Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z Part 3

He comes in to the lobby a couple minutes later.  Turns out his car didn’t fit the area and a guy sitting in his car in a hotel parking lot is suspicious.  I guess there have been some drug and prostitute activity in the area recently.

As we enter the elevator, another hotel guest walks up and gets in with us.  Turns out he is going to the same floor as us.  We leave the elevator first and make our way to our room.  Wife has trouble opening the door for a moment, and guess where our elevator friend is staying.  Right next door.  Our neighbor makes his way into his room just a foot from us as we struggle to get into ours.

Once inside, STM gets to business quickly.   Kissing her neck, his tongue on her neck.  She is surprised, but loving it.  He has her shirt off quickly.  So quickly I didn’t even see it come off.  She is wearing a beautiful black bra camisole.   He’s kissing and licking my wife’s neck, shoulders, breasts.  It’s beautiful.  She loves it.  She is so happy.

He undresses her.  And SHE LETS him!  She is down to her camisole and boy leg panties.  The two look so beautiful together.  His hands are all over her.  She looks at me and I mouth “Are you OK”.  Her smile tells me she is more than OK.  She asks if I’m OK and my smile tells her the same.  STM spends several minutes touching and kissing her body.

Next he takes her panties off and puts his tongue in.  He licks her for a long time.  Wife’s face shows her joy as he eats her.

Finally he undresses, and wants his cock sucked.  Wife doesn’t do that.  He’s disappointed.  She strokes him and gets him hard.  He sucks her tits while she continues to stroke him.  Later I realize this is the first time I've seen an erect cock, other than mine, in person.  The fact that it's in my wife's hand makes it much better than any I've seen in magazines, videos or the computer.  But I don't get to see it for long.

STM puts on a Magnum condom on and slides it in.  OMG he’s fucking her.  She is loving it!  She looks so happy.  He keeps it up for several minutes.

Later he has her turn over and switches to doggy style.  Her knees are on the ground and her chest and head are on the couch.  He goes almost another 10 minutes.

At some point I join in, kissing her and sucking her nipples.  Now he is eating her again and continues for a long time.  He asks if I want to jump in and get her wet.  I eat her and slide my fingers inside her.  Inside where his cock was just fucking her.  Another man fucking my wife and now I’m eating her pussy.

After he takes a break, he puts on another condom and fucks her a second time.  This one takes him a long time.  How long, I don’t really know, but it seems like 20 to 30 minutes.  Also, he is not easy on her.  He wasn’t exactly gentle the last time, but this time he pounds away at her, making the distinctive slap, slap, slap sounds.  He’s got her legs up in the air so he can go as deep as possible.  It’s making her moan on each thrust.  I wonder what our neighbor is thinking :).

While they fuck, I’m kissing her as her whole body is rocked over and over again.  She tells me she’s had just about all that she can handle.  She’s had close to 2 hours of bliss.  He finally finishes, and at this point we’re done and thank him.  He dresses and goes.

We wonder if the cops pick him up again.


Confessor X said...

That's one hell of a post to I'm sure one hell of a night!! I'm glad that you finally got to share that experience with your wife. And it seems she enjoyed the night, could there be a new Mr around the corner?!?!

Quiet Man said...

Confessor X: Were not as experienced as some bloggers. It might take us a few days to arrange anything with a new Mr. lol. But wait, this story's not over yet.

Buffalo said...


How do the two of you feel about it now?

Seattle Cuckold said...

Very hot..as a fellow cuck, i can relate to the thrill of "the moment" when another man enters you're sweethearts snatch :)

Bill said...

Dude ... don't leave us hanging!!! That was a wonderful story. I to have watched my wife and I can't get enough of it.

Quiet Man said...

Buffalo: I think I answered you question in my next post.

Seattle Cuckold: The whole episode was exciting for me to watch. The "moment" was fun, but not really much more than the rest of it.

Bill: I've posted what happened with us afterwords. She was quite sore and I needed to take it easy.