Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Ever Happened to Mr. D?

I realize that we never let you know what has happened with Mr. D.  Where we left off, he and Wife were texting and emailing on a pretty regular basis, and he was eager to meet us, both of us.  The idea of pleasing my wife while I watched (or even participated) was a big turn on for him.  He’s a couple years older than us and divorced.  We got the impression that he didn’t have much opportunity for sex and this fantasy was very exciting for him.

He lives about an hour from us, so we suggested a meeting for dinner about half way between.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it the day we suggested and we couldn’t make it for awhile any other night.  Finally we were all available on Wednesday night, June 17.

The necessary communication between Wife and Mr. D trying to set up our first meeting was not all that sexual.  As they went back and forth trying to find an available time, it seems that he gradually began to realize that this may really happen, and that maybe it wouldn’t live up to his fantasy.  I’m guessing at this but you could sense something was different from the tone of his emails.  He was slower to respond and less excited.

Anyway, we finally agreed to meet on a Wednesday night for dinner.  On Sunday I sent him an email to confirm the time and place along with some tips on some of the things Wife likes while flirting and a reminder of our expectations (must be non smoker, D&D free, first meeting there will be no sex, condom use, etc.).  With the exception of the pointers on how to turn my wife on, there was nothing we hadn’t said to him before, but he replied that we have “WAY TOO MANY RULES” and called it off.

Maybe we do have too many rules, but we state them in all the ads we have posted.  None of this should be a surprise to any of the men that respond.  We also sprinkle them throughout our emails with them to make sure there are no surprises.

We thought about softening the rules, but if Wife is going to let your cock into her pussy, she deserves to say what she wants.  We made the mistake of not having STM confirm that he is a non smoker, and that was the one negative from our encounter with him.  In fact, that may have been the one thing that kept him from being invited to spend the entire night.  So we might be too picky, but we’re not going to lower our standards.  I think the right man is out there.  Maybe it’s Mr. E.


PDXsubcuck said...

Arrrgghhhh....another guy that wants to tell the couple that their rules are too many or wrong or what ever. Kind of like the guys that respond to an ad requesting tall men, my wife likes men at least 6'0"..."I'm tall 5'4" but I am sure your wife will love me." They want a blonde or what ever and would not bend on that but your rules aren't really them!

He was all of sudden aware that it might happen and he was in a panic. He wanted it as a fantasy not as something that would really happen. I can understand that but if you really only want it as a fantasy you don't really need to drag a couple or a woman into it and waste their time.

Only change your rules when you want to, as he made it clear he is unwilling to change his rules, even the ones he did not tell anyone about.

I also get a bit bugged by people telling me why I do something and isn't it a shame that I force my wife into it or I'm really gay.

I don't understand all the reasons we do this, I don't think my wife understands all the reasons she enjoys it but she does and so do I. If you knew my wife you would know that there is NO way I could force her into this. She isn't built that way and I don't work that way. If she didn't enjoy it I would not enjoy it. The times I was worried that she was doing out of a sense of obigation to the guy or to me pretty much killed it for me. She isn't that good of an actress to convince me that she really wants to go to bed with a guy that she doesn't really want to go bed with.

We have been playing on and off for twenty-two years and our playing has changed. I am sure it will keep changing as time goes on. However it does have to be fun for both of us, when it isn't fun for the both of us is when it will end.

Good luck on your search and have fun. Don't let the twits get you down!

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a clown...All that talking for nothing. He should have said something upfront and yes your wife needs rules, so FK him......

This is anon = female....LOL

Quiet Man said...

PDXsubcuck & Anon: Thanks for the encouragement. When you get a reaction like that from someone that in the past has seemed rational, it makes you consider their point of view. But our rules are pretty lenient so I don't know what his problem is. And I don't care.

I must say the biggest reason I like this is the pleasure it brings Wife. Wife wasn't as vocal as the wife in my next post, but my favorite picture of Wife with STM is one with a blissful expression on her face. It makes me feel good that I could give that to her.