Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why Would I Want My Wife to Have a Lover

Here’s a video I found in December or January.  By the time I got a chance to show it to my wife a couple weeks later, it was taken down.  I found it again, showed it to her and said this is how I want her to feel.  She liked it a lot and she was ready start actively looking for a lover (rather than waiting for the opportunity to come up again) with my help.

I feel this man loves his wife the way I love mine; completely, with out limits.  He’s happy, not necessarily horny, for her to enjoy herself.  I recently tried to find it again and got lucky.  It’s called “Cherrys 1st Interracial” and it is long (almost an hour).  Enjoy.


relevent married guy said...

Very hot video! I can see why you wanted to share with your sexy wife!

Anonymous said...

Where are you, starting to forget details of this blog without having to re-read certain posts.

Anonymous said...

Agree. At least say a quick good-bye or something to let us know.

Quiet Man said...

I know. I'm starting to forget it too. A lot has happened recently, just not in regards to this aspect of our lives. I was already busy, but now Wife is busy too. She's starting not one, but two new jobs, and keeping the old one. And we've had unexpected issues with family that are causing more stress and scheduling problems.

Wife is away again for a few weeks. She has been communicating with Mr. E but we've had to take things slow. Things are brewing there. I'll tell you all about it ... sometime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding and sorry to hear. Odd, most sex bloggers always go ghost for several months with family issues (odd I say). Wonder what's really going on.

Can you do a quick recap when you resume your blog? Thank you in advance!

PDXsubcuck said...

Family issues can cover a lot of things. For example I have had two head injuries this year (still recovering from the last one and I have other health issues), our son causes us problems at times as our daughter does too, our daughter has moved out to another family member in another state and that is helping her some but it still causes concern. My wife works a job that has changing shifts and her commute time is something she hates. Me being no longer able to work (bad back) does cause stress as in the money I used to bring in was enough that she had not worked for years. A couple of years ago her father was dying and her brother had stolen all of his money... That was long and drawn out and a lot of stress on her which means stress for all of us. So do we call all that "family issues" or go into details?

Quiet Man said...

Thanks for the response on "family issues". You did a better job than I would have. Hhm I guess that's another way another man has filled in for me. lol

I guess you've seen that I took your suggestion and did a recap. Thanks.