Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Double Date with Misters A and B - Part 2

As we wait for Mr. A, we go over the menu.  As I said before, we’re not shy of sushi, but we are not adventurous (OK, in some areas we obviously are, but not with raw fish).  I pick a couple of new things we might try.  Hopefully, Mr. A will be able to give us some guidance.

We talk about our feelings and expectations for the night and the nights to come.  Wife repeats that with each guy that she’s comfortable with, she wants to try him out in bed before she picks the one or two that will be her regulars.  Currently there are five guys that we have considered meeting.  Here is my wife nonchalantly discussing having sex with 5 guys she has never met over the next month or so.  :-)

In just a few minutes, the door opens and in walks … a couple.  Not Mr. A.  We have a good view of the door and every time someone comes in we see it’s not him.  Pretty quickly a half hour goes by and we know we’ve been stood up.  Our waitress answers our questions on the menu and helps us choose.  We order a Scallop Dynamite Roll and Hibachi Scallops. Wife enjoys her flavored sake and I have another beer.

We had a great meal and good conversation.  The food was delicious.  We made good choices.  While we were disappointed that Mr. A didn’t show, it certainly did not dampen our spirits.  We decided that we would use the time before we meet Mr. B to go elsewhere for dessert.

Our choice for dessert is TGI Fridays.  We share the Brownie Obsession and watch the people.  It was fun and the dessert was terrific.

We leave in time to get to the place where we will (hopefully) meet Mr. B.


Confessor X said...

What a bastard...he's given this golden oppertunity to enjoy someone elses wife and he flakes out...sheesh!!!

I'm sorry it didn't work out with A, and here's that B is a winner...if not, looks like I'm moving to the east coast ;)

Quiet Man said...

Confessor X: I'm sure Wife would like that!