Thursday, April 30, 2009

We Met Mr. Z

Things didn't go exactly as planned, but we at least have a good story to tell. I'll tell you all about it as soon as I can.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is There a Mr. Z Yet?

As I said last week, we are going away for a weekend and decided to stay in a hotel Thursday night in another city.  We went on Craigslist for that city and found an intriguing ad.  He had pictures of his (large) cock, by itself and in action.  He said he would seduce my wife in front of me and then please her while I watched. 

So we sent him a long email describing ourselves and what we wanted.  It went on to say that we would be there only for the night of the 30th and that we would like to email for a week, text for a week and then talk on the phone the last week.

His reply, “Of course”.

Not sure about this.  I write 5 paragraphs and he comes up with 2 words.  We send him back an email and ask him to describe what he would do with Wife and we include 2 pics, one showing her laying on her stomach nude and one of a breast.  Nothing you could identify her by, but tantalizing.  He sent back a face pic (and another cock pic).  We’re learning not to ask him too many things at once.

Wife started off the flirting and it went back and forth for a few days.  He was pretty good at that once he got started.  But he never said anything about her pics.  Wife was starting to get annoyed.  She wanted to hear what he thought of them.  Finally we asked him, and he never saw them.  So we sent them again.  That made him want to talk on the phone.  It was still almost 2 weeks before we would be there and Wife was too nervous.  She wasn’t ready to talk yet.  We told him we would text the next week and phone him a few days later.  At this point I think he thought that we were some guy trying to get him to write some dirty lines cause he didn’t try to contact us for 6 days.

On Wednesday, 4/22/09, when we were ready, I sent him a face and body shot of Wife (fully clothed).  That got his interest up again, and he finally commented on the pictures – “You are stunning!”  That’s what she’d been waiting to hear.  That is when he finally became Mr. Z.  That night they started texting, and the texts got Wife pretty excited.  They continued this for several days.  He was explicit when he should be, but also respectful of Wife’s limits.

This afternoon, it was time for Wife to call him.  She was very nervous.  When we grew up, girls didn’t call boys to talk about going out (let alone setting up a hot fuck session :)).  I don’t really know if it’s different now, but she didn’t have any experience to help her.  I tried to give her some advice, keep her calm, and make sure she was comfortable (and a bit horny, which helped).  So she called him, and within a minute the awkwardness was (mostly) past.  (It was a cell to cell connection that wasn’t very good.  “I’m sorry, what did you say?” is not the most witty response to “I can’t wait to taste your pussy.”  But other than that it went very well.)

He did want to talk to me.  I think he just wanted to hear that there really were two of us.  (A thought popped into my head about having Wife lower her voice and say “This is QM.” just to hear his reaction.  Odd sense of humor, I know.)  So Thursday night is all set up.  We have our hotel reservations and we agreed on where to meet – a restaurant down the street from the hotel.  That way we can all meet and see that we are all like we said we are before we commit to – well you know.
So will Mr. Z become the lover that Wife takes?  In one sense, yes, assuming all goes well.  He will be her first.  But in a larger sense, no.  He will be a one night stand, or at best a once or twice a year stand. Lol.  Taking into account how far we have to drive and how far he has to drive, it totals about 150 miles.  That really isn’t practical for more than a few times a year.

So who will be the lover?  We’re working on that too!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ketchup – April 23, 2009

It’s been awhile since I posted. Five days. I think that is my longest dry spell yet. And even that post was a fantasy. So I haven’t shared anything about us in over a week. Must not have been anything to share. ;)

We did sign up for AM, AFF and another online site. As of today, we’ve had no luck on AM. Surprising, I thought that would bring out a, I don’t know, more sophisticated man. I think the fact that Wife did not hide that I know of her activities probably frightened off some. Wimps! :)

The unnamed site (AM and AFF are too big to fail, this one’s not, and you know my track record with endorsing sites, lol) has one interesting prospect, but he hasn’t been on since 2 days before we entered our profile. He would definitely find us if he did a search, and I think he would at least be interested. I guess we need to write to him. He lives about an hour away, but half way there are restaurants and hotels. What more do we need? :)

But we haven’t gotten around to that yet cause of all the activity on AFF. We put up a quick profile without much effort in it and got winks (and spanks), hotlisted and several emails. Then we went back and created a profile of which we can be proud (although our first one had more info than many others). This resulted in even more winks, hotlisting and emails. We are now seriously emailing with one guy, who we will probably meet, and started emailing with a couple of others.

(The AFF is a little confusing. We are standard members. I thought we would look around for a few days to see what it is like. Now I click on some things and it takes me to the order page. OK I guess I need to upgrade for that feature. That’s fine. But do I upgrade gold or silver? Nothing tells me what I can do as a standard member, as a silver member, or as a gold member (I think there are also VIP members). Usually at this point I just hit the back arrow and get back to the naughty bits. Yesterday, I finally went looking for a membership benefits or FAQ page. Couldn’t find one. So I thought, why upgrade? We’re getting more action than we can handle already. If they had just shown me a simple table listing what you can do for free, as a silver member and as a gold member, I would have already signed up for 3 months. I guess the marketing strategy is aimed at the single males.)

I guess at some point I am going to have to figure out how to tell everyone that we are not currently accepting resumes as we are in the process of interviewing candidates to fill the slut slot, but that should there be another opening we will update our profile and start looking again.

So the poll results were 3 for Craigslist, 2 for AM and 2 for AFF. After less than 2 weeks of data, we can reach some tentative conclusions. For us it looks like AFF is working out the best. I like that there is a form of feedback on the profiles. That probably means I’m going to have to figure out to which level we should upgrade. AM is not for couples and therefore probably won’t yield promising results. The unnamed site really only has the one prospect for us and we’ll see how that works out.

I haven’t said anything about Craigslist. I guess it’s been OK. It gave us Mr. X (a dud, but if he wrote to us today, we would go meet him), Mr. Y (nice guy, but the chemistry wasn’t there), and now Mr. Z.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Traveling Man’s Fantasy

I have this fantasy. It was inspired by the phone call that DH got from his wife and by emails from readers. I dedicate it to a friend that is traveling right now.

A man suspects that his wife is having affairs. He has suspected for some time. The thing is it’s not hurting their marriage. She is always there for him and for her social responsibilities. Just now, she is happier and more energetic – in the bedroom and out.

When it began years ago, the husband suspected that she was going out on dates. You know, a full up affair. She may or may not have been having sex (but he suspects she was). Gradually she evolved her methods. She didn’t need the courting, the dining, the emotional attachment. What she needed was wild sex with another man (or two). Don’t get me wrong. She enjoyed the openly flirtatious innuendo, the suggestive text messages, the hidden smile or kiss. But that was just a prelude to some hot action.

The husband had long since realized that a happy wife is a horny wife and vice versa. Gradually the wife suspected that he suspected, but also that he enjoyed the fact that she was so wonton. She slowly stopped hiding everything. Her alibis were not air tight. She would “go out with a girl friend” only to find she called while she was out. Or she would go shopping for hours and return with nothing. She noted that her husband would never call her on these. He only smiled and was definitely hornier in bed on those days. Eventually, they had gotten to the point where she would just say she was going out for awhile with out any explanation. They both knew what that meant, but they still weren’t quite ready to discuss it openly.

Now the man is going away on a trip. He notices things in his wife that has his curiosity up; while she expresses the fact that she will miss him, she also seems excited; an increased interest in making sure she has electronic access to his itinerary and any changes; an unexplained receipt from a lingerie store. Is she planning on having an overnight guest?

On the second to last day of his trip, he sends her a series of texts. How’s ur day, I miss u, What ya do last night, Hope it was satisfying, etc. Then he sends her “Let’s have phone sex tonight. I’ll be at the hotel by 9. Call when u r ready.” A minute later he sends “And b sure t have ur favorite toy ready. I want to hear u cum while hes in u”.

After work, he grabs a meal and a few drinks. He makes sure he is in his room and ready by 8:45. He lays there waiting. He gets another drink from the minibar and selects a porno about MFM threesomes. And waits. 9:00 nothing. 9:23 still nothing. 9:38 nope. He thinks “She knows I’m sitting here naked and she’s making me wait. She is a thousand miles away and she is still such a tease.” Finally 9:52 he gets a text; “Ready?” He sends “YES!”

9:58 the phone rings. She’s breathing hard already. “Hi honey, I got started with out you.”
“Are you using your toy?”
“Yes, I have it in me right now. It feels soooo good.”
The husbands cock is rock hard. “I bet. Move the phone down so I can hear your toy fuck you.”
He listens as “the toy” slides in and out of his wife. He hears her moans. He also hears an occasional stray noise. Could that be the grunt or guttural uuhhhmmmm that her lover couldn’t hold back? The sloppy noises continue for what seams like forever. The wife’s moans are getting louder and louder (and so are those other stray noises). Finally the wife has lost all track of what is going on. The husband hears a slapping noise as well as a ungh ungh ungh in time with “the toy” sliding in and out. “Oh yes, Yes! Make me cum! Yes Yes Yes Yes OOOOOOOHHHHHhhhhhh OOHHHhhh OH OH OH OH OHOh Ohhh Ohhhh Oohhh Ohh god you’re the best.”

The husband starts to cum on that first long oh. A simultaneous orgasm from a thousand miles away. Later he thinks maybe all three came at the same time and that makes him smile.

“Honey, are you still there?”
“Sorry, I kind of got carried away with my toy.”
“I know. It sounded wonderful. I’m so glad you have that toy. You deserve anything that makes you feel that good.”
“Thanks Honey. Still coming home tomorrow?”
“Why? You want more time with your toy?”
“Ha. No, I just want to know.”
“Ok then. Yes, I’ll be home tomorrow.”
“Alright. See you then. Bye honey.”
“Bye, and I want to watch you fuck him.”

He hangs up the phone before she has a chance to reply.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking for Mr. Z

After meeting with Mr. Y, we started looking for someone that is more likely to get Wife going.  This can be hard to find in a long term friendship.  So maybe we don't look for a long term type of thing right now.

We are headed away for a 3 day weekend May 1st - 3rd.  We are driving to the city with the big airport the night before and staying at a hotel, and decided to have some fun.  We looked on Craigslist (I know, 2 strikes already, I've got to get off my ass and sign up for AM and AFF, oh still 3 way tie, I like that) for that city, and found a guy looking for a couple like us.  You know, one where he can fuck the wife :).  He stated that he would seduce my wife in front of me.  That confidence was a big selling point.  Anyway, we've started emailing and exchanging pics.  I wouldn't call him Mr. Z yet, but he's close.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. Y The First Meeting Part 4

So I asked Wife what did she think, and she said “I don’t know.” That pretty much sums it up. A woman knows if she wants a guy. If she doesn’t know, then she doesn’t.

I felt the same way. Mr. Y is a very nice guy and very likeable, but something was missing. The chemistry wasn’t there.

My uncertainties were first triggered by the face pic we found of him online. He looked like a nice guy, but I don’t know. Wife liked his pic and that was all that mattered. I didn’t tell her my thoughts. Then there was his choice of venue. That wasn’t an appropriate place & I had suggested a place 10 minutes down the road that would have been much better (with lots of eye candy for me!). Finally, when I talked to him on the phone for the first time when he was late, the voice I heard was friendly, like a friend. Is he going to be able to flirt with my wife? I didn’t mention any of this to Wife, she hadn’t heard him yet. I tried not to let these uncertainties influence our meeting. (Wife knows me pretty well and had no idea I had any uncertainties.) I gave him every opportunity. People can surprise you.

When we meet, we hit it off well. Like I said he is a nice, fun guy. It was going pretty well. (See, I told you I gave him a chance.) When we went to the second place, we thought he would start flirting, but he never did. Shit I even flirted with a woman at the bar who was with a guy and with the bar maid even though I was trying to be on my best behavior. This was Wife’s night for fun, not mine. (Sorry Wife, it’s who I am and you wouldn’t like me any other way.) To be fair though the bar maid flirted with me and I was just merely pleasant (until I gave her that look that made her wet when we left, oops). My point is there was plenty of flirting going on around us. This was the place for it. Go ahead say something provocative. Nice is good, but put a little edge on it.

While she was in the bathroom just before we left, he told me that Wife is beautiful. I said something like Yeah. But he continued with “She really is.” I’m thinking: What the hell am I supposed to say to that? And why aren’t you telling her? I thought maybe he had when I was away, but Wife tells me he didn’t.

So maybe I didn’t give them enough alone time, but I don’t think so. I’ll be sure not to make that mistake the next time we meet someone.

Still the night wasn’t a bust. We got to use our hand signals (but we need to work on them a little). Wife is not nervous to meet someone now, and I’m more comfortable too. She’s beginning to realize that men do find her attractive. We had fun and got some info on swinging. Also it was very exciting.

On the way home we decide that we don’t want to go to a club, we’ve had enough excitement for one night. At home, I take her in my arms and finish what I started in the morning. She told me she started off thinking about having both the guys shooting darts, but at the end, she couldn’t think of anything. It was one of the best she’s ever had.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr. Y The First Meeting Part 3

The three of us chat for a few minutes and I suggest he go to the bar counter for a drink (I shake my head every time I write that). Wife & I talk in his absence. He is a nice guy and very likeable. She’s not nervous (much) anymore. When he gets back we agree that this isn’t the right place for this type of meeting, and agree that we will go to another place, a sports bar, when we finish our drinks. Our conversation is pleasant, light and comfortable. During the course of the evening, he answers most of our questions without us even asking. Either the conversation naturally goes there or he volunteers the info.

We leave for the sports bar (Unfortunate event 6). None of us really know this area and we rely on the GPS to find us an appropriate place. The sports bar is right across the highway; convenient. We find out that is in a motel, not just on the property. We were expecting a sports bar, not a motel bar. But it has a real bar and the atmosphere is appropriate for talk about sex. We grab a table where we can get close. It’s about to get good :).

I get us drinks, two Mich Ultras for them and a Sam Adams White Ale for me (It was gooooood. I could have had a few more of these.) We sit and chat until 10:30. We all feel quite at ease with one another, which seems a little odd considering some of the topics of conversation. We had a great time. And I didn’t even flirt with anyone else (much).

At one point, two guys came over to play darts near us. Let’s just say they were a tad younger than us, and they were attractive. One was muscular, more muscular than me, but not huge. The other looked Jamaican with neatly manicured dreadlocks down to his waist. I thought I’d like to see Wife with one of them. We watched their game and continued to chat with Mr. Y.

We had a fun evening. This was supposed to be a short meeting and we already went well past the time limit. So we thanked Mr. Y for a great time and excused ourselves.

On the way to the car, I took Wife in my arms and kissed her. I asked what she thought, and she said …

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mr. Y The First Meeting Part 2

Oh What a Night! The nerves, the excitement, the anticipation.
Let me tell you it was … But I’m getting ahead of myself.

As I said we left a few minutes late. Mr. Y had suggested a place in the next city over from us. It’s in a nice part of town with many hotels, and the place is part of the Hilton complex. (Don’t read anything into the fact that it was at a hotel. That area is a tourist area and many restaurants and bars are on hotel property.) We’re coming from the north and will take us about 30 minutes. Mr. Y is coming from the south and will take him about 45 minutes. So we’ll probably get there in time to have a drink to calm the nerves a bit before he gets there.

On our way there we hit the first in a series of almost insignificant but unfortunate events. Nothing that would spoil the evening, thankfully. I’ve been to the Hilton. It is very nice, and I know where it is. Still I put the meeting place in the GPS just to be sure. As I’m driving down the street, I see the Hilton up ahead, but the GPS is telling me the place is farther. That’s when I realized he said it was part of the Holiday Inn complex, not the Hilton. Now I’m a little anxious about the venue. The Holiday Inn is no Hilton. I don’t mention it to Wife.

We pull into the Holiday Inn and park. We find our way to the place. It’s not attached to the hotel, but it is obviously meant mainly for the guests. It is much more casual than we had expected, and there are no tables available. That’s ok. We go up to the bar, except it’s not a bar. It’s a counter where you order drinks; no stools - unfortunate event number 2. I order an AmberBock and Wife gets a whiskey sour. Half way through filling my glass the keg blows. Ok, I’ll have a Shock Top. We find our way to a secluded area and find 3 chairs.

Drinks in hand, we sit down and chat. Surprisingly I’m not nervous. The Shock Top tastes good and goes down smooth. Wife seems (mostly) calm too. Every few minutes I get up a check for Mr. Y, since he is unlikely to find us easily in our secluded area. If he left when he said he would, he should be here, but it is still 15 minutes before our stated start time of 8:00. We finish the first round and I go get another. The keg’s been replaced and I get my AmberBock. (The Shock Top was better, but I’m driving and the darker beer is better if it warms since I have to drink it slow.) Unfortunately (number 3) Wife spills a little of her drink on her satin shirt and it stains.

Unfortunate event number 4: It’s karaoke night. Not only that, this is a family place and it seems that it is teen karaoke night. Really it was a mix of adults and kids performing. Some of the performers are good, a few quite good, but many, many more were not. They weren’t drunk enough to be up there and we weren’t drunk enough to listen to them.

Quarter after 8 and no Mr. Y. We discuss going to a club if we are stood up. I call him and find that there was an accident on the bridge into town from his direction. (Number 5). But he is past it and will be here in 5 to 10 minutes. Wife makes her way to the bar counter for another, I’m still nursing mine. On her way back, she walks right past him. Did she know it was him? I don’t know. I snicker. I know it’s mean, but I let him approach a few couples that vaguely match our description. After a couple of minutes, I call him over. …

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mr. Y The First Meeting Part 1

Wife woke up early yesterday. She usually gets up after me, but yesterday she needed to get to work early. I had the day off and could have slept in. Wife wanted something though. She cuddled up next to me; my hands automatically start to caress her. Is she up early cause she can’t sleep? Why could that be?

We touch and kiss for awhile. It was so comfortable. I almost fall back to sleep. She takes my hand and moves it to her breast; the breast I had stopped gently squeezing. I resumed my caressing and increased to the level of teasing. In my groggy state, I realize I should stop. Tonight is the first meeting with Mr. Y, and I don’t want to dull the edge. I back off some.

She doesn’t. Instead she gets up and gets her toy; another strange behavior. I usually get the toy or tell her to. She doesn’t take initiative. However, I don’t let her use it. She turns it on and lays it between her legs, but that is all. Now I feel mischievous. If she’s going to use her toy to get herself all worked up, I might as well help her out. My hand finds its way down to her toy. I remember reading about a man describing touching a woman (his wife? I don’t know) while another man is enjoying her pussy. It occurs to me that that would be very exciting. Then it occurs to me that soon I may be doing just that.

I’m awake now and aroused. My hand plays with her lips, but stays outside. Pressure and movement; it must be devastatingly wonderful. The vibe from the toy is helping too. Wife is all worked up with no place to go. I stop moving to try to ease her back down. We hold each other for a long time. Finally, Wife gets up to get ready for work.

During the day I send Wife a series of texts that keeps her on the edge. I’m so bad, but she loves it.

Wife doesn’t get home until nearly 6:00. Our meeting (date?) with Mr. Y starts at 8:00. We planned to leave by 7:00 to get there early enough to have a drink or 2 before he gets there. She does bring home sushi for dinner though. We quickly eat and start to get ready. Wife wears a satin shirt and jeans over a gold and amber zebra print bra and lacey beige panties. She does her hair and makeup. She looks oh so good.

I review my checklist.
Art Mann: Tell our viewers Quiet Man, what do you bring to the first meeting of your wife and a potential lover?
Quiet Man: Well Art, you never know what will happen so you have to be prepared. I like to bring: the ring (I’ll explain that later), camera, batteries, blanket, beer, necklace, egg, lube and condoms.

We leave a few minutes late. Guess we’ll only have time for one drink.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Finding Mr. Y

We took some time to determine what Wife wanted. She didn’t really consider being alone with someone. She wants me there, at least for now. She did consider a man, a woman (I voted for this one), and a couple. The couple was ruled out pretty quickly. She’s not ready for that yet. We thought about a woman, but Wife really wants to try man. Not only that, she wants two men at once. So we needed to find a man that would be open to that.

We returned to Craigslist. The poll is still open, but at last count, it was a three way (lol) tie between Craigslist, Ashley Madison, and Adult Friend Finder. Craigslist was the easiest. So that is where we went first. We did look at the m4w ads, but we concluded that Wife wants a m4mw, emphasis on 4w, but comfortable with MFM (maybe even a little oral attention for me, or someone to fulfill her fantasy). I went through the ads and kept any promising ones, about 48 in all. I ignored the one liners (unless they really caught my eye, but in the end they all got weeded out.) Come on guys. You're up against hundreds of other guys. Put in some effort. Last Saturday night, together we narrowed it down to three. Interestingly all three included cock pics. Not that that swayed us. Just interesting.

Here is what we found:
Weather is warming up and so am I guy for couples. He is the most bi of the three. He probably would like Confessor X’s latest threesome. Not sure I’m ready for that. His pic was from the neck down and he looked good.

Loves giving oral guy for couples or females. He is somewhat bi, but definitely more interested in the ladies. I was more comfortable with this. He looked like a prick. That’s all we could see in his pic. lol

Likes Jacuzzis and massage guy. He is straight but into MFM threesome where both men are pleasuring her. Oh, and he loves to please orally. (Noticing a trend here?) He too looked like a prick.

So we composed a response to one of the ads (weather guy). Said we were intrigued by his ad, described ourselves, what we liked to do, and what we wanted. We also included pic of Wife (neck down). And asked if he was interested?

We then tailored the response for the other 2 ads and sent them.

The guy with the weather is warming up & so am I ad never responded. To be fair though, we were having a bit of a cold spell that weekend. :)

The guy with the loves giving oral ad responded with a very polite refusal and wished us well. In fact it was so polite that I sent him a note thanking him for being such a gentleman and wished him well in his search.

However, just over an hour after we responded to the ads, we got a reply from Mr. Y (Jacuzzis and massage), although we were asleep by then. He liked our response, and said “She is very beautiful”. He is gentlemanly, respects limits, and sounds like fun. He gave us his first and last name (although it is a fairly common name), and his cell number.

I confess that we Googled his phone number & email address. We found a bit of data on a cuckolding site as well as mainstream (non adult) sites, including a face pic. There was nothing that contradicted anything he told us including his name. He appears to be completely honest and upfront with us. Mr. X, you could learn something from him.

We wrote back the next day that this is our first time and are not ready to talk on the phone. Wife wrote the first part of the email and I did the second. Wife talked about some of the things we might do. “I’d like to sit between two good looking guys while … each guy touching me just a little.”

I told him all the ground rules. (Nothing will happen at the first meeting. We must be discrete. Condoms are a required. etc.) I sure know how to kill a party. To make up for it though, I suggested a day and time to meet for drinks.

He replied that he’s ok with the ground rules and will definitely respect any limits. He confirmed the day and time and suggested a place. He also sent Wife a face pic (and it matched the face we found online). He’s a good enough looking guy. I mean he’s no Quiet Man, but not many are.

So we have a meeting with Mr. Y for drinks, and it is tonight.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

He said, He said

This morning, I woke up early. Wife was still asleep. I moved next to her, cuddling, holding, caressing. She woke up and we kissed. I got her toy, the only one we seem to use now, and turned it on. I laid it between her legs. Let the vibrations go to work. There was lots more touching.

I slid the toy in, just a bit at a time. Slowly going deeper and deeper. When it’s in, I place my fingers on either side of the toy, the joints where my fingers meet my palm press firmly against her pelvis. Gently caressing with firm pressure. The toy starts to back out. Twice I push it back in. The third time it falls all the way out. I replace it with my middle finger, and keep working her to her orgasm.

I whisper “Mr. Y said you are beautiful.” She liked that. I place kisses on her neck, ears, and mouth. My hand goes round and round. She’s getting close. “Mr. X wants to taste you.” That sends her over the edge.

After she basks in the aftergasm, I tell her to stand up and lean over the bed. Then I stand behind her and enter her. It is easy to slide in deep. I hold on to her hips (Ah hips) as I drive again and again and again and again. Finally, I explode inside her. As we lay cuddling, the alarm goes off. Ten minutes later I have to get up and rush to work.

Ketchup April 7, 2009

And appearently Mr. X is still in the picture. He sent a message that made Wife VERY excited.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Ketchup April 06, 2009

Friday night, she did.

We have a Mr. Y on the hook. Can we land him? We shall see.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is it a Dream?

Friday night. It’s hours after we went to bed. Hours before we get up. Suddenly, I’m awake. I’m wide awake and I have a hardon. I turn towards you. You lay sleeping half on your stomach, half on your side, turned away from me. Your bottom leg is straight, the one on top bent. I place a hand on your hip. Hips are one of the most perfect designs. They’re the structure for those delectable backsides, a place to hold on to your lover and pull them towards you. Follow it down the front to their pleasure zone. And they sway when you walk and get me all excited.

I move my hand up just touching the underneath and side of a breast. Slide it back down to your hip and down your leg – ummrrrm. I cup your ass check then I’m between your legs. You’re still not really awake, in a dream like erotic state and your pussy is wet. My middle finger finds your clitoris. My fore and third fingers apply pressure to the libia. The middle finger working it’s magic, flicking back and forth. Lightly brushing. Firm pressure. Light strokes again. Moments later, my finger has moved down to your entrance. It slides right in, fore and third finger can apply more pressure now. The middle finger moves deep inside, back out, in, out, in, out, in. I move my finger in a circle, one way then the other. In and out some more.

I take my hand away and move behind you. I slide my cock in, all the way in. You are so wet. I can feel your ass cheeks as I push deep in you. I like fucking this way. It feels so good. I don’t last as long as usual. You’re squeezing me. Are you cumming? I can’t tell. I can’t hold out any longer. I fill you and push all the way back in. Finally I kiss you.

Moments later I’m back asleep.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ketchup April 3, 2009

I heard the word Snowshoe in conversation today. Go figure. And it had nothing to do with snow.

(If you're the one who said it and you're reading this blog, you should be able to tell who I am. If you want to play with Wife and me, let me know.) Longshot I know.

We've been busy and haven't devoted much time to finding Mr. Y. Probably will look in earnest this weekend. No comments yet to help us choose an online site for this. Maybe I'll put up a poll - if I can figure out how :) .

Speaking of feedback, I found out how to add Reaction checkboxes for each post. You can just click on your choice and it tallys your vote without you having to leave the page. It's quick and easy. I see that my page load count is over 2000, but I have no idea if that's 2000 people that take one look and hate everything or if it's 50 people that follow my everyword. Go ahead, check a box, let me know. (BTY you can go back to previous posts and let me know which ones you like (or really didn't like) too. That's getting a little too pushy isn't it. Ok only do that if you want to. lol)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wife’s New Fantasy - Epilogue

I said that Wife’s new fantasy scares me a little. That’s because I like to please her. The story I told her excited me due to her reaction to it. The fact that it made her excited (more like nymphomaniacish) is what I like. I’ve always had fantasies and often I’ve shared them with her. She usually likes them, and we both get excited by them. However, she doesn’t usually come up with fantasies of her own to share with me. So finding one that she really likes is special. It scares me that some day we might just have to fulfill this fantasy. It also scares me that I will enjoy it due to her reaction. She was that excited.

By the way, she insists that eating the woman is not something she wants. She admitted that it excited her but that is not something she wants to do. We’ll see. I would bet we do that before we do the other.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wife’s New Fantasy Part 2

Saturday afternoon I took a nap with Wife in my arms. There was cuddling and a little fondling. It was a very nice refresher and a chance to be intimate without it being something more. I love my wife!

Saturday evening after dinner, we went to a neighborhood sports pub for a few drinks and an appetizer (We’ve really blown the eating out budget this month :)). It’s a family place so no chance of picking up someone. I did flirt with my eyes with the hostess. I’m pretty good at that. Wife says too good. But nothing was going to happen. The truth be told, she’s probably closer to half my age than my full age, but still she was enticed. It would have been fun to talk her into a three-way. I tried to start an innuendo filled text conversation with Firecracker, but she wouldn’t bite and kept things PG :(. Still we had a great time and we did get a bit aroused.

When we get home and go to bed. I caressed Wife using light touches again for a few minutes. Then I told her to get her toy and to come back with it in. I knew she was ready for it. I continued to caress her for a bit before I fucked her with the toy. After she is satisfied, I fuck her missionary style. It was a nice end to a nice night. Or was it?

Remember that we took a nap Saturday afternoon, which we usually don’t do. So at 3:30 I’m awake. I place my hand on Wife’s neck, lightly but firm enough so she can feel the strength in my hand. I leave it there for a few minutes while she wakes up. My hand there always gets her wet, but she says she doesn’t like it. After she’s awake and worked up, I climb on top of her and hold her arms down. We usually sleep naked so there are no clothes to get in the way. “Maybe I should tie you up” I whisper. I lean forward and do that little half pucker/pout that makes my lips so kissable. I keep just far enough away so that she can’t kiss me. I tease her for nearly a minute. Then we kiss and kiss hard. I’m still holding her down.

I tell her a story:

There’s a woman here, kneeling over your face. She’s lowering to your mouth. You can see the cum inside. It’s my cum. A man crawls between your legs. It’s her husband. He starts to eat you as you start to eat her. He licks your pussy till you cum. You’re still licking her pussy. He moves up and starts to fuck you. I come over so she can suck me. The sight of you licking his wife while she sucks me after I’ve cum in her is too much for him. He cums in you. I move between your legs. There’s a small pool of white cum at your opening with a promise of much more inside. I lick it up. My tongue dives deep inside and scoops up a tongue full of his cum. I show you then close my mouth and swallow it. I go back between your legs and lick up every drop.

Wife cums hard and I fuck her.