Friday, April 1, 2011

We Meet for Dinner and ...

The next day we text each other naughty little messages.  Getting us horny and ready to meet.  It turns out she is across town, about an hour away in rush hour traffic, in a section of town I’m unfamiliar with.  My meeting lets out over 2 hours late.  Before I even start I’m 20 minutes behind when I should have left.  I made it through town, fighting traffic, construction, pot holes and broken down cars (reference the pot holes).  I ended up cutting off a truck before I realized it because his lane and my lane became one with no warning at all.  Just as I’m a few miles away, traffic comes to a stop.  I crawl along for a minute or two in the left lane and I see my exit is on the right.  Damn!  It should be a mile or two farther.  Luckily I maneuver my way across 4 lanes and get off (bypassing most of the traffic jam).  Turns out my route took me right under the highway for another mile or so.

She got there a minute before me and was at seated at the bar.  We shared some drinks, food, laughter, fun, and flirting.  About 2 hours later we were headed to a hotel, not my hotel an hour away but a naughty hotel for fun.  I’ve never been to such a hotel and didn’t think they even existed.  The clerk asked when I said I needed a room, “For the whole night?”  To which I replied “No, just for a few hours.”  Twenty five dollars later we’re in a room with lots of mirrors and clean sheets on the bed.  Not that we noticed the d├ęcor.  Off came our clothes and I fucked her for two and a half hours.  She screamed out phrases quite often.  And I mean screamed.  I’m sure not only the people in the next room could hear and understand her, but so could the people in the room next to them!  She made Mrs. 4 (the Very Vocal Vixen) seem like a church mouse.  Of course at this motel, I suspect it added to the experience for the other patrons rather than distract.  No one complained to the front desk.

During our conversation at the bar, she told me she can’t stand arrogant, pushy men.  She told about the last guy she met and how she had left him at the bar because he was so sure he was going to screw her.  She warned me not to piss her off or she’d be turned off and leave, no matter how far we’d gotten.  So after we had fucked for awhile, I laid on my back to rest and she started to suck me.  Naturally my hands went to the back of her head and gave a little, ever so light push.  She came up and said “I don’t really like that”.  As she slipped her mouth back down on me, I replied “Well I do!” and shoved her head down on me.  And she loved it.  She loved that she was doing something for my pleasure.  I had her do it my way and the hell with her.  She was my toy to do with as I wanted.  I fucked her face, moving her head as I wanted, going as deep as I wanted, telling her what to do with her mouth and tongue, all for my pleasure.  She liked knowing this was for me.  I had treated her to several orgasms earlier, now was my turn.  And knowing I was using her as a sex toy made her orgasm again as I came in her mouth.

She licked me clean and afterwards we laid there for awhile.  She was definitely simultaneously turned on and disturbed also.  She liked me taking control but also hated that she had given it up and knew she wouldn’t have it again with me.  Next time I’m in town she won’t be able to resist me.

On the flight home I smiled often, fondly remembering my adventure and looking forward to the adventure waiting for me before I went home that night ...