Saturday, April 18, 2009

Traveling Man’s Fantasy

I have this fantasy. It was inspired by the phone call that DH got from his wife and by emails from readers. I dedicate it to a friend that is traveling right now.

A man suspects that his wife is having affairs. He has suspected for some time. The thing is it’s not hurting their marriage. She is always there for him and for her social responsibilities. Just now, she is happier and more energetic – in the bedroom and out.

When it began years ago, the husband suspected that she was going out on dates. You know, a full up affair. She may or may not have been having sex (but he suspects she was). Gradually she evolved her methods. She didn’t need the courting, the dining, the emotional attachment. What she needed was wild sex with another man (or two). Don’t get me wrong. She enjoyed the openly flirtatious innuendo, the suggestive text messages, the hidden smile or kiss. But that was just a prelude to some hot action.

The husband had long since realized that a happy wife is a horny wife and vice versa. Gradually the wife suspected that he suspected, but also that he enjoyed the fact that she was so wonton. She slowly stopped hiding everything. Her alibis were not air tight. She would “go out with a girl friend” only to find she called while she was out. Or she would go shopping for hours and return with nothing. She noted that her husband would never call her on these. He only smiled and was definitely hornier in bed on those days. Eventually, they had gotten to the point where she would just say she was going out for awhile with out any explanation. They both knew what that meant, but they still weren’t quite ready to discuss it openly.

Now the man is going away on a trip. He notices things in his wife that has his curiosity up; while she expresses the fact that she will miss him, she also seems excited; an increased interest in making sure she has electronic access to his itinerary and any changes; an unexplained receipt from a lingerie store. Is she planning on having an overnight guest?

On the second to last day of his trip, he sends her a series of texts. How’s ur day, I miss u, What ya do last night, Hope it was satisfying, etc. Then he sends her “Let’s have phone sex tonight. I’ll be at the hotel by 9. Call when u r ready.” A minute later he sends “And b sure t have ur favorite toy ready. I want to hear u cum while hes in u”.

After work, he grabs a meal and a few drinks. He makes sure he is in his room and ready by 8:45. He lays there waiting. He gets another drink from the minibar and selects a porno about MFM threesomes. And waits. 9:00 nothing. 9:23 still nothing. 9:38 nope. He thinks “She knows I’m sitting here naked and she’s making me wait. She is a thousand miles away and she is still such a tease.” Finally 9:52 he gets a text; “Ready?” He sends “YES!”

9:58 the phone rings. She’s breathing hard already. “Hi honey, I got started with out you.”
“Are you using your toy?”
“Yes, I have it in me right now. It feels soooo good.”
The husbands cock is rock hard. “I bet. Move the phone down so I can hear your toy fuck you.”
He listens as “the toy” slides in and out of his wife. He hears her moans. He also hears an occasional stray noise. Could that be the grunt or guttural uuhhhmmmm that her lover couldn’t hold back? The sloppy noises continue for what seams like forever. The wife’s moans are getting louder and louder (and so are those other stray noises). Finally the wife has lost all track of what is going on. The husband hears a slapping noise as well as a ungh ungh ungh in time with “the toy” sliding in and out. “Oh yes, Yes! Make me cum! Yes Yes Yes Yes OOOOOOOHHHHHhhhhhh OOHHHhhh OH OH OH OH OHOh Ohhh Ohhhh Oohhh Ohh god you’re the best.”

The husband starts to cum on that first long oh. A simultaneous orgasm from a thousand miles away. Later he thinks maybe all three came at the same time and that makes him smile.

“Honey, are you still there?”
“Sorry, I kind of got carried away with my toy.”
“I know. It sounded wonderful. I’m so glad you have that toy. You deserve anything that makes you feel that good.”
“Thanks Honey. Still coming home tomorrow?”
“Why? You want more time with your toy?”
“Ha. No, I just want to know.”
“Ok then. Yes, I’ll be home tomorrow.”
“Alright. See you then. Bye honey.”
“Bye, and I want to watch you fuck him.”

He hangs up the phone before she has a chance to reply.


Confessor X said...

I love this fantasy...this should be a mini series of yours, its that hot!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree it is hot! Thanks for sharing...

Quiet Man said...

Confessor X and rphil815, Thanks! I'll write more like this when we have a lull in our own true story.