Friday, July 3, 2009

Wife of Quiet Man’s Turn

QM is very busy with work nowadays.  So I am taking over trying to find a lover.  So I thought I would also write a post to give my view on things.

The Search:  Our meeting with STM was definitely exciting.  But finding someone for long term and local is becoming a bit of a challenge.  We’ve scared some away, had a dud, and a no show.  Not much to show for about 2 months of looking.

We have a couple of prospects that we have pics of and are emailing to see if there is any type of connection.  We shall see, maybe even this weekend.


Confessor X said...

I love that you're taking the steps needed, not only looking for a lover but for the blog.

*muah* good luck with your search sweetie.

Quiet Man said...

Thank you. Sorry it took so long to respond back. I really appreciate your support. :)