Friday, May 21, 2010

Our First House Party - Part 2 of 2

So after being rejected by Single Newbie Girl, and Mrs. 2, I was ready to go.  I hoped that my annoyance was perceived as drowsiness.  The only good thing was Wife and Mr. 3 were still in the room!  And I know that at least a few people took notice.  I was done in the pool and got dressed.  As I was finishing, Wife came out and she got dressed too.  Nearly 2 hours after they started, Wife and Mr. 3 rejoined the party.  Everyone that was left took notice when they returned.

We were ready to go and started making our goodbyes.  But, Mrs. 2 and Single Newbie Girl had gotten in the hot tub with several other people.  Mrs. 2 cajoled me to join them.  Wife said we could stay and urged me to get in.  So I stripped down in front of them and got in.  Single Newbie Girl was finally out of the one spot where she spent the whole night.  And she was actually in the water, albeit in a bathing suit, but in the water.  They made room between them (actually Mrs. 2 moved closer to an old guy (which both seemed to like) while Single Newbie Girl stayed put even though there was no one on the other side of her).  Over the next half hour I slowly proceed to caress Single Newbie Girl, very, very slowly.  But she lets me.  I ask if she’s ok and she is.  I touch her legs gently, her arms, her hand and slip my hand behind her back.  She’s enjoying it and so am I.

Mrs. 2 (and some others) get out of the hot tub.  She asks Single Newbie Girl if she is OK and she is.  A few minutes later, I want to kiss her.  I don’t ask but pull her close, a couple of inches separating our faces, and look into her eyes.  And she bolts.  Out of the hot tub and inside to change.  I guess I was showing no signs of stoppin, and my eyes were a poppin.  Since she wanted ta blow, let her go, let her go, let her go.  I had progressively gotten braver and braver.  Maybe she left because if she didn’t, she would regret it (though I (probably) wouldn’t have pressed much further since she is new).  Maybe she left because she felt I was pressuring her, taking advantage when I shouldn’t.  Maybe it was because I have a tendency to give out a low, guttural mmmmrrrrrrhhhhh when I’m really turned on.  Usually it has a very positive effect on women, but given my sleepiness and inebriation I may have over did it.  Alright, I know I over did it.  And maybe that came across as “This guy is growling at me!”  In any case, I got out of the hot tub to dry off.  Our towels were inside now and I had to stand naked for all to see while Wife retrieved a towel.  Nobody minded, not even me.

Mrs. 2 was in the pool so I slipped in to say goodbye.  She flirted with me and I slipped over next to her to hug her.  She slips away and I pursue.  She has me right where she wants me.  I catch her and don’t let her loose, I hug her to say goodbye and kiss her.  Single Newbie Girl left, and I was too focused on Mrs. 2 to say goodbye (and sorry, if I needed to) or even notice her leaving.  What must she have thought - he tried to kiss me now he’s pursuing her.  He didn’t want to kiss me, he wanted to kiss someone, anyone.  Yeah, I might have come off as a horny, desperate, preying bastard that growls.  Not my finest hour.

Now there was a small consolation, Mrs. 3 came over and hugged me goodbye while I was nude just about to slip back in the pool.  Maybe she was just being polite because she knew us, or maybe there is some attraction there (I hope so).  We shall see.  I didn’t make the mmmrrrrhhhh sound.

For what it’s worth, Wife has granted me permission to play alone with Mrs. 2.  Also, she has said at parties I can play without her and she is open to separate room swapping, though I’m not allowed to swing without her except for with Mrs. 2 (for now!).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our First House Party - Part 1 of 2

Last night we went to our first house party.  We were lucky to find great group, laid back, not pushy.  Mrs. 2 had her male friend she sees occasionally put in a good word for us and the next day we were invited to the party.  It turns out we were invited anyway, the host came across our profile, liked what he saw and invited us before he heard from Mrs. 2’s male friend.  Who knew our prose could be so convincing?

On our way over, we discussed our rules.  They evolve as we go through this journey.  We agreed we were there as a couple, not a foursome with Couple 2, not as individuals.  We are not going to feel we need to stick with Couple 2.  We will meet other couples and so will they.  If we all agree to play with Couple 2, that’s good.  If we or they play with other couples, that’s OK too.  Also, we are not looking for singles.  If we play, we will play as a couple together with a couple.

Everyone was very friendly and welcomed us - the hosts and guests alike.  There were around 15 to 20 couples, and a few singles, from 20’s to 60’s, though most were in their 30’s and 40’s.  We had fun with fun people.

This was a pool party with a heated pool and a hot tub.  The party started like any other with drinks and snacks.  Just some, not all, of the guests had a little less on.  The real fun started about an hour later when we got in the pool.  Mrs. 2, me, and her male friend played in the pool.  She had a cock in each hand.  After 10 to 15 minutes Wife joins us.  Each guy concentrating on half of each woman.  Then more and more it was me with Mrs. 2 and Wife with male friend.  Turns out he is part of a couple, Couple 3, whom we had met briefly before.  So Mr. 3 and Wife are playing in the pool.  Nothing serious, just touching as we swam naked.  After awhile we all got out, next thing we know, Mrs. 2 and Mr. 3 are back in the pool making out, arms and legs around each other and kissing madly.  Looks like they are going to play.  Wife is disappointed.  Husband is too, lol.

So Wife convinces Mr. 2 to finally strip down and get in the pool.  Wife started to get in the pool and suddenly she and Mr. 3 are talking and within 2 minutes are headed to a private room.  Poor Mr. 2.  I felt bad for him, but let’s face it, he’s no Mr. 3 now is he?  Wife did too, but not too much though.  Mrs. 2 paid attention to Mr. 2.  Later Wife talked to him.  He really seemed to enjoy other men pleasuring the women he has been with, definitely some cuckold tendencies there.

Wife is enjoying the charms of Mr. 3.  I guess the play together rule is out the window.  Mrs. 2 is in the pool with Mr. 2.  I look around for a new venue.  I occupy my time with the hot, single female that is new to all of this.  This is her very first experience.  Single Newbie Girl is intrigued but not ready to participate.  She knows early in the night that I’m interested in her.  As the night goes on, she flirts with me more and more.  I’m not going to get to play with her tonight, but maybe a kiss.

Earlier, when playing alone in the pool with Mrs. 2, she asked who I liked and I told her I’d like to kiss Single Newbie Girl.  She told me I should.  They work together and she could tell she was interested in me.

I was talking to her, standing in just a towel.  She was enjoying all the slightly risqué action going on.  The time was right.  I move closer, look in her eyes and tell her “I want to kiss you.”  She’s new, I don’t want to push too hard.  If I had just kissed her, she may have panicked and abandoned swinging.  She wasn’t ready yet.  So we separate, give her some space.  My ego wasn’t hurt in the least.  She’s going to kiss me someday.  Just not today.  Or maybe, just not yet, today.

Wife and Mr. 3 have been gone about a half hour.  I go to peek on them, but they are in a private room with the door closed.  I’m very pleased that she is getting pleased so well.

I decide to tryout the hot tub.  It’s hot, but not so hot you can’t slip right in.  A woman and a man (from different couples) are already in there.  They are just chatting and I join the conversation.  More people come and go with (almost) no play going on.  It’s a good, pleasant party.  Same as any other party, just less clothing.

So Wife and Mr. 3 have been in there for approaching 90 minutes!  I go check on them, with an ulterior motive.  They are still in the closed room.  I find Mrs. 2 in the hall and ask her to join me in another room.  She says “I have to join Mr. 2.”, giving me the impression that she is worried he is not having a good time.  Ok, that’s fine and I step into the bathroom.  I come out less than a minute later and the door to the other room is closed and I think ‘Glad I asked when I did cause now the only place left was the open room.’  Anyway, no hard feelings.

It was a terrific party.  We stayed 4 hours longer than our intended leaving time because we were having so much fun.  Wife enjoyed herself with Mr.3 for almost 2 hours!  I’m very proud of her.  I didn’t get to play.  Even so, we had a great evening.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Night at a Show

After our night at the hotel, we planned a night out at a show with Couple 2.  We had a table that was the second row in from the back.  There was a table directly behind us and standing room behind that.  It was a fairly open location.  In front of us was a table full of drunken women.  They were quite entertaining.  Mr. 2 was interested in one of them.

We sat in a row, Mr. 2, Mrs. 2, Wife, QM.  I’m feeling frisky and have my hands on Wife’s legs, back and ass.  After a half hour or so, I ask the ladies to switch places.  They agreed right away.  I continued with my hands, but this time I’m on Mrs. 2 instead of Wife.  I’m sure the people behind us at the table and many standing were amused.  Later one of the chicks in front of us did a drunken double take and her brain had a hard time with the swap.  She stared for 10 seconds before her jaw dropped and then a huge smile came across her face.  It was so much fun having people know we swapped.

At one point the ladies went to the restroom and Mr. 2 and I stayed at the table.  A woman came up and stood next to me.  Since we were so close to the standing room area, this was not uncommon.  She laughed at what was happening on stage and later pointed and said did you see that.  Oblivious me didn’t know she was flirting.  I chatted back a bit then leaned over to talk to Mr. 2.  She kept talking to me sporadically and I would respond while I also held a conversation with Mr. 2.  One time I turned back and she was gone.  A second later the ladies sat back down.  It FINALLY hit me.  Later when I looked around I see she is at the table behind us.  She must have seen everything and figured she wanted some of that too.  Too bad she felt she had to sneak in when our women were gone.  She had a better chance of us welcoming her to join all of us than to steal me away.

After the show was over and the place began to clear, we sat and talked.  I caught the eye of a woman in a pink top, young and pretty, or maybe she caught my eye.  She was standing behind us and I had my hand down the back of Mrs. 2’s pants up to my thumb which she had to see.  We exchanged glances a few times, but I figured it would be rude to Mrs. 2 to go say hi.  Though I did think she would be a great way to use my good boy present.  So a few minutes later, she is standing next to us, which is strange now because the place had cleared out.  Then she bent down like she dropped something and comes up practically on the table.  I get a good look down her shirt.  She was more than interested.  I was dumbstruck.  I just looked at her tits.  Then she was gone.  Odd thing is Wife and Mrs. 2 never even noticed her (not sure about Mr. 2, though I don’t see how he could have missed it).  When I told the ladies about it, Mrs. 2 said I should have asked for her number!  If only I had known.

As we left, I saw both women with other guys they had found.  One smiled at me and one didn’t.  We ended the night in the parking lot.  No place to go and get comfortable (no time too).  We need to find a place to play without worrying relatives might find us.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hotel Dinner and Date

So what have we been up to with Couple 2.  We’ve seen them several more times and played once more.  We’ve gone out to places where family and friends were present, mostly only able to get quick, stolen touches and innocent hugs at as we left.  Definitely got us all worked up.

A couple weeks later we met again, this time at a hotel.  We fixed dinner in the hotel’s outdoor courtyard - steaks on a portable gas grill.  It smelled delicious and I’m sure several of the other guests wished they were joining us.  It did attract attention our way.  Wonder if anyone picked up on the fact that the couples at one point in the evening swapped partners?

Anyway, I overcooked the steaks.  They all ended up medium well.  Mrs. 2 loved them, everyone else thought they were good but would have liked a bit more red.  Still it was good and more importantly, it was fun.

After dinner we went to the hot tub.  We sat close to each other: Mr. 2, Wife, Mrs. 2, QM.  The touching begins and soon we go back to room and the clothes come off.  Mr. 2 & Wife took the bed, and Mrs. 2 & I took the couch.  Later all 4 of us were in the bed.  We enjoyed our play and this time Wife kissed a girl!

Now I need to admit that jealousy reared its ugly head for the first time in our adventures.  But not how you might think.  Mrs. 2 made the remark a few days before we met at the hotel that it’s a shame to leave after a few hours not use the hotel room all night long.  We couldn’t because we each have relatives/children living with us that shouldn’t be home alone all night (or more honestly shouldn’t find out we stayed out all night).  But each of us could have one person come home and be able to explain the other’s absence.  So Mrs. 2 asked Wife to spend the night at the hotel with her!  Wife didn’t say yes, but didn’t say no either!  She was considering it.  That was hot!

So jealousy, how did that creep in?  See I was jealous, no, more accurately envious, that she was able to spend an entire night with a lover.  There is nothing like having a hot session of sex, drifting off to sleep, waking your partner with erotic touches and having another session, over and over all night long.  And being with someone new makes it even hotter.  She has had permission for awhile and even tried to arrange it with BD a few weeks earlier.  Now she might get to do it.  And I wished I could.

The reason Wife wouldn’t commit (or at least the reason she told me) was that she had to work early the next morning.  However what she didn’t tell me was she and Mrs. 2 were looking for one or two women to spend the night with me!  As a gift for being such a good boy.  I guess I had no reason to be envious.

Turns out finding even one hot woman to sleep with a guy she hasn’t met is as hard as it sounds.  Of course, Mrs. 2 volunteered herself immediately, but Wife wanted someone (or ones) that we would not interact with again.  No chance to get too attached, I guess.  A few of Mrs. 2’s friends were up for it after seeing my picture and taking Mrs. 2’s word that I wasn’t a creep, but they couldn’t get free that night.  Others wanted to meet me first.  So instead of getting to spend the night with a strange woman or two, I got told about it.  Now I have a gift from Wife.  I have one night that I can spend with one (or two) women and do everything I want, whenever I choose.  There are some stipulations on who it can be; it can’t be anyone that we will see socially (including for play) or professionally.  I’m holding on to it for now.  I think picking up someone for a one night stand may be the best bet.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Update May 15, 2010

A reader wrote to me to ask how everything was going and to say he hoped for more posts for he and his girlfriend to read.  I thought my answer might make a good, well really an OK, post.

Just busy.  Mainly.  So far we haven't done anything with any new guys (or couples).  But tonight we are going to a party.  Our first.  Maybe we'll get lucky.

Is your girlfriend a hotwife?  Does she want to be?   I love hearing that women read the blog.  I would love to see her with a big cock in her while you watched.  My wife loves it!  Not super active as you can see, but she makes them count.

I am thinking about broadcasting our next adventure with a new lover.  Chatted with a guy this morning that really wants her.  And not only that he me to help him.  I must say it was quite exciting hear what he wanted me to do.  He turned on his webcam and he is handsome and Hung!  In a couple of weeks I might broadcast what we do with him.  I'd like to capture it on video then post it.  I'll have to see if I can do that with the webcam.  What do you think?

Should I broadcast on AFF (also called and or is there another site that's better?  I would like a site where everyone can chat while it's going on and I can save it for later.  AFF lets you group chat while broadcasting but not save it or even scroll back more than a few messages.  Maybe I'll just post it here and let you comment here.

By the way, no one has found my AFF account and sent me a message.  I really thought this group would find me.  So here's a more direct hint: ImTheQuietMan in Dodge.

So let me know your thoughts and check out my AFF profile.