Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z Part 1

It’s Saturday morning.  Wife is sleeping and I’m sure most of you are as I start to write about our adventure of just 36 hours ago.

We got out of the house early.  We were anxious to meet Mr. Z, and our meeting was planned at a restaurant near the hotel at 8.  We thought a couple (but not too many) drinks would be in order.  After that we would go to the hotel and see what happens.  It by no means was a sure thing from our perspective.

So we hurried and got out early.  Before we left we suggested to Mr. Z that we move the meeting up to say 6 if we get there early enough.  He said OK.  Then we get a text that he wouldn’t have his cell phone after 15 minutes.  WTF!  That is the number that we had always used to talked and text to him.  Now, as we are about to meet, he gives us his work number.  The area code doesn’t match and not just a little off.  The online reverse lookup is not working completely, but it does tell us it’s a land line from a thousand miles away.  So this was almost enough to scare us off.  Finally I figure out that his company is using voice over IP and he probably isn’t a thousand miles away.  We end up deciding that he probably is just as he has told us.

We get to the hotel and check in.  It’s a nice upscale, but not overly pretentious hotel chain.  After we settle in to our 2 room suite with a king size bed, we head downstairs for the complementary happy hour.  As we enjoy a couple of drinks each, there is much talk about what might happen, about the hot black guy with a beard near us, and about our upcoming trip.  I barely notice a couple sitting fairly close to us.  She’s got short hair and he has stylish dreadlocks.  I’m much too distracted by the evening’s possibilities to really take much notice of them.  As I go to the bar (it’s a counter actually, but that doesn’t bother me here - maybe that’s because it has a granite surface) the woman smiles at Wife.  When I get back she tells me and I realize the guy is a woman with braids and beads.  Later she also smiles at Wife.  They are so obviously lesbian.  It’s hard to believe I missed it.  Suddenly Wife’s options have increased.  Lol.  While Wife isn’t opposed to a little bi action, they weren’t her type.

We head out to the restaurant …

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