Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wife’s New Fantasy

Thursday night we were tired and just had a quickie. A little foreplay and the missionary position. It was all over in less than 20 minutes.

So Friday night I made up for it. It started as just some light caressing, just little touches. Then just one finger. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Recently, Wife shared her interest in a blossoming fantasy. I have seen this particular fantasy in the past, but I haven’t put myself in the place of the men in it. I’ve found it more interesting than arousing. Friday night I had been surfing the web, right before bed, which made me quite amorous, and decided to entice Wife with an example of her fantasy I found a while back in Allie’s blog. I brought the laptop to bed.

As she reads the posting, I lightly caress her, her whole body. I barely touch her. As she finishes reading, she is ready for more. I like the way this fantasy excites her! I use just one finger as I touch her pussy. She is so wet. I slide it in her and it’s not enough. I slip another in. That’s going to do it. I move the two fingers in and out at the same time but also continuously curl them independently. She very quickly reaches the state I like. She starts orgasming and stays there for nearly ten minutes, either having an orgasm or enjoying the after effects. Again and again, neither one of us can tell how many. Finally, my hand and arm can’t take anymore. I shift around and enter her with my cock. She is still so worked up that she has 2 more orgasms before I finish. Exhausted we sleep well. :-)

Saturday morning we pick up the laptop and find Cate’s Blogiversary recap post. Wife finds this interesting (not as much as Allie’s post, but still interesting). The fact that she is interested in a blog about adultery surprises me. This leads to a blow job that switches to a hand job and finishes with a blow job before we even get out of bed.

I certainly find Wife’s fantasy more enticing, which scares me a little.

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