Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Double Date with Misters A and B - Epilogue

So Mr. A didn’t show and Mr. B wouldn’t look at Wife.  In fact, Wife tried to give him a sly smile or the look away then back again move, but that’s kind of hard when he won’t look at you.  We waited a few days to hear from him.  I think he should have sent a short note saying he had a good time (even if he didn’t) and thanked us for meeting him.  It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.  I certainly would have.  If he was no longer interested he could have politely added that too.  We sent him a note to say we had a good time, but things seemed a bit off.  We didn’t slam the door, but it was definitely closing.  If he was interested, he needed to reply that he had a great time and had really hoped to see more of us (or Wife).  Instead he politely replied that Wife didn’t seem interested in him and wished us well.  That closed the door.

We decided that we want someone that is more aggressive.  Mr.s Y and B have been tame.  Even SMT was pretty tame, but he did give Wife some complements and had his hands on her.  (Ah the memories of that night.  Were a white couple, obviously married, in a restaurant with a young black stud sitting next to and feeling up my wife. :-)  I would have liked to hear some of the conversations at other tables or in the kitchen.) And she reminded me that his texts were pretty hot!  For our first time, that was the perfect mix of being non-threatening and lustful.  Next time though, Wife wants more.  She wants to know that he is hot for her, that he wants her and can’t wait to fuck her.

We wrote Mr. A an email to see if there was some misunderstanding.  He says he was there!  There is another restaurant with the same name about 30 miles away, but it is in another city.  We had agreed on this one.  It is possible he had the wrong day or time, or even was at the other one.  We didn’t push it.  If it was a true miscommunication, then OK we’ll give him another try.  We said that we need to exchange phone numbers so this won’t happen again (and so he and Wife can text each other).  The message was sent yesterday, and Mr. A has demonstrated that he only checks AFF every 3 or 4 days.  So it’s no surprise that we haven’t heard from him.  We’ll get his number and check him out.  If we don’t have any more surprises or red flags, we’ll meet him again.  This time though we probably won’t do dinner.  We need a venue where we can say thanks, but no thanks and leave at any time.  What do you think are some activities that would be appropriate?  Send me an email or leave a comment.

So that’s a twist I didn’t see coming.  Mr. B is out and Mr. A is back in (sort of).  Interesting.

The real interesting part starts with Mr. C.  He has definitely been more aggressive.  His emails have been very suggestive.  That scared Wife off for a bit, but not enough to completely turn her away.  Now suddenly he seems more suitable.

And there is a Mr. D.  He’s is a bit older than us, and we just got his number.  Wife will text with him and we plan to meet him.  However we are still very busy.  Any meetings will have to wait at least two weeks.

Plus there are several others we are just starting to get to know.  It’s starting to seem this might take longer than I thought.  We’ll see.  We’re enjoying the ride.

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