Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ketchup - 6/7/09

Ketchup - 6/7/09
No time to write.  Even worse, no time to play.
We’ve both been very busy the last couple of weeks, and we’re busy again next weekend.  We haven’t arranged any more meetings.

We have not heard back from Mr. A.  He’s a gold member on AFF and has logged in as late as yesterday.  I don’t get it.  Why would you pay to be a gold member and spend time emailing if you don’t really want to meet anyone?

Mr. C has been conspicuously quiet.   He is on AM and he logged in 2 days ago, but didn’t answer our latest email.  Could be that he’s busy.  Or it could be because we asked if he is a smoker.  In his profile, he left that question blank.  We assumed that meant he was a smoker, so we asked.

Mr. D is another situation altogether.  We asked for his cell number and Wife has texted with him a few times.  He seems very eager. 

I started writing this post 4 days ago and got interrupted.  Now we have asked Mr. D if he would like to meet this Saturday for drinks.  We’ll let you know what he says.

Still haven’t heard from Mr. A or Mr. C and we don’t expect that we ever will.  So right now we’re down to just one Mr.  That’s about all we have time for.  If he doesn’t work out, we’ll start looking again.


sub hubby said...

We did try looking on AFF and places like that, but my Wife didn't like the experience. She met Her current lover through an introduction when She was out with Her workmates. Seems to have worked much better. Good luck.

Quiet Man said...

sub hubby - I think meeting someone in real life first would be great. That way you know there is chemistry there. But there are 2 problems for us: 1) were not open with our friends about our lifestyle, so they can't help us meet people and we can't do it in their presence. And 2) propositioning someone who has become your friend can lead to losing that friend. Even if they say yes and it works for awhile, it may not last. It is awkward and the friendship suffers. Then everyone wonders why two people that were such good friends never talk anymore.
Maybe if we ever come out this will work for us.
For now, I guess we'll have to keep trying the online sites.

PDXsubcuck said...

We have found a few guys on AFF but it is a job sorting out the dross. A lot of no shows and lot of posers and wanna-be's. Swinglifestyle seems to have a bit higher percentage of good-uns. We have found a few from posting comments on on line hotwife sites and places like that. We used to attend some swinger parties that allowed single men and that worked pretty good. Also she used to have a couple of girlfriends that were also into seeing other men and they did exchange some friends. Funny how hard it is to find a guy to fuck your wife much less be a lover to your wife. Good luck!

Quiet Man said...

PDXsubcuck - Thanks, that made me smile. Who would have thought it would have been so hard. We haven't tried swinglifestyle yet. On AFF we found a local swingers group that meets at random intervals in a public bar. It sounds as though sometimes they allow single men, but Wife isn't comfortable with idea yet. Maybe soon. Thanks for the suggestions and it's good to know someone whose been where I am.