowed to play.  Then capitalism wins out over her curiosity.  She goes off to make some money.  It was really quite fun to tell her this.  I might be able to get into this hotwife/cuckold lifestyle.

I go outside and see them in his car.  I watch from a discreet distance in the bitter cold.  It is so hot to know my wife is in his car having fun.  At one point I can tell from the way her head is tilted back that his hand is down her pants and she loves it.  I give them an extra 5 minutes, but now it is time to go.  We can’t be late.  I walk by the car to let them know.  They finish up, get out of the car and kiss on the sidewalk as I go to our car.  A few moments later she joins me and we leave.

On the drive she tells me some of what happened, but the ride is not long enough to tell me everything.  One thing she tells me is she got to feel how big his cock is and it’s bigger than mine.  “But that’s through his pants” I said “It’s not as big as it feels.”  “It wasn’t through his pants” she says.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 2 – The Club

So, he suggests we go to a topless club.  You may remember my wife and I talked about going to a club before.  Wife has never been to one and was curious.  So we go.

The first thing we notice is the smoke.  Most nights out for us are in restaurants that have bars, and (at least in our area) the smoking and non-smoking areas are in completely separate rooms with separate air handlers.  Not so in the strip clubs apparently.  Smoke hits you in the face as you enter.  It has been a long time since we’ve been in such a smoky club.

But the next thing we notice is the pretty girls, lots of pretty girls.  White, black, latin, short, tall, small boobs, big boobs, pretty, not so pretty and a couple with some extra padding.  They all have outfits made out of nothing more than the strings of a string bikini.  I quickly forgot about the smoke.

We sit in a small elevated area near the DJ a little way from the stage.  This is an excellent place to sit because all the girls come talk to the DJ.  There’s always a couple to look at and chat with.  Wife and Mr. G sit next to each other and I sit next to Mr. G.  Wife and I decided on the way over that she and Mr. G would be the couple in the club and I would be the third wheel.  It seems to be working as there is some flirting going on.

After a round of beers, the manager gives us a round of Leg Spreaders as we watch the girls and talk.  (Why the manager gave us drinks is another, much less interesting, story.)  I decide I should leave them alone for awhile.  I go to the restroom, but on the way stop to tip the girl on the stage.  Well no one was tipping at the stage all night (I guess saving the money for dances).  She doesn’t just offer the side of her g-string for me to slip the bill in.  She has to dance for me, inches from my face for most of the song.  I pull out a larger bill to tip her (she knows her job well).

After I make it to the restroom (I’m thankful there’s not so guy wanting a buck to give me a dirty towel), I head back to our seats and there is some more flirting and touching.  But Mr. G backs off when he sees me coming.  I found out later from Wife that they discussed likes and dislikes.  In particular, he found out that Wife does not like to suck cock.  Then there we shared more stories and jokes as we met more girls at the DJ.

At one point he decides that Wife needs a lap dance.  This girl who we never saw wearing anything more than a thong, starts dancing in front of Wife’s face.  He tells her she’s a strip club virgin and the girl starts giving her a real show.  She puts Wife’s hands on her breasts rubs all over her.  She pulls Wife’s camisole down so she, and Mr. G, as well as others, can enjoy her breasts.  The dancer comments on how big they are, in addition to a comment Mr. G made about her 38 C’s earlier at the restaurant.  Both comments make Wife feel good about her lovely tits.

As she dances for Wife she asks her “Are you fucking both of them?” and she finds out I’m her husband.  She comes over to me and says “I want to sleep with your wife …” (ok, that’s hot.  Probably not tonight for a couple reasons.  But still hot) “… 150 bucks” (and that’s not).  That is the first time a hooker has ever propositioned me.  As hot as the first part of her sentence was, the second half was equally repulsive.  The thought of paying this homely girl to be with Wife spoiled it.  Sex is about uncontrollable desires and you can’t buy that desire.  Later I here she told Wife 180 and 20 more for Mr. G to watch.  I don’t know if that is before she found out I was the husband or not.  Still we enjoy her dance and send her on her way.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Meeting with Mr. G – Part 1 – The Restaurant

Friday a week after new years was a long day at the end of a long week.  It was a week ago that we met Mr. F.  (Notice that he is still Mr. F.  That’s because he didn’t enter Wife so he didn’t get a name.)  We were up past midnight on Friday.  The last thing we were doing was replying to our AFF email.  We sent one promising prospect an invite to our friends network where he could see a full body shot of Wife.  Another we had to request a pic for the second time.  We told a third that he’s 150 miles away so he’d have to travel here.  And there were several no thank you too.  (We try to respond to everyone that emails us, even if it is just to say no thanks.)

So we got to bed late and Saturday morning it was cold outside.  We spent a lazy day inside in our pajamas.  Even took a nap in the afternoon.  Best of all, texts with Mr. G confirm we are on for tonight!

We take late afternoon showers.  Wife shaves her legs in the shower.  I trim my pubes (just in case).  I gather the camera, lube and condoms (of course we didn’t use any of these last time) as well as printouts of his AFF profile and another guy in case we get stood up again.

We’re meeting in the same restaurant at the same time as last Friday.  Tonight it is much more crowded, but luckily we get a booth in the bar area (right next to the one we had last weekend).

He arrives on time and oh my goodness, he is even better looking than his picture.  Ha, jokes on me.  I didn’t see this man walk in but noticed a black man looking around.  I’m about to wave when he talks to people he obviously knows in the booth next to us.  Odd, that was the first single person I saw come in looking for someone and it is a man and he’s black at the very time Mr. G was supposed to arrive.  Wife had missed a text from Mr. G a minute earlier that he was getting out of his car.  She returned it with “We are in the booth in the bar area”.  Turns out it was him and he just happened to know the people next to us.

He sits down and we immediately hit it off.  He’s a hard working, personable, friendly, hot, funny go getter.  An all around good guy who even takes care of his grandmother.

Our drinks arrive, a margarita for Wife and a Sam Adams Winter Ale for me.  He orders a sex on the beach.  We have good lively fun conversation for an hour and a half.  There were stories of the limo, the adult bookstore with a $25 cover, and the nude nightclub (not a "club", but a (almost) regular nightclub).  And other than the stares he got from a couple when he sat down next to Wife, it was a perfect first meeting with the conversation covering the essential topics (mostly) effortlessly.

I go to the restroom to give them some privacy.  Big mistake.  I have to go to the restroom every 30 minutes after that.  They didn’t seem to mind.

When Wife goes to the restroom, I find out he is definitely interested and I suggest we could go to a hotel.  Wife gets back and there is a bit of an awkward moment when I say we ought to figure out where to go next.  So we chat some more and when we are all very comfortable again he suggests we go to a club, a topless club!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mr. Saturday Night Special

Mr. G is black, young and confident.  We had been looking forward to meeting him all week.  So it is unfortunate that we had to postpone our meeting with Mr. G.  Wife was just not up for it after two late nights out in a row.  He was OK with that, but it’s got to make him at least a bit concerned that we might just be a waste of time.  We are seeing if we can set it up for next weekend.

We used the time to spend the evening alone at home.  We cuddled and talked.  It’s been almost a year since we started this journey and we’ve learned a lot.  Wife was concerned about the time it takes to find “the” man.  She wasn’t looking forward to that.

This weekend was just about having fun now.  From our discussion we found that she really wants men for two different things.  She wants to have fun with new guys and she wants “the” man for a long term relationship.  The new guys are there for a fun night.  They may turn into more often lovers.  Eventually she would like to be in a relationship where she meets once or twice a month with “the” man, who is faithful to her.

This is a big change, but it’s been developing in her mind for awhile.  When we started, she wanted to take it slow, exchange emails, and meet before she decided if there was the chance for sex in the future.  Now she is ready to have fun.  If the guy excites her, he can satisfy her that night.  She really is turning into a hotwife.  She’s going to take her pleasure whenever she wants, with whomever she wants.  She’s going to play around, using her body to make her happy.  She has realized that her body is hers and she has every right to share it with anyone she wants.  Of course she sees it the same with respect to my body.  By that I mean it’s hers and she has every right to decide whom I share it with. :-(

We had a very passionate love making session after we discussed this.  I told her a story using my hands to enhance the experience:

We are standing outside the hotel room of a man you’ve never met.  I have you remove your overcoat, leaving you in your camisole, panties, stockings and heels.  I give you a blindfold, have you put it on and knock.  The door is answered, but he doesn’t say a word.  Instead he takes you in his arms and gropes your body.  You notice his cologne as he kisses your neck and caresses your hips and behind.  Are you still in the hallway?  You realize he’s holding you off the ground as he’s exploring your curves, putting his hands under the few clothes you have on.  But has he taken you in the room?  His desire for you is very evident in his enthusiasm and in his hardness you occasionally feel. 

He lays you on the bed and I touch you.  You’re glad I’m still here.  He takes your camisole and panties off slowly as he kisses your whole body.  Then he is kneeling above you and rests the head of his enormous cock on your mouth.  You resist, but he pushes it in and you suck it.  He is definitely bigger than me.  After just a few moments, he is licking your pussy.  He is very good and keeps it up as you have 2 orgasms.

He’s on top of you.  Kissing breasts, neck, ears, mouth.  He’s a great kisser.  And you kiss him back.  He slides into you.  Is he wearing a condom?  You can’t tell.  He moves in and out.  Increasing his pace.  He’s grunting just a bit now with each stroke.  It’s the first you’ve heard his voice.  You imagine it a bit gruff and it’s getting you there again.  He’s not trying to get you there though.  You can tell.  This is for him and he’s not stopping until he is satisfied.  And that does it for you.  Orgasm number three.  As your pussy squeezes his cock, he cums with a series of long moans.  You lay there together, him inside you for a few minutes, gently kissing.  He whispers in your ear “You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.”

We decided that we would update our AFF profile and I would continue to screen the guys.  She only wants guys bigger than me and they need to be the type of guy you want to be around.  We will use the get to know each other meeting to determine if she wants to have sex that night.  The decision is hers and his, not mine.  I’m sure if I had a valid objection, she would take that into account, but she’s going to do what she wants.

So I spent much of Sunday rewriting our profile and updating our interests.  I think the new profile will lead to more meets and many of them will end in bed.

Update:  I wrote this a few days ago but I had to finish the previous post before I could publish it.  We are meeting Mr. G tonight and I think we are going to have fun.

An Unlikely Bull

Mr. F is an unlikely bull.  He is young, just 23.  He’s a bit chubby, white, and not aggressive at all.  A very unlikely bull.  He’s also bi-curious, though he has never done anything sexually with a man.  Yes, I’d say very unlikely to get my wife in bed.

We met for drinks on the evening of New Years Day.  Wife and I are dressed stylishly.  We were a little early and thought we would shop a bit, but even though it was Friday night, stores closed early for New Years.  So we got to our meeting early.

I ordered a beer and Wife had a drink with rum and an umbrella.  He was late, close to 20 minutes late.  That didn’t bother us too much, we had all night.  He wore a striped polo (that did not flatter his physique).  He was friendly, clean cut, and most importantly clean.

When he joins us at our booth, he takes a seat next to me.  This boy’s gonna have to grow a pair if he expects to get laid tonight.  I told him to go ahead and sit with my wife, get to know her.  As we talk he does touch her leg.  I see and encourage more.  Later Wife tells me that he would only touched the outside of her leg.

It’s an awkward situation but “The Man” was charming, conversational, brought up all the right topics but lightened the mood with a joke or wit when needed.  Sophisticated, confident and suave.  He made the meeting enjoyable for everyone.

Unfortunately, “The Man” was me.  Mr. F was anything but smooth.  He was nervous, unsure how to proceed, asked few questions and said little directly to Wife.  Lucky for him the Quiet Man was there to put everyone at ease.

After about 40 minutes, we decide to go to a hotel.  I know!  How did this guy get so lucky?  Did I mention he was young?  There’s something about someone younger than you that finds you desirable.  That got Wife excited.  So we head to a hotel.

In the room, Wife and Mr. F are hugging with trembling caresses.  The nerves are back.  He gently kisses her neck.  I suggest that the three of us strip to our underwear and get in bed.  He’s kissing Wife on the neck then sucking a nipple.  I’m on the other side of her and start sucking the other nipple.  My hands are ever so lightly touching her breasts, neck and ears.  He moves a hand down and enters her pussy.  We are really getting Wife going, he doing the heavy work, while I put on the finishing touches – gently stroking her legs, arms, neck, breasts (when they aren’t being sucked) thighs and crotch.  It only takes a few minutes for Wife to orgasm, the first time another man has done so.  But it wasn’t just him.  How much was due to my caresses?

The three of us snuggled while Wife and I kissed.  After a bit, Wife said she wanted a show.  Uh oh!  I knew what she wanted.  We had discussed it on the ride from the restaurant to the hotel.  We knew he was someone safe to play with without a condom, and I brought up a cream pie, but Wife said no.  She said she’s like to see me suck a cock and have mine sucked.  I asked if she wanted me to suck him to completion and she said “That’s up to you.”

So I knew what she meant, but I wasn’t ready to do that.  This was only the second time I had even seen another man’s cock erect.  I had never touched one, let alone put it in my mouth.  I will admit that I was not entirely put off by the idea.  I had seen pics of large cocks being sucked be beautiful women and wondered what it would be like.  What would the dick taste like?  Could I get his balls to pull up tight?  Would I be able to feel the head grow just before he cums?  What would his cum taste like?  And these were big dicks, bigger than mine (which isn’t small by any means).  But this one was closer to the size of my thumb than my cock.  It was maybe 5 inches and thin.  I had gotten myself ready to eat cum from my wife’s pussy, but I wasn’t ready for this.

After a bit more snuggling and caressing, I reached across Wife, down to his cock.  He did the same to mine.  For a few minutes we played with each other and Wife.  Then I got up the nerve and did it.  I bent down and took it in my mouth.  It tasted like my thumb, not bad in any way.  I flicked the head with my tongue.  I sucked it all the way in – didn’t have to worry about deep throating :).  I kept changing it up, sometimes using my hands to stroke him while my mouth concentrated on the tip.  I employed the techniques that I liked having been done to me over the years.  I looked up to Wife.  She was enjoying her show.

So here I am giving him a little pre-fuck foreplay.  Then he would (hopefully) suck me (maybe to completion) before he fucks my wife.  After about 10 minutes, I felt he was getting close (I could get his balls to tighten, though I didn’t specifically notice, and no I did not feel his head get bigger).  Sometime during this I realized that this is not something I enjoy and probably won’t do again.  Getting a man (close) to orgasm didn’t give me that same feeling of joy as giving one to a woman.  I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t stop in disgust, but I had satisfied my curiosity.  My questions had been answered (almost).  The last question.  What would his cum taste like?  I knew it was now or never.  This was my one chance to find out what it tastes like straight from his cock.  Not being one comfortable with regrets, and figuring he’s young and will recover quickly to fuck Wife, I go for it.  I don’t let up.  I suck his cock and lick the head.  Before I know it, he’s cumming in my mouth.  I looked at Wife, dick in mouth, full of cum.  I try to open my mouth some to show her.

She loved it.  Seeing her man with a dick in his mouth.  She liked seeing me work it.  She could tell he was getting close and I was going to let him cum.  Her man doing the very thing she doesn’t like to do.  Still at that very moment she thought “This is nothing like what I have to do.”  That small cock doesn’t fill his mouth, doesn’t feel like swallowing a banana whole, no gagging.  But that didn’t matter.  She still loved it.

Some of his cum runs over my lip.  I lick it up and swallow.  It tastes not good, somewhat bitter and not thick but runny.  Was it a lot?  I don’t know, I just swallowed and I think it may have been just one spurt, when he asked me to stop.  I had done it.  I sucked a cock, made him cum and swallowed.

I lay back down and hug Wife.  I ask if she liked her show.  She said “Yeah and are you going to have some fun?”  Mr. F answered “Oh yeah.”  He moves between my legs and starts sucking.  I get hard.  Wife and I kiss while he goes down on me.  He sucks awhile.  Was it 10 minutes?  Probably more like 5.  He’s almost as good a cock sucker as he is a conversationalist, unfortunately.  He also didn’t have much experience to draw on to be able to copy what he likes.  I get soft.  I try imagining a 23 year old girl was doing this, but she turned out to be just as unfeminine and untalented as he.  I take it in my hand and stroke it.  I get hard and in a few minutes am ready to cum.  I put it in his mouth and keep stroking as I fill him with spurt after spurt.  He swallows a couple of times but doesn’t miss a drop.

Afterward we shift so Wife is in the middle again.  We repeat the earlier episode of us pleasing her.  This time I let him do it all.  It takes longer (which isn’t a bad thing) but it’s all him.  I just held her.  She has a very good, very satisfying orgasm and I know another man did it.

She didn’t fuck him.  I could sense she wasn’t going to after my bj.  But she got two satisfying orgasms.  We thank our very satisfied host, get dressed and go.

On the way home we stop at a restaurant/bar for dessert to celebrate.