Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ketchup July 8, 2009

Hi.  It’s been awhile.  Wife has taken up the reigns on finding a lover and writing the blog.  She has found out that it is a lot of work, and has found the time to only perform the highest priority tasks, which, of course, are the actual searching rather than the writing.

She’s been corresponding with several guys on AM, AFF and email.  She has texted and talked on the phone with one man that we are getting close to meeting.  In fact we had a date set up for last Saturday, but we had to move it to Sunday.  On Sunday, he got called out of town.  We (meaning Wife and he) are working on setting another date.

He is a discreet man, but can be aggressive once given the go ahead.  He’s smart and a good conversationalist (so I’ve heard from Wife).  I think he may work out to be Wife’s lover, but since we don’t have a firm date set up with him, I’m hesitant to assign him a letter yet.

There are several others that we (Wife) would consider meeting (and maybe more) if this one doesn’t work out.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Lastly, tonight we are going to dinner with Firecracker.  I always enjoy going out with her.  Will anything exciting happen?  Probably not, there will be other family members there.  Still it’s always fun.


Sexy PTA Mom said...

Good luck, and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog few weeks ago and love your writing!!

As far as finding a lover for wife, you both discussed that option (stated 3.8.09.). You say she enjoyed that discussion immensely. You also mention that you are smart, good looding etc.

I guess am still curious as to why you want a lover for her. I think that it's YOU that wants to watch etc. Otherwise, you would be swingers and share couples..

Sounds like it YOUR fantasy and wife is going along for the ride.

Am I right???? Great job in writing and keeping us entertained!!

Quiet Man said...

Sexy PTA Mom and Anonymous, Thanks for your comments. I love getting feedback.

Sexy (Can I call you Sexy? I feel like we've come far enough to be on a more casual basis, since I've seen your hoohoo and all. :) ), You definitely are sexy! I only got to read your first and last posts, but OMG! They are great, and you are so giving. :) Oh and I did happen to see some pics along the way. Mmmmmmmrrrrrhhhh!!!!!

Anon, I liked your comment. It actually had me thinking about how to respond at 4 in the morning. Thanks.

It was so fitting that you both commented to this post, and only you two. Look for my next post. It will feature that fact.

Anonymous said...

OK thanks for commenting back!! Can't wait......