Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking for Mr. Z

After meeting with Mr. Y, we started looking for someone that is more likely to get Wife going.  This can be hard to find in a long term friendship.  So maybe we don't look for a long term type of thing right now.

We are headed away for a 3 day weekend May 1st - 3rd.  We are driving to the city with the big airport the night before and staying at a hotel, and decided to have some fun.  We looked on Craigslist (I know, 2 strikes already, I've got to get off my ass and sign up for AM and AFF, oh still 3 way tie, I like that) for that city, and found a guy looking for a couple like us.  You know, one where he can fuck the wife :).  He stated that he would seduce my wife in front of me.  That confidence was a big selling point.  Anyway, we've started emailing and exchanging pics.  I wouldn't call him Mr. Z yet, but he's close.


Confessor X said...

I hope we don't have to call you the quiet man much longer, here's to some good luck with the potential mr z!!

Either way, a 3 day holiday would be nice!

Quiet Man said...

Yeah, the get away is going to be nice.
The Quiet Man is always quiet (unless I've something good to say. :) )

vaman837 said...

I've found that AFF has a much much larger database in which to shop.

Quiet Man said...

vaman837, Yes AFF is far superior to Craigslist, especially if you're a female looking for males. In fact I've blogged about AFF features, though it is a little dated now that AFF has added new ones. I did find out that after an unnamed number of views of your profile, they grant you preferred member status and give you 50 views of other member profiles.