Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. Y The First Meeting Part 4

So I asked Wife what did she think, and she said “I don’t know.” That pretty much sums it up. A woman knows if she wants a guy. If she doesn’t know, then she doesn’t.

I felt the same way. Mr. Y is a very nice guy and very likeable, but something was missing. The chemistry wasn’t there.

My uncertainties were first triggered by the face pic we found of him online. He looked like a nice guy, but I don’t know. Wife liked his pic and that was all that mattered. I didn’t tell her my thoughts. Then there was his choice of venue. That wasn’t an appropriate place & I had suggested a place 10 minutes down the road that would have been much better (with lots of eye candy for me!). Finally, when I talked to him on the phone for the first time when he was late, the voice I heard was friendly, like a friend. Is he going to be able to flirt with my wife? I didn’t mention any of this to Wife, she hadn’t heard him yet. I tried not to let these uncertainties influence our meeting. (Wife knows me pretty well and had no idea I had any uncertainties.) I gave him every opportunity. People can surprise you.

When we meet, we hit it off well. Like I said he is a nice, fun guy. It was going pretty well. (See, I told you I gave him a chance.) When we went to the second place, we thought he would start flirting, but he never did. Shit I even flirted with a woman at the bar who was with a guy and with the bar maid even though I was trying to be on my best behavior. This was Wife’s night for fun, not mine. (Sorry Wife, it’s who I am and you wouldn’t like me any other way.) To be fair though the bar maid flirted with me and I was just merely pleasant (until I gave her that look that made her wet when we left, oops). My point is there was plenty of flirting going on around us. This was the place for it. Go ahead say something provocative. Nice is good, but put a little edge on it.

While she was in the bathroom just before we left, he told me that Wife is beautiful. I said something like Yeah. But he continued with “She really is.” I’m thinking: What the hell am I supposed to say to that? And why aren’t you telling her? I thought maybe he had when I was away, but Wife tells me he didn’t.

So maybe I didn’t give them enough alone time, but I don’t think so. I’ll be sure not to make that mistake the next time we meet someone.

Still the night wasn’t a bust. We got to use our hand signals (but we need to work on them a little). Wife is not nervous to meet someone now, and I’m more comfortable too. She’s beginning to realize that men do find her attractive. We had fun and got some info on swinging. Also it was very exciting.

On the way home we decide that we don’t want to go to a club, we’ve had enough excitement for one night. At home, I take her in my arms and finish what I started in the morning. She told me she started off thinking about having both the guys shooting darts, but at the end, she couldn’t think of anything. It was one of the best she’s ever had.


Confessor X said...

I remember a time, long long ago, when I was shy and hesitant...it kept me from approaching women and oppertunities...but once that shyness went away I was a force to reckon with...maybe that's what happened to mr y? Could be your wife is more beautiful then the women he's use to playing with or...simply just an off night.

The good thing is you got your wife use to being in that realm and state of mind...I can't wait for future posts...keep em cumming!!

Anonymous said...

My wife had to go through a couple of guys before she found the guy that really clicked for her.

Although there is a disappointment that it didn't progress the great thing is your wife went through with it. That is a very positive sign and it sure sounds you handled it well.

Take your time there are lots of great guys for her (and you). It is well worth the wait.

Quiet Man said...

Confessor X, He may have been having an off night, but he certainly wasn't shy about asking Wife about sex acts. We really did enjoy the evening and learned a lot from it.

rphil815, We are going to take it slow. Oh wait, did I tell you that we might emailing with Mr. Z?

vaman837 said...

"So maybe I didn’t give them enough alone time, but I don’t think so. I’ll be sure not to make that mistake the next time we meet someone." You've given yourself some great advice.

Quiet Man said...

vaman837, I do try to give them some time alone, but also I've become better at steering the conversation so they get to talk (when I remember).