Monday, March 29, 2010


I’ve been exchanging emails with a reader recently and I thought everyone might be interested in the questions and answers.

Question 1: During your solo intimate times with your wife, do you/she 'replay' past exploits, or does she not care to indulge? And do you (or she, or both) engage in 'comparison talking'...i.e. the difference between QM and XXX...during these pillow talks?
Answer: We often replay past exploits as well as potential new possibilities in bed.  (I was going to say fantasies, but fantasy implies something beyond reach.)  I usually bring it up, but she always enjoys it.  My enjoyment stems from her's.  She does do some comparison.  I know that BD’s dick is about 1/2 inch longer and maybe just a bit thicker than mine, as well as what he does (and doesn't) do better.

Question 2: And lastly, since you are (or are trending toward) the cuckold end of the spectrum (as opposed to just sharing/MFM's), do you enjoy (mild) humiliation talk/actions at all?
Answer: Boy this last question is hard to answer.  With BD it is more of them playing without me because that is what BD needs.  He still gets a bit nervous around me.  Wife would like MFM play.  There is nothing like having 2 people pleasing you.  But she is more than happy to spend time alone with BD.  In fact, this has made her think about going out on dates alone with him.  I want what she wants.  I get excited if she is doing something erotic and that she truly wants to do it, as opposed to doing it because it excites me.  If the later were true, I wouldn't get excited by it.  It's complicated.

So humiliation.  BD is never going to do that.  First, we established our relationship as friends first on the first night.  It would be hard to be the bull one night then a drinking buddy the next.  Second, it's hard to humiliate someone when you suffer from stage fright whenever he's around.  Third, frankly it's hard to find things about me to criticize.  I'd say I'm in the top ten percent in terms of looks, strength, success, intelligence and friendliness.  I am quite intimidating.

Also, it's not in Wife's personality to give out humiliation.  So I don't get excited by humiliation.  But if Wife liked it, (and she might like a guy dishing it out) I would want to do it for her.  And I would be hard when I did. 

I hope I was able to explain that well.  I honestly like doing erotic things that please my wife.  That is the part that is stimulating to me.

Question 3: I totally get the doing-it-because-it-excites-my-wife concept/motivation to your activities. Are there ANY hard limits that you think you could not/would not cross even if requested by your bride? Knowing what you do about her personality, does she seem likely to "push the envelope" with you with regard to sexual activities with or in the presence of one (or more!) of her lovers?
Answer: Limits: My first reaction was - No, I would do anything she wanted if it really turned her on.  But then I remembered some things I've seen on the web and had to back off some.  I remember one of the first accounts of a cuckold I read in 2003?.  It included a photo with a tattoo stating Eunuch xx/xx/2013.  He was celibate and would remain so for 10 years at which time he agreed with his wife and her lover that his penis would be removed (but not his balls).  They were still deciding if the balls should be left hanging or tucked inside.  While I like the idea of a cuckold with balls but no penis, and all the hormones produced by his testicles with no method to release the tension, you're out of your mind if you think I'm gonna do that.  So, I would do anything that didn't cause permanent physical damage.  (And I'm not much into pain.)

I'm sure that's not question you really had.  Yes,I would perform an hour of foreplay on her and let him be the one to fuck her.  I would hold his cock and guide it into her.  I would suck his cock.  I would let him fuck me, let many guys fuck me.  I'd eat their cum out of her pussy or off her tits.  I'd encourage them to have a baby and put my name on the birth certificate.  I'd help her find a new guy every week, or help her catch the one special guy.  But it has to be what she wants.  I don't want to do any of these things, but if she likes it, I want to do them all.

She's not the type to "push the envelope" on this, so most of those things won't happen.

 Question 4: Does your wife seem to have a 'type' - either personality (aggressive/dominant, player, etc.), or body type (swimmer, football player, Joe Sixpack) or 'other' (tattoos, cock size, 'bad boy' image, etc.)?
Answer: If I had to pick, I'd say her type (usually) is the player with a swimmers body, good looking, who’s confident and fun to be with.  Aggressive, but not pushy.  He knows he's sexy and he shows her that she is too.  But also willing to be in a long term relationship.

Question 5: In an ideal world, how often would you like to supplement your intimacy with 'others' - weekly, monthly, occasionally? Your wife, is she of the same mind?
Answer: In a (semi) ideal world, BD would live with us and sleep in our king size bed.  They would have sex whenever they wanted and I would have sex with her whenever she wasn't sore.  lol  Each night she would cuddle with him with me at her back for awhile, then turn over and cuddle with me with him at her back.  She'd have two men to please her that were faithful to her - her husband and her lover.  Sometimes the three of us (or just the two of them) would hook up with other couples or single females for some fun. 

In an ideal world I'd add a girl to the mix.  Firecracker would work.  Someone hot and sexy that would sometimes be with me, sometimes be with BD, and sometimes be with Wife.  And there'd be no jealousy.  Now that's a fantasy!

Question 6: I don't want to do any of these things, but if she likes it, I want to do them all...
One might/could assume that by listing specific activities (sucking cock, being fucked, cleaning/fluffing, pregnancy, finding her someone to fall in love with) you've contemplated them and not rejected them like you've done with castration (good call, BTW). Therefore, is it 100% true to say you don't want to do any of these things? Just asking...
Answer: That's true.  I don't want to do these things, but they don't disgust me either.  I don't want to suck a cock like I don't want to drive for 12 hours, which I will do when needed, not like I don't want to eat rotten food, which of course I won't.  But most men would put sucking a cock in the rotten food category.

Question 7: And I'm not much into pain...
Have you ever turned the tables in the bedroom and let her be in charge (see comment below)?
Answer: We've tried.  She just doesn't like that, and quite frankly she's not the take charge type of person.

Question 8: She does seem to enjoy directing you and/or placing limits on you from time to time... If so, does it involve physical discipline? 
Answer: The only limits she really places on me is that I can't fuck other women (usually).  No physical discipline. 

Question 9: What about strapon play - is that something you (or she) would be interested in? 
Answer: She wouldn't like that.  But she has hinted she might like a big guy taking my anal cherry.  And No, I’m not interested in that.  (Unless she asks really nice and it is turning her on.  I wouldn’t want to do it for myself or for the guy, but for her, maybe.)

Question 10: Maybe a tattoo (temporary henna, or permanent) indicating your status..."cuckold" or "Wife's Property" or some such? 
Answer: We've considered tattooing my wife's name on the head of my penis.  I'd be willing, but I don't think it is possible with good results.  The few real penis tattoos, and there are very few, look bad due to the loose skin when limp and not much better hard. 

Question 11: She's not the type to "push the envelope" on this, so most of those things won't happen.
Have you discussed (in conversation or fantasy/pillow talk) the limits of the envelope (i.e. like the acts you mentioned) or does it happen more-or-less organically (as it did in the car on the way to the hotel w/ Mr. F)? If so, what has been her reaction?
Answer: We have discussed everything I have written about, multiple times and in depth.  When I say she likes something, or won't like another thing, I'm not guessing.  I know.  Her limits morph and change over time.  She'll see a pic of something that she didn't used to like and say that it looks interesting.  I'll talk to her about it so she can explore her feelings.  Sometimes she will like something that she didn't before.

Question 12: Aggressive, but not pushy...
From your description, it seems as if your Wife enjoys a more dominant lover in bed - you seem to adopt that role. But perhaps your true nature is a bit more submissive (at least in the bedroom) and that has led you to the adventures you and she have engaged in?
Answer: I'm definitely a dominate lover (and else wise).  I can play the sub role for awhile, but I will lose interest if it is every time.  What has led to my wife being a Hotwife is that this was a way for me to let her enjoy some of the fun I have.  And maybe that will lead to her letting me have more. Or maybe not.

Question 13: ...with her whenever she wasn't sore...
Have you ever contemplated/discussed/practiced orgasm denial? What about chastity play?
Answer: We did have a period where she would say when I could have an orgasm.  I think she made me go 14 days once, but usually just 2 or 3.  Even during this time, she was not what I would call dominate.

Question 14:'d add a girl to the mix.  Firecracker would work...
I went back and read all the Firecracker posts. Truthfully, I'm a little confused (not that you owe me/your readers any explanation) - what is her relation to you two...Wife's friend? You've been given BJ permission...but not from Firecracker I gather (she falls in the 'socializing circle'). Was she your wife's one bi- experience?
Answer: She is a mutual friend.  Before her latest boyfriend came around she would call/text either of us.  Now she usually contacts Wife.  I think that just might indicate that she has/had interest for me and now doesn't want it to come up.  I do know she would have slept with me if she wasn't friends with Wife, because, well, look at me.  No, neither of us have enjoyed the pleasures of Firecracker.  I don't know if I put it in the blog, but Wife told me later, that it would have been ok if I had kept going the night of the striptease and got us into a threesome.  Bitch! tells me after it's too late to make it happen when I was searching for the go ahead while we were there.  So is she really off limits?  Probably not.  Wife hasn't said yes to anything anytime with her, but I think I if the opportunity came up, it would be ok.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It’s Going to be a Busy Week

In one week’s time, Wife could sleep with 4 different men.  We have a “date” setup with a couple for Friday, a “date” with the new guy, Mr. H, on Tuesday, and Wife will (hopefully) finally get to play with BD while I’m out of town on Wednesday and Thursday, maybe even overnight.  And I’m sure she’ll get to sleep with me sometime that week.  So in theory, she could have 4 dicks in her in a week.

The probability is low, but the possibility is there.  First, the “date” with the couple is our first meeting.  We are open to playing on the first meeting, but the mood has to be right.  They may or may not be.  Add those together and you get less than 50% chance.

With the Mr. H, I think it is better than 80% that she will do something with him, but it may not be all the way.  So put that at 50%.

As for BD, Wife wants that to be 100%.  It’s not completely set up yet, so maybe 60%.

And as for me, that’s got to be 100%, unless the others cum through.  Then it may be more like 75%.

So 4 dicks, I would put at 10%.  3 dicks at 25%.  2 dicks at 60%.  And 1 dick at 100%.  I guess she wins in all cases, just wins more in some of them.

I might even win more than once.  The couple looks promising.  We are excited, but realistic too.  Wish us luck.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AGH, Ahh, and Hmm

All day Monday, I my mind kept wondering back to the couple we met.  I thought of her hair and her smile.  I also thought of him, and him with Wife.  I didn’t get much work done and was distracted all day.  Why did she leave a glimmer of hope?  Rejection I can handle, this tease is driving me insane.  And we have no way to contact them.  Only thing we can do is wait for them to find us on SwingLifeStyle or go to the next Meet & Greet.

So Monday evening I check SLS and no email from them, but we do get an email from another promising couple.  It sounds like we may be compatible.  We sent back a reply and now we wait.  This was good.  It helps take the edge off the tease and adds a bit anticipation to meet the new couple.  (I may have to start naming them to keep them straight).  No reply yet.

Tonight we are meeting Mr. H.  He travels on business to our area about once a month, so he always has a hotel.  :)  Yes, he is black - I don’t know why, but the hottest guys are black.  We’re considering concentrating on finding a white guy, but fuck, we’ve been busy.  :)  Tonight we will just meet each other and have drinks.  Wish us well.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our First Foray into the World of Swapping

So we’ve learned that finding a guy for your wife to have sex with, which seems like it would be easy, is hard.  Well last night we learned that finding a couple for both of us to have sex with, which you expect would be hard, was hard.

We were definitely out of our comfort zone last night.  We had talked extensively beforehand about how far we would let things go if it felt right.  We set her limits the same as usual.  She can do everything she wants.  We set my limits to everything except penetration and giving oral sex.  She’s not ready for me to fuck another woman yet, and says I can’t give a woman the pleasure of my tongue cause I don’t give it to her enough.  Agreed.

We arrived at the start time, which was good, because it gave us a chance to get a drink.  Shocktop yum.  But they didn’t serve it with an orange slice.  I know if you haven’t tried it, it sounds bad, but it’s much better.  Anyway, we grabbed a couple of spots at the bar and watched as people came in.  We were nervous and pretty much talked to each other for the first 45 minutes.  We thought that there might be some sort of get to know each other activities, but we soon found that many, no most, people knew others there already.  Maybe we should have contacted some people before hand, then we could meet them in person there. 

So we waited at the bar talking to each other, starting to look around some, still nervous to make eye contact with anyone.  Ok I did make eye contact with a few young women, but I knew they were here for some younger meat.  The whole concept felt weird.  Do I look at a couple cause I like the wife?  What if Wife doesn’t like the husband?  What if Wife knows the husband!?

We were hopeful that a couple would come talk to us.  We’re attractive, and we were smiling, laughing and having a good time.  But no, no one approached us.  So when we had enough courage to get up and talk to a couple, we picked them out.  They were attractive and at a table on the side by themselves.  They looked like newbies too.  So we got up, walked over to them, and … walked right by.  Thought I was ready, but couldn’t do it yet.

We walked around to see what was happening elsewhere.  We were not getting looks, which is odd cause we usually get some looks at a vanilla nightclub.  Wife looked good, and of course so did I.  She didn’t seem nervous anymore, which can kill all the looks.  She said I never look nervous.  Finally Wife said I got a look, and she got some too.  I think the people fell into two classes.  Those that knew each other already, and those that this was all new to them.  Those that knew each other were having fun with each other by this time.  Those that were new, were just trying to get comfortable.  Like us 30 minutes ago, not ready to look anyone in the eye.

The couple that organized the event are standing near us and don’t have anyone talking to them for a change.  We go over to them and thank them for arranging the evening.  They are wonderful hosts and offer to introduce us to anyone we want.  Trouble is we don’t know who we want to talk to – everyone and no one.  After 2 to 3 minutes we let them go.  Really nice people.

We are ready again.  No really, this time we’re really ready...  I think.  We discuss which couples we should approach.  It’s a hard balancing act.  Finding a couple where we are both attracted to them, but that are in our age range.  Wife has standards that are high, due to the fact she has her pick of guys as a hotwife cause there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of them that want to meet her.  Here we’re just one more couple.  The hottest guys are in the “know” crowd and have got several women on them already.  I point out a couple, and she says no.  She points out a couple, and I think they are too hot to be the first couple we talk to.  We’d be too nervous.  Sounds aggravating, but it’s not.  We’re having fun.  But still haven’t talked to anyone.

We get up to walk around.  Back to the bar where we started.  We look at a few couples and are getting to the point where we just accept that we just aren’t going to catch anyone’s eye tonight and …  Wife says “Wait”, a guy may have caught her eye.  She looks again.  He’s not looking.  Then he is.  I turn around and give him a look that says “Can we come over and talk?”  He gives me the little head nod to come over.

It’s the couple we past by.  Now I know why we past them.  They are hot.  We all introduce ourselves and we say you look new to this like us.  After that, conversation comes naturally.  We talk first about this lifestyle.  Then we move on to other topics.  Things are looking up.  I think “Wow, I just might get to kiss her tonight!”  It took us an hour and a half to talk to another couple.  I’m so glad we finally did.  We talk for about a half hour and had fun.  He has to go to the bathroom and tells us when he gets back that there’s a dance floor in another area.  They ask if we want to go dancing.  Sure!

We dance next to them, not sure how to swap partners.  We need to learn, and so do they.  After a bit we drift apart.  I guess that they’re not that into us, cause I see them with another woman whose touching both of them.  Then they are dancing and talking to other couples.  I guess they are learning quicker than us.

We danced (only with each other) and hung out by the dance floor the rest of the night.  The other couple leaves when Wife is in the bathroom.  The wife makes a point to say good bye.  Why did she have to do that!  I had accepted that they preferred other couples and was ok with that.  I understand.  Now I don’t know what to think.  Did she say that to be polite, though she could have easily just gone out without looking my way at all.  We hadn’t talked to them in over an hour.  She didn’t have to seek me out.  But she did.  So now I think, maybe they do like us.  Maybe they just want to be friends.  Maybe they want more.  Or maybe she’s just polite.  I don’t know.

They go outside and he lights up a cigarette.  They hang around out front for a bit and we can see them.  Wife comes back and I show her and tell her what happened.  When we got home we tried to find them on SwingLifeStyle, but we never exchanged contact info.  Interesting, Wife has reconsidered the neither one of them can smoke policy.  She must have really liked him.  She also softened her stance on my limits.  She said that if we were with them, she’d be fine with me fucking her.  At least last night.

All in all it was a miserable night of drinking beer, dancing, chatting with sexy couples, and watching some fun shenanigans.  Which is to say it was a great night out.  Best night out since, well our first night with BD.

Next time:
1. Email before hand
2. Have a drink (one drink!, not 2, not 3, not 6) before we get there if we need to settle our nerves a bit
3. Arrive ready to walk up to people and say hi from the moment we get there – seize the day!  Take a chance.  The worst they can say is “No thanks.”  (Ok, they could say worse things, like “Have you met my mother?”)
4. Talk to lots of couples, if we see someone we like talk to them
5. Get contact info, phone number, profile name, something
6. Learn to get comfortable with splitting up.  The people having the most fun are the people that mingle together, then separately, then together again.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I’m Here

Looks like I’m back.  But there are going to be some changes around here. 

First, I will ignore this blog for months at a time.  Wait that’s not new.  I’m going to write when I want to write.  Wait, that’s not new either.  I’m probably not going to detail every time Wife fucks some other guy.  That’s new.  I’ll probably tell you about new guys and I plan to keep the stats up to date (maybe), but I’m not going to detail every time BD fucks her (unless it is as seldom as it was in February).

Second, the course of this blog is about to change.  To this point, I’ve tried to keep pretty close to the topic of Wife getting a lover.  I’ve thrown in a few posts about fantasies, and some on our exploits on our own.  I will no longer avoid discussing things not related to the title.

Third, my posts will probably be shorter and more to the point.  I won’t be telling every aspect of every love making session.  Why?  Cause it’s become routine for us for Wife to fuck around.  It has become part of our norm.  It’s still a lot of fun, just writing about it is not as fun as before.  I’ll probably let you know when we do something different and may even go to depths at times.

Lastly, we’re going to try playing with couples.  Wife is finally comfortable enough with this to give it a try (sort of).  So we are going to our first swinger meet and greet.  Maybe my next post will be about a foursome.

In the mean time, enjoy this.

Monday, March 8, 2010


A year ago I published my first post about trying to find Mr. X.  I guess it’s fitting that the first guy was one (of the many) frauds out there.  Still he was very useful.  He wrote good stories about what he would do with Wife.  I think she needed that - the sexual interaction with a man other than her husband.  It made her visualize these things and realize that she really did want them.

Mr. Y was the first one we met.  He was very nice and respectful.  (Pussy!)  Is that what he thinks women really want?  No wonder he didn’t get anywhere with us.

Mr. Z  :D – Smokin!

Mr. A – as in Asshole!

Mr. B was a lot like Mr. Y only not so much.  Could be that we were a bit tentative from our lack of experience.  Nah, he was a pussy too.

Mr. C – fraud.  But definitely the best texter.  Wife disliked him as he made her wet.  Probably would have been fun for a few good fucks.

Mr. D – Double Asshole!  (That’s a visual!  I wonder if they would look like eyes.)

Mr. E – poor unfortunate fuck. (though who knows about the future)

Mr. F – Lucky Bastard!  I still don’t know how he got to bed with us.  We must have been feeling the season of giving. :)  Oh yeah, and he was young!

Mr. G – everything she could ever want.  (almost)

Mr. H – could be any of 4 or 5 guys or maybe she’ll stick with BD.  Maybe she’ll change him into everything she wants!  Mr. C needs to give him some texting lessons.

So in the last year I’ve shared the most intimate details of our lives as well as our feelings on these events.  And they were all true, the events happened as I’ve written, and the feelings and views we’ve expressed were real.  (Alright, at times I may have said he wore a yellow shirt when really it was green.  Damn, you people are such mother fucking lawyers. (-; )

Wife even tried her hand at writing.  It’s tougher than it looks.  It takes a lot of time.  Then of course you have to read all the other bloggers’ blogs out there, but you can’t just read the latest posts.  You have to go back to where you were, and read from there.  And before you know it, you’ve spent three hours and only written 2 paragraphs.

I’ve published 75 posts and 34,428 times you’ve read my posts.  Wow that’s a lot.  (I know the page counter is at 70,822, but that includes the X-rated consent page.  The counter also gives me one that only counts each visitor once no matter how many pages you perverts view.)  I know many of you came back again and again, even when I ignored this blog for months.  You’ve left comments and wrote me emails.  Thank you!  This is hard work and getting feedback is really the only reward.  It really is nice to have people appreciate your work.  I tried hard to answer all comments and emails.

I’ve accomplished most of what I set out to accomplish on this blog – chronicle my wife’s journey to find another man, not to replace me, but to increase her pleasure.

Though there are some things that I haven’t accomplished – telling the story of the Night at the Bar in the Land of Misfit Toys, add a link to this hotwife picture, as well as tell our history before March 8, 2009.  I’m sure there are others, but I’m too fucking lazy to think of them right now.

I just read what I’ve written above.  This certainly sounds like a good bye. Doesn’t it.  Who knows maybe it is?  Maybe it isn’t.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 5 - Epilog

Friday 1/29/10
We spent over $100 on sexy panties and body suit like the Playboy Bunnies wear.  I’m going to get to see her in them first, but who will get to take her out of them first?
We also bought HW & SwingLifeStyle car stickers and buttons from CafePress.  We haven’t put them on the car yet, but maybe next weekend.

So we made it to a milestone in our journey.  She has a lover.  Not a one time thing, but someone she will meet more times (hopefully often).  I’ve thought about ending the blog since she has taken a lover.  I’m not sure – Is this the end of the story or just the end of a chapter?  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or sending an email.

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 4

Afterward we talk again for 15 minutes or so before he leaves
Wife & I rush off to bed.  Where we talk:

Wife and BC talked about some important topics.  Condoms yes, they both agree.  He is trying to see one other woman on AFF.  He’s single, no girlfriend – needs sex not the drama.  But still looking for the one.  She tells him he can text her whenever he wants.  He likes that.

She came multiple times, again and again he made her squirt.
She even came while he was fucking her (almost twice!)
Lots of fucking, some pussy eating, and plenty of hand(y) work
She concentrated on squeezing.

At times she heard the songs on the radio as they do things.  Later those songs remind her of what they were doing - the gift that keeps on giving.  Tik Tok by Kesha makes her smile now.

In our bed, she compared his to mine to STM’s – little bit thicker and longer than mine, not as big as STM’s.  Feels good.  STM was in to hard fucking, Black Diamond is more intimate – kissing, caressing, likes making her cum - a lot (he likes it a lot when she cums and he likes making her cum a lot).

He didn’t cum (again).

She wants to be with him by herself.  She would like the 3 of us together on special occasions (e.g. her birthday) but she wants one on one sex with him to be the norm.

She wants to go out alone with him, but mostly she wants to fuck him.

Right now though, she wants me to fuck her, and doesn’t want any foreplay.  I’m on top of her missionary style.  She’s telling about him, telling me that she compared the 3 of us.  I pound away for 10 to 15 minutes.  I’m trying my best to be quick, but I stay right at the edge and can’t seem to cum.  I’ve been waiting so long and sometimes this happens when I’ve been hard for a long time.  Finally I cum, and Wife is relieved, she is so sore.  Tells me she probably will be sore all week again. :(

She woke up wet three times that night – very unusual.

He’s definitely the whole package – good looks, charm, smart, a good person, and great in bed.  She has found a lover.  While he’s not 100% faithful to her and he’s still looking for “the one”, Wife is enjoying their time together.

We kiss and cuddle, and talk about Black Diamond.  She’s not ready to shut down her AFF profile yet, but she’s not interested in meeting anyone else right now.  I guess I’ll have to be tactful with the (promising) guys that send us emails trying to keep them interested for later without pissing them off.  I find that honesty is the best for this – she’s really into one guy right now, but she will be looking again in the future.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 3

BD and my wife are in another room getting naked as I typed this:

They are in the next room together right now.  I’m trying to give them some time alone so they can get started.  I plan on joining them soon. 

It’s gotten quiet.  I heard her ask if he wants a pillow so I took one to them.  Nothing much is happening yet.  It’s a bit contrived, but we do have a time limit (again).  Seems like we always do.  We can’t just let loose and be with him.

It’s quiet again.  I think that my typing even in the next room might disturb them.  I hope not.  I wonder what’s happening.  I have a very good imagination, but what I imagined

(I hear laughter)

before didn’t happen. 

(moan, moan, moan)

Yeah, my imagination is going again.  I don’t think my typing will be noticed, let alone bother them in the least.  I could probably sing show tunes in here and they wouldn’t notice.  I gave them

(moaning louder now)

15 minutes to get started on their own.  It’s been 9.  I can’t wait.  I want her to have an orgasm before I join them.  I think she was close, but not quite. 

(laughing again)

I’m going to take a peek.

She’s nude laying down, he is kneeling next to her, fingering her pussy.  12 minutes now.  Only 3 minutes left.  Should I let them have more?  I want him to have some fun too, before I join in. 

(light moans, heavy breathing, laughing, some quiet talking)

I think she might have had an orgasm.  15 minutes.  Should I go in?  I think I’ll go to the bathroom then peek in.
(moans, I hear him making sloppy noises with her juices) 

(he laughs)

I’ve been to the bathroom, and I peeked out.  I saw her – alone???  What happened?  Oh there he is.  He’s fingering her pussy. Couldn’t see him due to the angle I was looking.  23 minutes.  I’ll give them a few more minutes . 

(moaning getting louder now.  I think he is fucking her.  I hear the slap slap slap of bodies together.)

Time to go in. 

29 minutes.  I’m back.  :(  I went in.  He was fucking her missionary, but stopped and had her turn over before they saw me.  She was a bit dry at this point so I gave him some lube.  Then I laid down and kissed her.  Here is my naked wife laying doggy style as a black man lubes his dick and her pussy.

I asked her if I should take off my clothes and she says “No”.  “Should I leave?” “Yes”.  I kiss her again and say goodbye.

She likes whatever he is doing now.  I’m hard.  Sitting here listening to my wife enjoying the charms of another man.  I wish I could join them.  He is fucking her again.  I hear the slap slap slap.  36 minutes.  I peek again.  She’s on her back, legs spread with him in the middle kneeling. 

The moans are lighter.

No now heavier.  I think she is cuming again.  I think he has his hands in her.   Oh yes she is cuming.  I wish I could see her.  She is very comfortable with him.  Has he cum?  He didn’t get to last time.

It’s been quiet for a few minutes.  I wait.

Not any more.  More moans.  Then quiet again.

47 minutes.

Now 49 minutes and slap slap slap.  Yes he is fucking my wife.  His dick is in her pussy.  I told her to remember to squeeze him.  She can forget when she has so many orgasms.

Much more slapping. 

After a bit, quiet then laughter.  He is a lot of fun.  I think they are done.  Over an hour and a quarter and they were at it the whole time.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 2

Saturday 01/23/10

Sat afternoon she can’t wait any longer.  She texts him and invites him to our home that night.  We rush to clean the house to make a good impression.  Then we shower and get ready.

At 7:30 he is to arrive.  Wife gets a text that he is just about here.  We wait, but he doesn’t arrive.  Finally Wife goes out to look.  He has gone to house across street!  He’s out of his car and walking to the door before Wife can text him.  That would have been interesting.  "Hello?" "You're not the hotwife I was looking for!"

We go out to eat.  I have a Longboard then Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Wife Mich ultra and and BD bud.  We order food.  He gets 30 wings!?!  Must be hungry.  Building up for something.

We go back to our house and put on the TV as we talk.  Oh Brother Where Art Thou? is on – he likes this movie.  We have a good conversation for 20-30 minutes then …

a bit of an uncomfortable moment happens.  In Oh Brother Where Art Thou? there is a KKK scene.  He says this scene is great!  “The color guard is colored!”  While we’re not perfect, I don’t think you can call us racist.  Still I’m a bit embarrassed for what my ancestors may have done.  Probably nothing, but who really knows.  BD doesn’t appear to be bothered by it.

Shortly after that, I set up a mattress in family room, turn down the movie, and turn on the radio.  I leave the room to let them get started before I join them.

On the computer in another room, I start typing…

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 1

Friday night 01/22/10

All week long, Wife has held off texting Black Diamond (BD a.k.a. Mr. G).  She wants him to text first this time.  She does well and holds off all week.

Friday night, we spent at home alone and together.  We rented a movie and watched it together.  The couch was moved in front of the big screen TV so we could cuddle up together.  When we went to bed, we did some more cuddling - but nothing more.

4AM - I wake up with an erection.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had any pussy and I want some.  NOW!  My hands are all over her body, touching her breasts, hips, thighs, and pussy.  She wakes as I move her where I want her, giving me access to her body. 

After awhile I get the vibrator out and run it across her pussy.  She is wet, no need for more foreplay.  I slide it in, just a bit.  The second stroke a little deeper.  Each time further in until she’s taking the whole 8 inches with each stoke.  She has an orgasm (thinking of BD, I’m sure).  Then I fucked her.  First time since Sunday when she was with him.  I think of this as I cum.  :)