Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Double Date with Misters A and B - Part 3

We do have Mr. B’s phone number and the name on the caller ID matches what he told us several weeks ago.  We feel much more confident that he will show.  He's the first man we've met from AM.

We make our way into the third eating establishment of the evening.  Wife orders a Mich Ultra and I get a Shock Top.  It comes out with an orange slice which surprisingly goes well with the flavor.  After a few minutes I see a guy that vaguely resembles Mr. B’s photo.  I ask wife if she thinks that’s him, and she’s not 100% sure.  At first he seems to be looking around, but then he picks a spot at the bar.  We’re not sure it’s him.  After a minute though, he’s looking around again and I give him a head nod.

We are seated at a square table and he sits next to Wife, opposite of me.  He turns out to be a nice guy, which we expected from his emails.  He has met a few couples before and was obviously comfortable with the situation.  Our conversation covers many different topics, but rarely touches on anything sexual.  I try not to take control of the conversation so that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed by my presence.  There is a band and at times it is quite loud.  Due to my position, I sometimes have trouble hearing the conversation between him and Wife, and even they had to lean together to hear.  I left them alone a couple of times, the longest for about 10 minutes to be sure to give him a chance to get to know Wife.  As the night gets older, I suggest that we take a walk in a nearby park.  Everyone thought that was a good idea.  I thought Mr. B might make a move like trying to hold my wife’s hand.  At times I try to walk a little ways away from them so they can get close, but it never seems to happen.  After about 30 minutes, we decide to call it a night.  He hugs Wife and we head back to our cars.

On the way, I ask Wife what she thinks.  She likes him, he was nice, but something was missing.  Later, she told me that she tried to catch his eye but he would never look at her.  He was not aggressive at all.  We agreed that we need someone with more lustful desire.  Someone that will let Wife know that she is hot and he wants her.  Someone like Mr, C.


Confessor X said...

Does C stand for Confessor?? ;) I love the drama and real life aspect of this...its tough to find that one!

relevent married guy said...

I just simply love your blog!
Thank you for sharing!

Quiet Man said...

Confessor X, could be ;)

relevent married guy, Thanks, that made my day. :) I'm glad at least a few people are enjoying it.