Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z - Epilogue

Friday we talk about the events of the previous night often.  There are lots of double entendres and we have fun with it.  We are both very happy.

Saturday, we go site seeing around the city.  I try to not discuss STM or this lifestyle much.  This is a romantic weekend away for us and we use the time to connect like any other married couple.  (Although we do occasionally check our email and AFF and AM accounts.)  We have a great time and serendipity smiles on us Sunday.  Through a lucky break, we get to extend our vacation a few more hours before we head home.  We take advantage of our luck and go to a nearby city and have a good time and a great late lunch.

This week we’ve been exchanging emails with several guys from AFF and AM and I’ll have to tell you about the potential new Mr.s sometime.


Anonymous said...

Glad that things worked out so well for you and your wife. Sounds like you had fun and that there will much more fun in the near future.

Quiet Man said...

Anon - Thanks for being supportive. We will definitely have more fun in the future. We'll let you know how it happens.