Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is There a Mr. Z Yet?

As I said last week, we are going away for a weekend and decided to stay in a hotel Thursday night in another city.  We went on Craigslist for that city and found an intriguing ad.  He had pictures of his (large) cock, by itself and in action.  He said he would seduce my wife in front of me and then please her while I watched. 

So we sent him a long email describing ourselves and what we wanted.  It went on to say that we would be there only for the night of the 30th and that we would like to email for a week, text for a week and then talk on the phone the last week.

His reply, “Of course”.

Not sure about this.  I write 5 paragraphs and he comes up with 2 words.  We send him back an email and ask him to describe what he would do with Wife and we include 2 pics, one showing her laying on her stomach nude and one of a breast.  Nothing you could identify her by, but tantalizing.  He sent back a face pic (and another cock pic).  We’re learning not to ask him too many things at once.

Wife started off the flirting and it went back and forth for a few days.  He was pretty good at that once he got started.  But he never said anything about her pics.  Wife was starting to get annoyed.  She wanted to hear what he thought of them.  Finally we asked him, and he never saw them.  So we sent them again.  That made him want to talk on the phone.  It was still almost 2 weeks before we would be there and Wife was too nervous.  She wasn’t ready to talk yet.  We told him we would text the next week and phone him a few days later.  At this point I think he thought that we were some guy trying to get him to write some dirty lines cause he didn’t try to contact us for 6 days.

On Wednesday, 4/22/09, when we were ready, I sent him a face and body shot of Wife (fully clothed).  That got his interest up again, and he finally commented on the pictures – “You are stunning!”  That’s what she’d been waiting to hear.  That is when he finally became Mr. Z.  That night they started texting, and the texts got Wife pretty excited.  They continued this for several days.  He was explicit when he should be, but also respectful of Wife’s limits.

This afternoon, it was time for Wife to call him.  She was very nervous.  When we grew up, girls didn’t call boys to talk about going out (let alone setting up a hot fuck session :)).  I don’t really know if it’s different now, but she didn’t have any experience to help her.  I tried to give her some advice, keep her calm, and make sure she was comfortable (and a bit horny, which helped).  So she called him, and within a minute the awkwardness was (mostly) past.  (It was a cell to cell connection that wasn’t very good.  “I’m sorry, what did you say?” is not the most witty response to “I can’t wait to taste your pussy.”  But other than that it went very well.)

He did want to talk to me.  I think he just wanted to hear that there really were two of us.  (A thought popped into my head about having Wife lower her voice and say “This is QM.” just to hear his reaction.  Odd sense of humor, I know.)  So Thursday night is all set up.  We have our hotel reservations and we agreed on where to meet – a restaurant down the street from the hotel.  That way we can all meet and see that we are all like we said we are before we commit to – well you know.
So will Mr. Z become the lover that Wife takes?  In one sense, yes, assuming all goes well.  He will be her first.  But in a larger sense, no.  He will be a one night stand, or at best a once or twice a year stand. Lol.  Taking into account how far we have to drive and how far he has to drive, it totals about 150 miles.  That really isn’t practical for more than a few times a year.

So who will be the lover?  We’re working on that too!


Confessor X said...

This is better then any show out there...keeps me cumming back for more!!! I just hope this guy isn't a dud or flake!!!

Buffalo said...

Interesting stuff. If it all goes together for you I hope the reality is as good as the fantasy.

Quiet Man said...

Confessor X: I'm pretty sure he's thinking the same thing. Keep checking back over the weekend. I don't know when I'll get a chance to post again.

Buffalo: Thanks for the caring thoughts and caution all rolled into one. I'll be sure to let you know.