Saturday, September 18, 2010

Public Service Announcement - Private Photos on AFF are NOT Private

A few months ago AFF added a feature called Activities.  It list your status, friends you’ve accepted, what sections of your profile information that you’ve update, and photos that you have uploaded, like the social network sites.

We uploaded some photos of us with our faces visible recently.  We intended to share these only with selected people via the email system.  I was cautious to be sure they were not available for everyone to see.  And if you go to our photo page, no one can see them.  Today I was perusing AFF and by chance decided to view our profile and was surprised to see our faces in the Activities section.  Right there for everyone that clicks on our profile to see.  Even free members.  Everyone!

After noticing this, I did some looking around and saw a face picture of a man we met that is keeping his AFF activities from his wife.  We only met him for drinks and it was obvious that he had everything to lose if she found out.  But there on his profile page is a one inch square picture of his face.  No denying it’s him with that pic.

I immediately started looking for a way to delete this activity update, but that doesn’t seem to be an option except for the current status.  After a half hour, while I considered deleting our photos and even deleting our entire account, I was able to get them removed from the Activity section (and keep them in a private album).

By default, AFF shows ALL the photos you’ve uploaded in the Activities section, even if you made the album private.  Here is what you do to fix it:  Click the Activities tab.  Select “Preferences” in the list on the left.  Change “Upload a photo to an album” to No.  Now you would think they would be gone, but they weren’t.  Maybe I just didn’t wait long enough.  So I took these additional steps:  Navigate to “Manage Photos”.  Create a new album and set the privacy settings as you like.  Drag and drop photos from your other album to the new one.  Now they should be gone from the Activities section.  You might be able to drag and drop them back in the original album if you like, but I didn’t try.

Hope this helps someone avoid so embarrassment.

Oh, we’re going out to meet a couple tonight.  Hopefully there will be something more fun to write about soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August Has Been Hot!

Let me give you a quick update on all the sex we’ve been having.  None.  Well that’s not completely true.  We’ve had sex with each other.  It’s been hot too.  But sex with others has been zip.

Wife met a new guy, but then he went out of town for 3 weeks.  No chance for fun there yet.  She has tried to hook up with BD but schedules haven’t worked out.  And Mr. H only came back to town when she was sick.

We went to a meet and greet we saw on SwingLifeStyle.  Everyone was very friendly.  We decided not to go to the after party (or as the host described it to Wife “We’re going to go back to our house and screw.”)  We felt we needed to know people at least an hour before we strip down for an orgy.  Plus this crowd was a bit (ok some a lot) older than us.  Hmm, I wonder if we would feel different if they had been younger than us.

We had a very fun evening at a night club with a group of lifestyle friends.  Lots of dancing and flirting.

We’ve also been to another party with the same group of friends as the first two.  From what I hear of other parties, this is a very mild party crowd, not pushy at all.  It seems that long time friends hook up there.  Guess we’re not on the list yet.  Still we have a great time.

I haven’t even been on that lunch date with my not so secret admirer.  Between illnesses, vacations, kids and work we haven’t been able to go.  We have made plans several times but something has always come up.

But things are looking up.  We have several couples interested in chatting and meeting.  Now we just need to find time to actually meet and see what happens.