Monday, May 4, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z Part 2

We head out to the restaurant and arrive a few minutes after 6.  We never were able to confirm with Mr. Z the new time.  He didn’t have his cell phone and his work number went to voice mail.  So we don’t know if he will be there when we get there or not until after 8.  He chose today to sell his phone!  We choose a booth in the bar area.

I sat on one side of the booth and Wife sat on the other.  We ordered a couple of beers and some chips and salsa as we waited.  It was obvious that we were married, and we had told the host and the waitress that we were meeting a man but didn’t know when he would arrive.  At one point a guy in a basketball uniform comes in.  I ask Wife if she wants to trade up.  :)

Mr. Z shows up about 6:50 and the first thing we both notice is that he is a smoker :(.  We were very clear that we were not interested in a smoker.  However, he’s a fun guy and the smoky aroma is light and soon fades.  We enjoyed a pleasant meal and a couple of drinks.  The conversation was light and fun.  We talked about where he has lived.  He grew up in Atlanta.  Where should we go if we visit, we asked.  I don’t know; go to parties; that’s where you will have fun, he said.

He said he was thinking about moving to another city a couple of hours from here.  He’s just bored where he lives now.  Not a lot going on.  We all discussed the pros and cons of various cities in the area.

We sat in the booth; me on one side and Wife and Mr. Z on the other.  He tells her how attractive she is.  Several times his hands made there way to my wife’s knee, then up a little to the inner thigh.  Not too far up, but far enough.

The conversation turned to tonight; what might happen when we get back to the hotel.  He had previously told Wife that he could stay all night if that’s what we wanted.  That sounded like fun, but we’d have to wait and see.  We talked about going to the jacuzzi either before or during a break.  Mr. Z didn’t bring a suit, claiming we didn’t tell him to (although later I checked the text messages and sure enough we did and he responded OK).

He’s tall, dark and hold on, he can only handle one adjective at a time.  Don’t get me wrong.  He’s a great guy, but he can only concentrate on one thought at a time.  If that one thought is pleasing my wife, I’m fine with that.  So Mr. Z is Single Track Mind (STM).  So STM is tall, dark and good looking.  Also, he is much younger than Wife; 13 years younger.  I wondered what everyone else in the restaurant was thinking about us.  I clearly was her husband and they were sitting close.

After we paid and were walking out, the waitress called for me.  I had left my credit card at the table.  So I had to take a few extra seconds going back to get it.  STM got to this car first, and let me tell you it was smokin’.  It is interesting to see what people drive.  I didn’t have any idea what he would be driving and we certainly weren’t driving anything but basic transportation.  I could see him driving a sedan or an SUV, maybe with a little flash or a kick ass stereo.  So anyway, when I say it was smokin’, I literally mean smoking.  It was a nineties POS and created its own cloud.  I told Wife that he must have just lit up a few smokes.  :)

Since we took longer to get to our car than STM, we missed a light that he made.  This light seemed to take 5 minutes.  So we didn’t see what happened next.  When we get back to hotel, there is a cop ahead of us in parking lot.  We didn’t think anything of it, but when we come around corner, guess where cop car is - behind STM’s Smokin’ POS.  What did he do?  Just exactly what did he smoke?  Is that the end of our fun for tonight?


Confessor X said...

...It was smokin! lol

All of these baby steps torwards a new lifestyle are a learning experience. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

Unknown said...
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Quiet Man said...

Confessor X: Glad you liked this installment. I think you'll like the next.

Unknown Commenter: Not sure why you removed your comment. I hope you come back soon and feel free to leave a comment.