Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr. Y The First Meeting Part 3

The three of us chat for a few minutes and I suggest he go to the bar counter for a drink (I shake my head every time I write that). Wife & I talk in his absence. He is a nice guy and very likeable. She’s not nervous (much) anymore. When he gets back we agree that this isn’t the right place for this type of meeting, and agree that we will go to another place, a sports bar, when we finish our drinks. Our conversation is pleasant, light and comfortable. During the course of the evening, he answers most of our questions without us even asking. Either the conversation naturally goes there or he volunteers the info.

We leave for the sports bar (Unfortunate event 6). None of us really know this area and we rely on the GPS to find us an appropriate place. The sports bar is right across the highway; convenient. We find out that is in a motel, not just on the property. We were expecting a sports bar, not a motel bar. But it has a real bar and the atmosphere is appropriate for talk about sex. We grab a table where we can get close. It’s about to get good :).

I get us drinks, two Mich Ultras for them and a Sam Adams White Ale for me (It was gooooood. I could have had a few more of these.) We sit and chat until 10:30. We all feel quite at ease with one another, which seems a little odd considering some of the topics of conversation. We had a great time. And I didn’t even flirt with anyone else (much).

At one point, two guys came over to play darts near us. Let’s just say they were a tad younger than us, and they were attractive. One was muscular, more muscular than me, but not huge. The other looked Jamaican with neatly manicured dreadlocks down to his waist. I thought I’d like to see Wife with one of them. We watched their game and continued to chat with Mr. Y.

We had a fun evening. This was supposed to be a short meeting and we already went well past the time limit. So we thanked Mr. Y for a great time and excused ourselves.

On the way to the car, I took Wife in my arms and kissed her. I asked what she thought, and she said …

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