Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Must Be Wired Different

I’ve picked up a new vice.  Really it’s just about my only vice now - still busy all the time (but I can see that soon I will have at least some free time back :) ).  Sure I’ll use a few minutes once in awhile to catch a post by a hotwife (and even more rarely, create one myself), but I make time regularly for this new vice.  So why take on a new vice now?  Mostly cause it’s quick and satisfying - less than 30 minutes a week.

Californication is in its 3rd season on Showtime and for some reason I’ve made it a priority to watch it even though I haven’t seen any episodes from the previous seasons.  For those unfamiliar with the show, it centers on a man, Hank (David Duchovny), who lives in LA with his teenage daughter.  Her mother, Karen (Natascha McElhone), lives in NY.  While Hank loves Karen, I’m not sure if they are married, but in any case they have an open relationship.  We don’t see what happens with her, except when she is talking to him, but he certainly has fun, sometimes with multiple women in one episode.  She knows (or at least suspects) and even playfully talks about it.  Seems like a good way to go through life.  A man I can relate to.

So QM, who cares what you watch?  That’s a very good question.  And the answer is most certainly (almost) no one.  But I tell you this because while watching this week’s episode, thrice I thought I must be wired different.  In the episode, Glass Houses, Karen made a trip to LA and while Hank is making advances she tells him she slept with Bill (someone of importance if you saw the first two seasons, I guess).  She had been trying to dissuade him and it worked.  Hank gets sick to his stomach, a normal response.  But coming from a man who is currently sleeping with (or close to) three other women, I would have expected at least some acceptance.  I, however, had a quite different reaction; I would have wanted Wife even more.  I would have been on top of her and wouldn’t have taken no for an answer (or even allowed that there was ever a question).  I must be wired different.

Later we see another couple, Marcy and Charlie, having dinner at their home with Hank and Karen, and one of Marcy’s teenage heartthrobs.  Charlie and Marcy are separated but living in the same house.  Each week it seems like they are simultaneously about ready to get back together and divorce.  Anyway, Marcy ends up banging her heartthrob and we listen with Charlie in the next room.  It’s tearing him up.  This man is fucking his wife and she is squealing with delight.  He is very distraught by it all.  I, being wired differently, would have been quite happy to have my wife live out one of her fantasies and, from the sounds of it, really enjoying it.  Sure, I would have liked to be with her, watching him turn her on, take pleasure in their first kiss, seeing her stroke his cock, looking on as her lips and legs open, knowing that they are in their own little world, enjoying sights, sounds and aroma as he enters her, and snuggling up when she was done.  But I would have been content to listen from the next room, if that is what she wanted.

Finally, at the end of the show, Karen and Hank are flirting again.  This time she wants Hank to continue so she tells him she didn’t really sleep with Bill.  Of course this gets Hank really going and he dives in.  For me though, that spoiled it.  It was a turn off.  It didn’t matter if she slept with him or not.  But to give me that candy then take it away as we are about to make love, would not have worked for me.

(Then I got thinking that she is a bitch.  Lying to get me to quit being amorous.  Or is it she is lying to get me to be so?  Conniving Bitch.  If she could say that to me just to manipulate me at that time, she could do it at any time.  I’m not some one night stand here, I’m her husband.)  And then the credits roll and the thought is gone.

So, yes, I am wired differently.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a side note, in this episode, at the dinner party the heartthrob says that he once made a woman cum seven times and everyone is impressed.  I wasn’t.  Does seven sound like a lot to you?  Sure seven is good, phenomenal if you do it all the time.  But as a personal best?  I feel if you or she are able to keep count, you can do better.  I’ve given every woman I’ve ever been with orgasms beyond measure at least once.  You need to find out what does it for her, use your hands, tongue, toys, cock, whatever it takes to get her to the point of multiple orgasms, maybe three, four.  Then you let her rest a bit and go back in.  She’ll protest some, but again you weren’t asking.  In no time, she’ll have a few more, then more.  Soon you’ll be well past seven, somewhere in the 15 to 20 range.  So seven isn’t impressive (or maybe I’m wired different).  And what do you get for the double digit orgasms, most likely not much.  She will be so worn out and sore that you probably aren’t getting anything but undying gratitude and snuggling that night.  Now, if HE was able to cum seven times, that would be impressive.

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