Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Long Hot Summer

I go in and pull back, drive a little deeper and then come back some.  Into the tunnel I go.  Three steps in and two steps back.  Slowly making forward progress.  I strive to bend my prey to my will.  It takes time, but I know it’s working.  Now finally the climatic finish is within sight.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Soon my extraordinary efforts will no longer be necessary.  Soon, maybe by Thanksgiving, my mind will not need to be myopically focused.  My horniness will no longer need to be kept in check.  The beast that is the Quiet Man will be unleashed again. 

Not that I’ve been a completely asexual creature during the summer and fall.  There have been moments: Our meeting with Mr. E, the evening in The Bar In The Land Of Misfit Toys, and the morning a few days ago, to name a few.  All of which I will tell you about in time.

Yes, I have been out for a few beers.  Three or four Shocktops tonight, with a few friends, felt soooo right.  It’s been a long time.  Put me in the mood to take time I don’t have to write again.  I’ve missed writing, but not as much as I’ve missed doing things to write about.  Well maybe before Christmas I’ll be able to devote the time needed to get this blog going again.

So, what can I write about tonight?  Let’s see.  I realize I left Firecracker out of the Cast of Characters.  That was unintentional, and perhaps karma is paying me back for the slight.  She is now living with a very nice, vanilla guy.  He probably wouldn’t understand her desire to have the QM, and she (probably) wants to be faithful.  I really want it to work out for her. I want her to live happily ever after.  Still, there is a part of me that wants to catch her on the rebound.  Or perhaps give her the bachelorette party she deserves.  I don’t want to derail any of her dreams; I just want to show her just how good a night can be.  Is that wrong?  We’ll just have to see what happens.

While I’m asking questions … Recently, Wife has given me permission to have a little, but not too much, fun.  I can go as far as getting a blowjob, but that’s it.  However she can’t be anyone that I will work with, nor someone that Wife or I will socialize with.  Sounds good.  But just how do I make that happen?  I know a few women that would be content with sucking a long, hard cock for an hour or so till I cum, without taking it farther, but they fall into the work or socialize categories.  So how do I meet some new slut, interested in me, and determine she would be satisfied with deep throating me in the backseat?  I’m sure they are out there.  Just how do I tell which ones they are?  Complicating the situation, women that want it one time are completely unresponsive to any suggestive comments the next.  WTF?  Do you want me to grab your head and push my cock into your mouth or not?  Sorry, that’s the beer talking.  (We’ll wait until we know each other a little better.  Then I’ll know ;).  Oh Shit, then you’ll be in the socialize category.  Fuck!) 

So, seriously, I welcome any advice for a married man with meeting a woman and getting a blowjob that night.  What should I look for in a woman?  Where should I try to find her?  After we flirt awhile, should I let her know that a BJ is a far as I will go?  Obviously she needs to know this at some point.  I guess what I’m really asking is: how can I tell when I woman looks at me for the first time that she wants to suck my dick?


clarissa81 said...
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Quiet Man said...

I asked for advise and the only comment I get is an ad. I guess all of you are in the dark about when a woman wants to devour a cock as much as I am. Which I find interesting, considering at least a few of you are women. :)