Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Meeting Mr. Z Part 4

After STM leaves, we head down to the pool.  She is happy.

And sore.

And not just her nipples and pussy.  Her whole body and hips in particular are sore.  He gave it to her good.  And she loved it.

We talk about what happened and how we felt.  Definitely no regrets.  We are both ecstatic and content.  It was such a thrill to see her having so much fun.  Some people may ask: if I love her, how can I let her do this.  I ask: if I love her, how can I deny her this.

Another couple gets in the pool.  (If it had been the lesbian couple, I might have whole other series of posts, lol)  I barely even notice they are there.  I’m completely focused on my wife, and remember I just had my own personal porn show without any release.  We spend about an hour in the pool and jacuzzi.

Once we are back in our room, off come the bathing suits and I fuck her.  I don’t remember much foreplay.  I don’t think either of us needed any.  After a couple of minutes I pull out and we finish with a hand job.  I cum much more than normal and shoot it farther too.  We fall asleep.

At 3:30 I wake up and I’m aroused.  I keep thinking of Wife and STM.  They had so much fun together.  I slide over to Wife and caress her.  She wakes and kisses me.  I gently touch her body.  She is still very sensitive from the events early that night.  When she is ready I get on top of her from behind.  I’m laying down with my dick inside her pussy, my body touching her’s.  It’s very gentle and intimate, very different from earlier.  By 4:00 we are done and fall back to sleep.

6:30 I’m awake and ready.  Wife is still on her stomach and I run my hands over her again.  They find their way to her pussy.  She is very wet.  I enter her pussy from behind again.  This time I’m sort of kneeling and she is turned sideways.  The bed is good.  It bounces just right for our rhythm, and we’re making that slap, slap, slap sound again, except this time it is me and my wife instead of STM and my wife.  In a half hour we are done and falling back to sleep.

In the morning we get up, pack up, have breakfast and head out for our travel day and 3 days of vacation.


Buffalo said...

Well done.

Quiet Man said...

Thanks Buffalo. We are still quite happy with the evening and looking for more.

D.J. said...

Just wanted to say thank you started reading 2 days ago from the start. This entry just reminbed me of the first time saw my wife with another mans cock in her hand/mouth after all this time it is her smile I remember most

Quiet Man said...

Don, I'm glad you like our story. Just last night I showed the pictures to Wife again. My favorite is one of her smiling obviously enjoying him.

vaman837 said...

I'm looking forward to her follow up comments with you as she later reflected on her experience with MR. Z.