Monday, June 28, 2010

Our First Trip to a Nude Beach

So Miss Scarlett went to Florida.  So did we.  Too bad we didn’t meet up.  But we had fun without her.  Next time we will have to coordinate our trips.

We took our first trip to a nude beach and it was a different type of adventure.  During a weekday, we made the short trip from Orlando to Canaveral National Seashore.  After driving through Titusville, you are suddenly in the middle of nowhere, with few cars and nothing but vegetation as far as you can see except ... You drive right by launch towers for rockets.  Very odd!

Finally we came upon a guard shack and paid our $3 a piece to enter.  And what is the first sign we see - No nudity on the beach!  But we had been told that it would be ok.  Besides, we weren’t going back to the hotel without going to the beach even if we kept our clothes on.  We drove for a few more miles - how far is this place anyway?  Suddenly there is a sharp turn to the north, and shortly a parking lot with a few cars.  We had been told not to stop here, but to continue on to the last lot, lot 13.  Kind of ominous, don’t you think?

We keep driving for what seems like 20 miles.  Each lot we pass has fewer and fewer cars, then none.  Up ahead we see lot 13 and it has as many cars as the first or second lot.  Something is going on up here.  There is also a large structure that looks like a telescope.  I don’t mean like the shape of a telescope that you might have for looking in the windows of the apartments across the street, but like a laboratory for looking deep into space.  You know with the dome on top and a slot in the side.  That was a little disturbing.

We get out of the car and start toting our stuff up the wooden walk to the beach.  Another No Nudity sign is there.  As we cross we are greeted with a beautiful beach and sky.  Straight ahead and to the right are deserted, empty beach.  Simply beautiful.  But to the left there is a nude couple.  Not topless, no towel, heck she is even shaved.  Nothing to hide.  Twenty feet or so further is another, then others, with some single men and small groups of men (2-4) further down.

We pick a spot keeping with the spacing already established and set up our umbrella - don’t want to burn on the parts where the sun don’t (usually) shine, lol.  It takes a little while for us to get all set up, and all the while the eyes are on us.  When we are all set, I say to Wife “Here goes.” and off come my shorts.  Shortly thereafter she removes her top.  After they’ve seen enough the eyes are gone.

Now, I’m not sure if they wanted to see if we were going remain clothed or not, or if they were checking out Wife, or if they were checking out me.  Some if not all of the groups of men had to be gay, though there was no sexually explicit activity of any kind going on.  Still they seemed satisfied.  There was one man that I thought Wife would like, and he happened to be the one sitting closest to us.  As we sat there and got used to being naked (or partially naked in Wife’s case) we fidgeted and chatted nervously.  Soon the nerves were wearing off and we were loosening up.  About this time our gentleman friend got up to leave.  Wife was still to nervous to let me say “You leaving so soon, we’ve got plenty of room under the umbrella.”  So we let him walk on by.  He seemed to take a bit of a pause as he reached our position.  He was the first to get a closer look at Wife’s chest, or maybe it was mine he was looking at.  I guess we’ll never know.

A few minutes later a friend arrived, a male friend.  I greeted him, for the first time in person, in the nude.  Kind of odd, but he was definitely interested in Wife’s nudity and not mine.  He stripped down and layed on a towel next to us, and gave us the low down on the beach.  We learned the dos and don’ts which are pretty simple: do look, don’t stare, do leave others be, don’t be rude, do enjoy yourself, don’t enjoy yourself or others too much (ie no sexual activity at all).  Apparently, the anti-nudity law is a county law, but there are rarely any county police officers all the way out here and they don’t bother unless they have a reason, like sex on the beach.  The other beach goers will put a stop to it to prevent the risk of losing their nude beach.

So it’s a very safe environment.  And a very beautiful environment.  The beautiful sky and the beautiful waves with very few people.  We laid out for awhile and went swimming nude/topless.  It was great.  Of course we used lots of sunscreen - SPF 70 and we didn’t get even a little red.  It was a very relaxing and fun day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Posts in a Month

Look at that.  It’s been over a month since my previous post.  What have I been doing?  Been out there in the real world living the things this blog is made of.  I’m not creative enough to come up with this stuff on my own.  There have been many developments in the past month.

We took a trip and found a nude beach.  We had a lovely evening with Couple 4.  We met up with an old friend.  And I acquired a not so secret admirer.  You’ll have to wait for posts on the beach, Couple 4 and the old friend.  You always have to wait for the good stuff.

So that leaves this stuff.  My admirer.  I got an email on my work email account.  A very interesting email.  It’s just a picture of someone that works near me but not for the same company.  No nudity (get your minds out of the gutter).  Just a portrait of a smartly dressed, professional woman.  She sent it with the subject “Hi…..”  Nothing else.

Now, I had noticed her before.  And I even imagined what she looks like naked.  Ok I realize that since I’m a man, that applies to 75% of the women I see.  But I recall seeing her just before our first party and thinking I would like to see her at the party, and therefore see her naked.  And then the thought was gone.  Probably replaced by the same reflection applied to another woman.

Nevertheless, I never considered pursuing this woman because 1) she is married and has small children, and 2) I wouldn’t want my advances towards her (or anyone even vaguely related to my workplace) to be considered in anyway harassing or even hinting at inappropriate.  My very rare, and equally brief interactions with her were always very courteous and professional.

I told Wife about the email as soon as I got it.  To not tell her would only be appropriate if I replied in a curt and professional manner that I had no interest in seeing her naked or spreading her out on a bed as I lay my cock on her pussy and enter her.  Which, of course, would simply be untrue.  Wife gave the OK that she may be my present.

So I was shocked by this email.  Quite pleasantly so.  I found reasons to bump into her from time to time.  Our interactions have been more frequent, much less brief, and most certainly more enticing.  I wanted to discuss her intentions, find out just what she hoped to gain by sending her photo.  And then give it to her.  Alas, while we did have conversations about families, weekend plans, and such every attempt to engage her in the conversation we both wanted to have was thwarted by our co-workers.  This woman is never alone.  Someone is ALWAYS within earshot. 

Finally, I sent her an email suggesting that we could get some privacy if we went out for lunch.  So this week we will.

In other news, it looks like isshefilthy blog has closed up shop.  Too bad, they had another hotwife I wanted to show you as well as a male strip show I would like to take Wife to.

And in case you didn’t know, when I ask questions, they are for you to answer.  Leave comments or write an email.  I want your input.  Got it?  Seriously, I do appreciate the comments, emails and clicks in the check boxes at the end of each post.  Thank you.  But if you select “Can I join you?” you need to need to let me know who you are.