Saturday, September 18, 2010

Public Service Announcement - Private Photos on AFF are NOT Private

A few months ago AFF added a feature called Activities.  It list your status, friends you’ve accepted, what sections of your profile information that you’ve update, and photos that you have uploaded, like the social network sites.

We uploaded some photos of us with our faces visible recently.  We intended to share these only with selected people via the email system.  I was cautious to be sure they were not available for everyone to see.  And if you go to our photo page, no one can see them.  Today I was perusing AFF and by chance decided to view our profile and was surprised to see our faces in the Activities section.  Right there for everyone that clicks on our profile to see.  Even free members.  Everyone!

After noticing this, I did some looking around and saw a face picture of a man we met that is keeping his AFF activities from his wife.  We only met him for drinks and it was obvious that he had everything to lose if she found out.  But there on his profile page is a one inch square picture of his face.  No denying it’s him with that pic.

I immediately started looking for a way to delete this activity update, but that doesn’t seem to be an option except for the current status.  After a half hour, while I considered deleting our photos and even deleting our entire account, I was able to get them removed from the Activity section (and keep them in a private album).

By default, AFF shows ALL the photos you’ve uploaded in the Activities section, even if you made the album private.  Here is what you do to fix it:  Click the Activities tab.  Select “Preferences” in the list on the left.  Change “Upload a photo to an album” to No.  Now you would think they would be gone, but they weren’t.  Maybe I just didn’t wait long enough.  So I took these additional steps:  Navigate to “Manage Photos”.  Create a new album and set the privacy settings as you like.  Drag and drop photos from your other album to the new one.  Now they should be gone from the Activities section.  You might be able to drag and drop them back in the original album if you like, but I didn’t try.

Hope this helps someone avoid so embarrassment.

Oh, we’re going out to meet a couple tonight.  Hopefully there will be something more fun to write about soon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

August Has Been Hot!

Let me give you a quick update on all the sex we’ve been having.  None.  Well that’s not completely true.  We’ve had sex with each other.  It’s been hot too.  But sex with others has been zip.

Wife met a new guy, but then he went out of town for 3 weeks.  No chance for fun there yet.  She has tried to hook up with BD but schedules haven’t worked out.  And Mr. H only came back to town when she was sick.

We went to a meet and greet we saw on SwingLifeStyle.  Everyone was very friendly.  We decided not to go to the after party (or as the host described it to Wife “We’re going to go back to our house and screw.”)  We felt we needed to know people at least an hour before we strip down for an orgy.  Plus this crowd was a bit (ok some a lot) older than us.  Hmm, I wonder if we would feel different if they had been younger than us.

We had a very fun evening at a night club with a group of lifestyle friends.  Lots of dancing and flirting.

We’ve also been to another party with the same group of friends as the first two.  From what I hear of other parties, this is a very mild party crowd, not pushy at all.  It seems that long time friends hook up there.  Guess we’re not on the list yet.  Still we have a great time.

I haven’t even been on that lunch date with my not so secret admirer.  Between illnesses, vacations, kids and work we haven’t been able to go.  We have made plans several times but something has always come up.

But things are looking up.  We have several couples interested in chatting and meeting.  Now we just need to find time to actually meet and see what happens.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Our Second House Party

A week before the party, we hear from Couple 3.  It was good to hear from them.  After the first party, we had extended an invitation to meet with them to get to know each other.  They couldn’t make it and we replied with another time then.  It was obviously their move.  (More obvious than I made it seem here.  But I’ve got to save space.  Got to keep the readers interested.  If I go on and on about every little aspect, who the hell’s going to read all this crap.  So I cut back where I can and only include that which is absolutely necessary.  Just the basics, nothing extra.  Once I get my point across, I move on.  Clear and concise.)  When we didn’t hear back for awhile, we figured they weren’t that interested.  They were checking in to see if we would be there and want to see us.  They, however, were not certain they would both be able to attend, babysitter conflicts.  But one would be there for certain.  I hope it’s Mrs. 3.  But then again, if she doesn’t play with me, I think it would be better if it’s Mr. 3.  It’s pretty likely he and Wife will play again if he shows.  Through the week, Mr. 3 and Wife IM a bit.

When we arrive there are half a dozen couples there and we chat with some of them.  Couple 3 is there, but are in conversation with some other couples.  We really weren’t interested in any of the other couples there as far as swinging goes.  Don’t get me wrong, they are fun and interesting people.  We had some good conversation, but it wasn’t going to lead to sex.

The conversation Couple 3 was involved in breaks up, and Mr. 3 makes his way over to say Hi.  Mrs. 3, on the other hand, goes another way.  I notice that she is always where I’m not.  She has even talked to Wife, but apparently is avoiding me.  And this isn’t the first time.  At our first house party, while Wife and Mr. 3 were in the bedroom, Mrs. 3 was one of the people that joined us in the hot tub.  She slipped in next to me before she noticed who I was.  Before we had a chance to say 5 words to each other she was gone.  Now I thought that might have been cause the only words that came to her mind were the only ones that came to mine: So, our spouses are fucking.  Might have been a good conversation starter, but most likely not.  Avoidance is unusual for me.  Women usually are very comfortable around me.  I did get a chance to join her in 2 group conversations where it would have been just too awkward to leave.  But never any one on one get to know each other conversation.  So, I’m left with one of three conclusions: 1) Mrs. 3 has no interest in me sexually or otherwise (I know, hard to believe), 2) Mrs. 3 is not ready to show any interest in me (women can be fickle), or 3) Mrs. 3 is a nut bag (which is contrary to everything everyone has said about her).  And they all lead me to the same course of action: leave her alone.  If she wants me, she will find me.  I just hope she doesn’t interfere with Mr. 3 and Wife playing.

We talked with people we had met at the last party as well as others.  Single Newbie Girl was not there.  I was too embarrassed to ask her friends why she didn’t show, afraid she might have told them I growled at her.  I really hope I didn’t scare her off.  But then again if my very mild (in this arena, my faux pas was very mild compared to some of the stories we’ve heard) aggressiveness was too much, she probably shouldn’t be in this lifestyle.  We saw a few people having sex in the pool, drank a few drinks and had a good time, even though there was no play for either of us.

On the way home, I expressed to Wife the parties are fun but I preferred meeting couples one on one.  We don’t seem to really get to know anyone at the parties very well.  With the one on one meets, there is time to really talk, and so far we are batting a thousand.  She completely agrees.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Time with Mr. H

We meet Mr. H a few months back and Wife and Mr. H have been texting and IMing ever since.  He travels to our area every 6 weeks or so on business.  The last few times he’s been in town, we haven’t been able to meet.  Last week was different.  We met for a couple of drinks and to get to know each other again.

Well after a couple of drinks, we decide to head back to his hotel for some fun.  In his room, I let him and Wife get started and try to not disturb them.  He gets Wife undressed as he kisses her, lays her down and starts his way down to her pussy.  He eats her for a long time and brings her to several orgasms.

They shift positions and he has her take his dick in her mouth.  This is something I’ve got to see and I get up to come over and watch.  It was amazing to see his black dick in my wife’s mouth.  (Had I mentioned that Mr. H is black before?  Aren’t they all?  lol)  He didn’t seem bothered at all by my now obvious presence in the room.  As they shift positions so he can fuck her, I strip down to my boxer briefs.  I watch as he brings her to orgasm again.  At one point she is almost completely covered by him.  All I can see is her white left hand with her wedding ring against the very dark skin of his back.  It was beautiful.  Then he turns her over for some doggy style.  After a bit, I move over to her face and kiss her as he is slamming her pussy.  Very hot.  I play with her nipples and eventually move a hand down to her clit.  Together we give her another orgasm.

He flips her over again and slides back into her with her legs in the air, and asks if she is ready for it all.  Of course, she says yes, and he gives it to her.  She was pleasantly surprised.  She let out an “OHhhhhhhhhh”.  She didn’t think he hadn’t already given her his whole cock, but he definitely had more.  And she liked it.  He fucked her that way for several minutes, working his way up to his orgasm.

Afterwards we got dressed and all walk down together.  In the parking lot he gave Wife a last kiss and shook my hand as we got in our car and left.

When we got home, I was very, very horny.  I just watched (and participated a bit) in a live sexual performance starring my wife and her black lover.  I needed her pussy bad.  We went to bed immediately and talked about everything that happened.  She knew she would be sore and did her best to get me to cum quickly, but my cock has a mind of its own and just loved the way her pussy felt, not quite the same as usual.  After another (at least for her) long session of fucking, I came in her pussy.

Just one more wonderful evening.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our First Meeting with Couple 4

Couple 4?  Where the hell did they come from?  They sent us email more than a month ago.  They looked good, had a nice profile, and can host.  However they live over an hour away.  We exchanged emails and chatted on SLS.  It always seemed like one or the other couple were not available.  After more than a month, we both finally had a free night.

We met at a restaurant near their home for a couple drinks - Yuengling on tap mmmmm.  We talked as we sipped our drinks, getting to know each other.  The first thing I notice is Mrs. 4 is a knockout with huge breasts.  They both are extremely nice and friendly.  We discuss work and family as we get comfortable.  Then we head back to their place to continue our discussions, drinking and games.  Once there, they suggest we play truth or dare as a way to get to know each other.  It was a lot of fun.  With questions like: What do you like best about the lifestyle? Rate your BJ skills from 1 to 10? and Have you ever been in a threesome? we learned a lot about each other.  And with dares like: a kiss, a lap dance, and remove shirts, we had a lot of fun too.  One of the dares I received was to remove my boxer briefs but leave my pants on.  I saw no way to do this other than to drop my pants leaving them on just one shin, drop my shorts and pull them through pant leg that was still on, pull up my pants and CAREFULLY zip up.  Mrs. 4 liked the show.

Eventually I had Mrs. 4 down to just her panties and asked for a lap dance.  I told Wife and Mr. 4 that they couldn’t watch and to do something else.  Once we got started with the lap dance my shirt came off, then she started to unzip my pants, but was hesitant.  She had remembered that I wasn’t wearing underwear and was just being cautious, luckily for me cause I had forgotten all about that.  And that was the end of the game.  On to a new game, :).

The four of us went into the master bed room.  He played with Wife as I played with Mrs. 4.  We took it a bit slower than they, and kissed as they moved on to oral, but when I moved down to Mrs.4’s breasts I forgot all about Wife and Mr. 4.  Turns out Mrs. 4 is VERY vocal.  She started squealing when I sucked her tits.  As my lips sucked her nipples, my tongue circled her areola and my hands massaged her bosom, I think I actually brought her to orgasm.  As I worked my way down to eat her pussy, I couldn’t help but notice that Mr. 4 was already rocking the bed fucking my wife.  It didn’t take long for me to bring Mrs. 4 to another couple orgasms.  She had to squirm away from me to get me to stop.  Next she wanted to suck me, which I was gracious enough to allow, ;).  After a while I was ready to fuck her and turned her over.  Mr. 2 and Wife were already done and were leaving the bedroom.  We continued to fuck for a long time, Mrs. 4 squealing all the way.  Now, condoms make it more difficult for me to cum.  It takes me awhile.  A long while.  Which isn’t a negative (most of the time).  But tonight the room was hot and we were making it hotter.  We ended up taking a break because it was too damn hot.

Afterwards we joined Wife and Mr. 4 on the couch.  We chatted for 45 minutes to an hour before we went for another round in the bedroom.  This time though we were in separate rooms.  The first time we have tried this.  We started with her sucking me, trying to get me to cum.  When I was ready I climbed on top with her legs up and fucked her.  I didn’t hold back.  The bed frame was creaking, the head board banging against the wall and she was practically screaming with each thrust.

I can’t tell you what a boost it is to a man’s ego to have a woman genuinely howl with delight as you bring her to orgasm after orgasm. 

Wife and Mr. 4 finished before us again.  I went all out.  I didn’t care if we were waking the neighbors.  After at least another 10 minutes, I’m getting very close.  And…

The light comes on.  WTF?  Mr. 4 came in and turned on the light!  He must have, because Wife never would have.  And Very Vocal Vixen and I were kinda busy and in any case she couldn’t possibly reach the switch.  Why would he do that?  I’m looking at her, still pounding away.  Maybe he wants a show.  She’s smiling trying to say something, but of course what comes out is another series of inarticulate jabber.  After a half a minute the light goes off.  Maybe he didn’t like what he saw, maybe he was checking to see if she was ok, maybe he needed something in the room, maybe this is his personal psychosis.  He likes to lure unsuspecting men into their bedroom to fuck with their heads as they fuck his wife.  With all these thoughts of Mr. 4, I’ve lost my concentration and I’m not ready to cum anymore.  We slow down the strokes as we continue to fuck and I find out they have the Clapper.  We turned it on and off for a few more minutes before we switch to titty fucking and I cum on her big, beautiful breasts.

Very hot indeed.

It was after midnight and we had a long drive home so we said our goodbyes.  We had a wonderful night and hope to see them again soon.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Our First Trip to a Nude Beach

So Miss Scarlett went to Florida.  So did we.  Too bad we didn’t meet up.  But we had fun without her.  Next time we will have to coordinate our trips.

We took our first trip to a nude beach and it was a different type of adventure.  During a weekday, we made the short trip from Orlando to Canaveral National Seashore.  After driving through Titusville, you are suddenly in the middle of nowhere, with few cars and nothing but vegetation as far as you can see except ... You drive right by launch towers for rockets.  Very odd!

Finally we came upon a guard shack and paid our $3 a piece to enter.  And what is the first sign we see - No nudity on the beach!  But we had been told that it would be ok.  Besides, we weren’t going back to the hotel without going to the beach even if we kept our clothes on.  We drove for a few more miles - how far is this place anyway?  Suddenly there is a sharp turn to the north, and shortly a parking lot with a few cars.  We had been told not to stop here, but to continue on to the last lot, lot 13.  Kind of ominous, don’t you think?

We keep driving for what seems like 20 miles.  Each lot we pass has fewer and fewer cars, then none.  Up ahead we see lot 13 and it has as many cars as the first or second lot.  Something is going on up here.  There is also a large structure that looks like a telescope.  I don’t mean like the shape of a telescope that you might have for looking in the windows of the apartments across the street, but like a laboratory for looking deep into space.  You know with the dome on top and a slot in the side.  That was a little disturbing.

We get out of the car and start toting our stuff up the wooden walk to the beach.  Another No Nudity sign is there.  As we cross we are greeted with a beautiful beach and sky.  Straight ahead and to the right are deserted, empty beach.  Simply beautiful.  But to the left there is a nude couple.  Not topless, no towel, heck she is even shaved.  Nothing to hide.  Twenty feet or so further is another, then others, with some single men and small groups of men (2-4) further down.

We pick a spot keeping with the spacing already established and set up our umbrella - don’t want to burn on the parts where the sun don’t (usually) shine, lol.  It takes a little while for us to get all set up, and all the while the eyes are on us.  When we are all set, I say to Wife “Here goes.” and off come my shorts.  Shortly thereafter she removes her top.  After they’ve seen enough the eyes are gone.

Now, I’m not sure if they wanted to see if we were going remain clothed or not, or if they were checking out Wife, or if they were checking out me.  Some if not all of the groups of men had to be gay, though there was no sexually explicit activity of any kind going on.  Still they seemed satisfied.  There was one man that I thought Wife would like, and he happened to be the one sitting closest to us.  As we sat there and got used to being naked (or partially naked in Wife’s case) we fidgeted and chatted nervously.  Soon the nerves were wearing off and we were loosening up.  About this time our gentleman friend got up to leave.  Wife was still to nervous to let me say “You leaving so soon, we’ve got plenty of room under the umbrella.”  So we let him walk on by.  He seemed to take a bit of a pause as he reached our position.  He was the first to get a closer look at Wife’s chest, or maybe it was mine he was looking at.  I guess we’ll never know.

A few minutes later a friend arrived, a male friend.  I greeted him, for the first time in person, in the nude.  Kind of odd, but he was definitely interested in Wife’s nudity and not mine.  He stripped down and layed on a towel next to us, and gave us the low down on the beach.  We learned the dos and don’ts which are pretty simple: do look, don’t stare, do leave others be, don’t be rude, do enjoy yourself, don’t enjoy yourself or others too much (ie no sexual activity at all).  Apparently, the anti-nudity law is a county law, but there are rarely any county police officers all the way out here and they don’t bother unless they have a reason, like sex on the beach.  The other beach goers will put a stop to it to prevent the risk of losing their nude beach.

So it’s a very safe environment.  And a very beautiful environment.  The beautiful sky and the beautiful waves with very few people.  We laid out for awhile and went swimming nude/topless.  It was great.  Of course we used lots of sunscreen - SPF 70 and we didn’t get even a little red.  It was a very relaxing and fun day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Posts in a Month

Look at that.  It’s been over a month since my previous post.  What have I been doing?  Been out there in the real world living the things this blog is made of.  I’m not creative enough to come up with this stuff on my own.  There have been many developments in the past month.

We took a trip and found a nude beach.  We had a lovely evening with Couple 4.  We met up with an old friend.  And I acquired a not so secret admirer.  You’ll have to wait for posts on the beach, Couple 4 and the old friend.  You always have to wait for the good stuff.

So that leaves this stuff.  My admirer.  I got an email on my work email account.  A very interesting email.  It’s just a picture of someone that works near me but not for the same company.  No nudity (get your minds out of the gutter).  Just a portrait of a smartly dressed, professional woman.  She sent it with the subject “Hi…..”  Nothing else.

Now, I had noticed her before.  And I even imagined what she looks like naked.  Ok I realize that since I’m a man, that applies to 75% of the women I see.  But I recall seeing her just before our first party and thinking I would like to see her at the party, and therefore see her naked.  And then the thought was gone.  Probably replaced by the same reflection applied to another woman.

Nevertheless, I never considered pursuing this woman because 1) she is married and has small children, and 2) I wouldn’t want my advances towards her (or anyone even vaguely related to my workplace) to be considered in anyway harassing or even hinting at inappropriate.  My very rare, and equally brief interactions with her were always very courteous and professional.

I told Wife about the email as soon as I got it.  To not tell her would only be appropriate if I replied in a curt and professional manner that I had no interest in seeing her naked or spreading her out on a bed as I lay my cock on her pussy and enter her.  Which, of course, would simply be untrue.  Wife gave the OK that she may be my present.

So I was shocked by this email.  Quite pleasantly so.  I found reasons to bump into her from time to time.  Our interactions have been more frequent, much less brief, and most certainly more enticing.  I wanted to discuss her intentions, find out just what she hoped to gain by sending her photo.  And then give it to her.  Alas, while we did have conversations about families, weekend plans, and such every attempt to engage her in the conversation we both wanted to have was thwarted by our co-workers.  This woman is never alone.  Someone is ALWAYS within earshot. 

Finally, I sent her an email suggesting that we could get some privacy if we went out for lunch.  So this week we will.

In other news, it looks like isshefilthy blog has closed up shop.  Too bad, they had another hotwife I wanted to show you as well as a male strip show I would like to take Wife to.

And in case you didn’t know, when I ask questions, they are for you to answer.  Leave comments or write an email.  I want your input.  Got it?  Seriously, I do appreciate the comments, emails and clicks in the check boxes at the end of each post.  Thank you.  But if you select “Can I join you?” you need to need to let me know who you are.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Our First House Party - Part 2 of 2

So after being rejected by Single Newbie Girl, and Mrs. 2, I was ready to go.  I hoped that my annoyance was perceived as drowsiness.  The only good thing was Wife and Mr. 3 were still in the room!  And I know that at least a few people took notice.  I was done in the pool and got dressed.  As I was finishing, Wife came out and she got dressed too.  Nearly 2 hours after they started, Wife and Mr. 3 rejoined the party.  Everyone that was left took notice when they returned.

We were ready to go and started making our goodbyes.  But, Mrs. 2 and Single Newbie Girl had gotten in the hot tub with several other people.  Mrs. 2 cajoled me to join them.  Wife said we could stay and urged me to get in.  So I stripped down in front of them and got in.  Single Newbie Girl was finally out of the one spot where she spent the whole night.  And she was actually in the water, albeit in a bathing suit, but in the water.  They made room between them (actually Mrs. 2 moved closer to an old guy (which both seemed to like) while Single Newbie Girl stayed put even though there was no one on the other side of her).  Over the next half hour I slowly proceed to caress Single Newbie Girl, very, very slowly.  But she lets me.  I ask if she’s ok and she is.  I touch her legs gently, her arms, her hand and slip my hand behind her back.  She’s enjoying it and so am I.

Mrs. 2 (and some others) get out of the hot tub.  She asks Single Newbie Girl if she is OK and she is.  A few minutes later, I want to kiss her.  I don’t ask but pull her close, a couple of inches separating our faces, and look into her eyes.  And she bolts.  Out of the hot tub and inside to change.  I guess I was showing no signs of stoppin, and my eyes were a poppin.  Since she wanted ta blow, let her go, let her go, let her go.  I had progressively gotten braver and braver.  Maybe she left because if she didn’t, she would regret it (though I (probably) wouldn’t have pressed much further since she is new).  Maybe she left because she felt I was pressuring her, taking advantage when I shouldn’t.  Maybe it was because I have a tendency to give out a low, guttural mmmmrrrrrrhhhhh when I’m really turned on.  Usually it has a very positive effect on women, but given my sleepiness and inebriation I may have over did it.  Alright, I know I over did it.  And maybe that came across as “This guy is growling at me!”  In any case, I got out of the hot tub to dry off.  Our towels were inside now and I had to stand naked for all to see while Wife retrieved a towel.  Nobody minded, not even me.

Mrs. 2 was in the pool so I slipped in to say goodbye.  She flirted with me and I slipped over next to her to hug her.  She slips away and I pursue.  She has me right where she wants me.  I catch her and don’t let her loose, I hug her to say goodbye and kiss her.  Single Newbie Girl left, and I was too focused on Mrs. 2 to say goodbye (and sorry, if I needed to) or even notice her leaving.  What must she have thought - he tried to kiss me now he’s pursuing her.  He didn’t want to kiss me, he wanted to kiss someone, anyone.  Yeah, I might have come off as a horny, desperate, preying bastard that growls.  Not my finest hour.

Now there was a small consolation, Mrs. 3 came over and hugged me goodbye while I was nude just about to slip back in the pool.  Maybe she was just being polite because she knew us, or maybe there is some attraction there (I hope so).  We shall see.  I didn’t make the mmmrrrrhhhh sound.

For what it’s worth, Wife has granted me permission to play alone with Mrs. 2.  Also, she has said at parties I can play without her and she is open to separate room swapping, though I’m not allowed to swing without her except for with Mrs. 2 (for now!).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our First House Party - Part 1 of 2

Last night we went to our first house party.  We were lucky to find great group, laid back, not pushy.  Mrs. 2 had her male friend she sees occasionally put in a good word for us and the next day we were invited to the party.  It turns out we were invited anyway, the host came across our profile, liked what he saw and invited us before he heard from Mrs. 2’s male friend.  Who knew our prose could be so convincing?

On our way over, we discussed our rules.  They evolve as we go through this journey.  We agreed we were there as a couple, not a foursome with Couple 2, not as individuals.  We are not going to feel we need to stick with Couple 2.  We will meet other couples and so will they.  If we all agree to play with Couple 2, that’s good.  If we or they play with other couples, that’s OK too.  Also, we are not looking for singles.  If we play, we will play as a couple together with a couple.

Everyone was very friendly and welcomed us - the hosts and guests alike.  There were around 15 to 20 couples, and a few singles, from 20’s to 60’s, though most were in their 30’s and 40’s.  We had fun with fun people.

This was a pool party with a heated pool and a hot tub.  The party started like any other with drinks and snacks.  Just some, not all, of the guests had a little less on.  The real fun started about an hour later when we got in the pool.  Mrs. 2, me, and her male friend played in the pool.  She had a cock in each hand.  After 10 to 15 minutes Wife joins us.  Each guy concentrating on half of each woman.  Then more and more it was me with Mrs. 2 and Wife with male friend.  Turns out he is part of a couple, Couple 3, whom we had met briefly before.  So Mr. 3 and Wife are playing in the pool.  Nothing serious, just touching as we swam naked.  After awhile we all got out, next thing we know, Mrs. 2 and Mr. 3 are back in the pool making out, arms and legs around each other and kissing madly.  Looks like they are going to play.  Wife is disappointed.  Husband is too, lol.

So Wife convinces Mr. 2 to finally strip down and get in the pool.  Wife started to get in the pool and suddenly she and Mr. 3 are talking and within 2 minutes are headed to a private room.  Poor Mr. 2.  I felt bad for him, but let’s face it, he’s no Mr. 3 now is he?  Wife did too, but not too much though.  Mrs. 2 paid attention to Mr. 2.  Later Wife talked to him.  He really seemed to enjoy other men pleasuring the women he has been with, definitely some cuckold tendencies there.

Wife is enjoying the charms of Mr. 3.  I guess the play together rule is out the window.  Mrs. 2 is in the pool with Mr. 2.  I look around for a new venue.  I occupy my time with the hot, single female that is new to all of this.  This is her very first experience.  Single Newbie Girl is intrigued but not ready to participate.  She knows early in the night that I’m interested in her.  As the night goes on, she flirts with me more and more.  I’m not going to get to play with her tonight, but maybe a kiss.

Earlier, when playing alone in the pool with Mrs. 2, she asked who I liked and I told her I’d like to kiss Single Newbie Girl.  She told me I should.  They work together and she could tell she was interested in me.

I was talking to her, standing in just a towel.  She was enjoying all the slightly risqué action going on.  The time was right.  I move closer, look in her eyes and tell her “I want to kiss you.”  She’s new, I don’t want to push too hard.  If I had just kissed her, she may have panicked and abandoned swinging.  She wasn’t ready yet.  So we separate, give her some space.  My ego wasn’t hurt in the least.  She’s going to kiss me someday.  Just not today.  Or maybe, just not yet, today.

Wife and Mr. 3 have been gone about a half hour.  I go to peek on them, but they are in a private room with the door closed.  I’m very pleased that she is getting pleased so well.

I decide to tryout the hot tub.  It’s hot, but not so hot you can’t slip right in.  A woman and a man (from different couples) are already in there.  They are just chatting and I join the conversation.  More people come and go with (almost) no play going on.  It’s a good, pleasant party.  Same as any other party, just less clothing.

So Wife and Mr. 3 have been in there for approaching 90 minutes!  I go check on them, with an ulterior motive.  They are still in the closed room.  I find Mrs. 2 in the hall and ask her to join me in another room.  She says “I have to join Mr. 2.”, giving me the impression that she is worried he is not having a good time.  Ok, that’s fine and I step into the bathroom.  I come out less than a minute later and the door to the other room is closed and I think ‘Glad I asked when I did cause now the only place left was the open room.’  Anyway, no hard feelings.

It was a terrific party.  We stayed 4 hours longer than our intended leaving time because we were having so much fun.  Wife enjoyed herself with Mr.3 for almost 2 hours!  I’m very proud of her.  I didn’t get to play.  Even so, we had a great evening.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Night at a Show

After our night at the hotel, we planned a night out at a show with Couple 2.  We had a table that was the second row in from the back.  There was a table directly behind us and standing room behind that.  It was a fairly open location.  In front of us was a table full of drunken women.  They were quite entertaining.  Mr. 2 was interested in one of them.

We sat in a row, Mr. 2, Mrs. 2, Wife, QM.  I’m feeling frisky and have my hands on Wife’s legs, back and ass.  After a half hour or so, I ask the ladies to switch places.  They agreed right away.  I continued with my hands, but this time I’m on Mrs. 2 instead of Wife.  I’m sure the people behind us at the table and many standing were amused.  Later one of the chicks in front of us did a drunken double take and her brain had a hard time with the swap.  She stared for 10 seconds before her jaw dropped and then a huge smile came across her face.  It was so much fun having people know we swapped.

At one point the ladies went to the restroom and Mr. 2 and I stayed at the table.  A woman came up and stood next to me.  Since we were so close to the standing room area, this was not uncommon.  She laughed at what was happening on stage and later pointed and said did you see that.  Oblivious me didn’t know she was flirting.  I chatted back a bit then leaned over to talk to Mr. 2.  She kept talking to me sporadically and I would respond while I also held a conversation with Mr. 2.  One time I turned back and she was gone.  A second later the ladies sat back down.  It FINALLY hit me.  Later when I looked around I see she is at the table behind us.  She must have seen everything and figured she wanted some of that too.  Too bad she felt she had to sneak in when our women were gone.  She had a better chance of us welcoming her to join all of us than to steal me away.

After the show was over and the place began to clear, we sat and talked.  I caught the eye of a woman in a pink top, young and pretty, or maybe she caught my eye.  She was standing behind us and I had my hand down the back of Mrs. 2’s pants up to my thumb which she had to see.  We exchanged glances a few times, but I figured it would be rude to Mrs. 2 to go say hi.  Though I did think she would be a great way to use my good boy present.  So a few minutes later, she is standing next to us, which is strange now because the place had cleared out.  Then she bent down like she dropped something and comes up practically on the table.  I get a good look down her shirt.  She was more than interested.  I was dumbstruck.  I just looked at her tits.  Then she was gone.  Odd thing is Wife and Mrs. 2 never even noticed her (not sure about Mr. 2, though I don’t see how he could have missed it).  When I told the ladies about it, Mrs. 2 said I should have asked for her number!  If only I had known.

As we left, I saw both women with other guys they had found.  One smiled at me and one didn’t.  We ended the night in the parking lot.  No place to go and get comfortable (no time too).  We need to find a place to play without worrying relatives might find us.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hotel Dinner and Date

So what have we been up to with Couple 2.  We’ve seen them several more times and played once more.  We’ve gone out to places where family and friends were present, mostly only able to get quick, stolen touches and innocent hugs at as we left.  Definitely got us all worked up.

A couple weeks later we met again, this time at a hotel.  We fixed dinner in the hotel’s outdoor courtyard - steaks on a portable gas grill.  It smelled delicious and I’m sure several of the other guests wished they were joining us.  It did attract attention our way.  Wonder if anyone picked up on the fact that the couples at one point in the evening swapped partners?

Anyway, I overcooked the steaks.  They all ended up medium well.  Mrs. 2 loved them, everyone else thought they were good but would have liked a bit more red.  Still it was good and more importantly, it was fun.

After dinner we went to the hot tub.  We sat close to each other: Mr. 2, Wife, Mrs. 2, QM.  The touching begins and soon we go back to room and the clothes come off.  Mr. 2 & Wife took the bed, and Mrs. 2 & I took the couch.  Later all 4 of us were in the bed.  We enjoyed our play and this time Wife kissed a girl!

Now I need to admit that jealousy reared its ugly head for the first time in our adventures.  But not how you might think.  Mrs. 2 made the remark a few days before we met at the hotel that it’s a shame to leave after a few hours not use the hotel room all night long.  We couldn’t because we each have relatives/children living with us that shouldn’t be home alone all night (or more honestly shouldn’t find out we stayed out all night).  But each of us could have one person come home and be able to explain the other’s absence.  So Mrs. 2 asked Wife to spend the night at the hotel with her!  Wife didn’t say yes, but didn’t say no either!  She was considering it.  That was hot!

So jealousy, how did that creep in?  See I was jealous, no, more accurately envious, that she was able to spend an entire night with a lover.  There is nothing like having a hot session of sex, drifting off to sleep, waking your partner with erotic touches and having another session, over and over all night long.  And being with someone new makes it even hotter.  She has had permission for awhile and even tried to arrange it with BD a few weeks earlier.  Now she might get to do it.  And I wished I could.

The reason Wife wouldn’t commit (or at least the reason she told me) was that she had to work early the next morning.  However what she didn’t tell me was she and Mrs. 2 were looking for one or two women to spend the night with me!  As a gift for being such a good boy.  I guess I had no reason to be envious.

Turns out finding even one hot woman to sleep with a guy she hasn’t met is as hard as it sounds.  Of course, Mrs. 2 volunteered herself immediately, but Wife wanted someone (or ones) that we would not interact with again.  No chance to get too attached, I guess.  A few of Mrs. 2’s friends were up for it after seeing my picture and taking Mrs. 2’s word that I wasn’t a creep, but they couldn’t get free that night.  Others wanted to meet me first.  So instead of getting to spend the night with a strange woman or two, I got told about it.  Now I have a gift from Wife.  I have one night that I can spend with one (or two) women and do everything I want, whenever I choose.  There are some stipulations on who it can be; it can’t be anyone that we will see socially (including for play) or professionally.  I’m holding on to it for now.  I think picking up someone for a one night stand may be the best bet.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Update May 15, 2010

A reader wrote to me to ask how everything was going and to say he hoped for more posts for he and his girlfriend to read.  I thought my answer might make a good, well really an OK, post.

Just busy.  Mainly.  So far we haven't done anything with any new guys (or couples).  But tonight we are going to a party.  Our first.  Maybe we'll get lucky.

Is your girlfriend a hotwife?  Does she want to be?   I love hearing that women read the blog.  I would love to see her with a big cock in her while you watched.  My wife loves it!  Not super active as you can see, but she makes them count.

I am thinking about broadcasting our next adventure with a new lover.  Chatted with a guy this morning that really wants her.  And not only that he me to help him.  I must say it was quite exciting hear what he wanted me to do.  He turned on his webcam and he is handsome and Hung!  In a couple of weeks I might broadcast what we do with him.  I'd like to capture it on video then post it.  I'll have to see if I can do that with the webcam.  What do you think?

Should I broadcast on AFF (also called and or is there another site that's better?  I would like a site where everyone can chat while it's going on and I can save it for later.  AFF lets you group chat while broadcasting but not save it or even scroll back more than a few messages.  Maybe I'll just post it here and let you comment here.

By the way, no one has found my AFF account and sent me a message.  I really thought this group would find me.  So here's a more direct hint: ImTheQuietMan in Dodge.

So let me know your thoughts and check out my AFF profile.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Many in a Week?

And what about the second meeting with Mr. H on Tuesday, 3/30/10?  How did that go?  It didn’t.  Life got in the way of fun this time.  We’ll have to meet him another time.

So, how about BD?  Wednesday, 3/31/10, I’m out of town and Wife has arranged for BD to come over for some fun.  He is invited to spend the night, two nights in fact.  I text and call her when I can.  Seems that BD has a family emergency and won’t be able to make it.  Wife goes shopping instead.  Maybe he’s not that interested.

Thursday, 4/1/10, BD has to work late, but he says he’s coming.  I’m not sure as Wife and I call and text.  She gets ready for him.  I go to bed around ten.  I’m worn out and have a long day planned on Friday.  Wife tells me he’s on his way and will be there soon.  She had hoped to go out on a date, but too late now.  She’ll just have to sleep with him.

I sleep a bit, then wake up.  I get hard when I realize around midnight that he is with my wife, and may be fucking her right then.  I can’t sleep and I’m going to be tired all day Friday.  But it’s a good way to be kept up.  Laying there in the bed with my hand on my hard cock.  A cock that is hard because my wife is having sex with another man.  In our bed.  Then laying in his arms.  Maybe sleeping together.  I envision him inside her as they kiss passionately.  Finally I fall back to sleep.

The next day Wife tells me what happened.  She met him at the door in a silky robe and bra and panties.  They kiss and go straight to bed.  Always the gentleman, he makes her cum several times.  He likes using one of her toys on her.  Later he rubs his unwrapped cock along her pussy, at times he “accidently” slips in.  Wife luvs it.  He luvs it.  He gets close to cumming and Wife hates to, but makes him stop.  He starts fucking her (this time with a condom).  Wife luvs it and she can tell he likes it too.  She watches his face as he cums inside her.  The first time he cums with her.  She likes that he got to cum and she wants him to cum more.

He didn’t spend the night.  He got there just after 10 and left after 1.  They had one session then drinks while they talked.  He laid there naked while she wore her robe.  He likes our bed.  It didn’t seem to faze him about the significance of being in our bed.  Later they had another session before he left.  She had started to lose some of her infatuation with BD, but it is back and stronger than ever.  She wants him again and often, and is not too interested in meeting other men again.

When I’m home I see the two condoms (one filled with his sperm) and wrappers in the trash can in our bathroom.  I also watch the security video.  I see his car pull up and park in our driveway and it stays there for 3 hours.  I wonder what my neighbors, some of whom know that I’m out of town, think of this strange car in our driveway for all to see.  I luv it.

Wife and I had a marvelous session ourselves when we were finally able to sleep together again.  And I couldn’t keep my hands off her before that knowing what she had done.  I love that she has a boyfriend that fucks her so well.

Well, the final tally is … 3 different dicks in 6 days.  I only gave that 30% chance, and she didn’t even get a chance with Mr. H.  Still it was a very busy week for my horny wife.

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Kissed a Girl

The Katy Perry song, with a bit of modification, describes what happened next.

This was just what I planned, it’s my intention
I got so brave, drink in hand, lost my discretion
It's not what I'm used to, just wanna try you on
I'm curious for you caught my attention

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my hotwife don't mind it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it

No, my wife don’t kiss the same, it doesn't matter
You're my experimental flame, just human nature
It's not what good hubs do, not how they should behave
My head gets so confused, hard to obey

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my hotwife don't mind it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it

You girls we are so magical, soft skin, red lips, so kissable
Hard to resist, so touchable, too good to deny it
It ain't no big deal, it's innocent

I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick
I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my hotwife don't mind it
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight
I kissed a girl and I liked it, I liked it
Maybe next time Wife will kiss a girl.

So what happened?  Let’s just say we were together for 7 hours and everyone had a great time.  We all want to meet again soon for more fun.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our First Date with a Couple

Friday, 3/26/10

We had our first “date” with a couple, Couple 2.  (Couple 1 we met at the Meet and Greet party.  Couple 2 wrote to us the Monday after.)  We met at a restaurant midway between our homes that they suggested.  We had a long wait for a table and had a chance to get to know each other a bit.  By the time we were seated, we were all comfortable with each other.  We decided to have dinner.

Our waiter, Daniel, was fun and friendly.  Trouble was, we rarely saw him.  The service was beyond slow.  We were at this restaurant for over 3 hours.  None of us minded a bit.  We thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company and were hoping for more than just conversation.

After a somewhat overcooked meal and a few drinks, we finally got the check and it was time to go.  We had a wonderful time and so did they.  We made our way out to the courtyard where we had first met and lingered.  No one wanting to go home (alone) and no one sure what to suggest next.  So we chatted.  Small talk that none of us really found compelling, but it was a way to spend a few more minutes together.

Finally, I suggested we head to another restaurant for more drinks.  Everyone was excited to go.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Story of Two Couples

Two couples meet online, on a swinger site.  They each like the other’s profile and hit it off pretty well via email, text and IM.  They exchange pictures, including face pictures.  He likes her, she likes him, they like her, she likes her, he’s ok with him, etc.  All around it seems like a good match.  Everybody is eager to meet in person.

That weekend, they arrange to have drinks together.  Or is it dinner.  Or maybe dinner and drinks and ???  One thing that is clear is there are no expectations other than to meet and see how things go.

One couple arrives earlier than the other, just before the arranged time.  Via text message they find the other couple will be just a few minutes late, so they give their names to the hostess for a table for 4 and wait in a very nice outdoor courtyard.  Minutes pass without sighting their new friends.  Then a couple approaches the hostess, an older couple.  They ask the hostess something and then all three look around.  This couldn’t be them.  Could it?  They go inside for just a minute before they come back out and have a seat at the bar, still looking around.

Wow, their pictures must be 15 years old.  They look like they could be the first couple’s parents.  Guess it’s just going to be drinks.

From the other couple’s point of view, they arrive a few minutes late, not excessively late, maybe 10 minutes.  Perfectly understandable given the distance they had to travel and the unpredictableness of traffic in this area.  They approach the hostess and ask if the other couple has arrived.  They look around and see only one couple that appears to be looking for another party.  The woman thinks “Husband is going to kill me.  I told him we were a good match.”  The couple she sees is sitting at the bar, and is much older. 

Then she catches the sight of a man her age, with a date, checking her out.  She realizes, about the same time he does, that this is the couple we are here to meet.

All of us had thought of leaving when we thought we were meeting the older couple, but none of us would be so rude.  And our kindness was rewarded by hot sexy new friends.  We never did see what happened to the older couple at the bar.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I’ve been exchanging emails with a reader recently and I thought everyone might be interested in the questions and answers.

Question 1: During your solo intimate times with your wife, do you/she 'replay' past exploits, or does she not care to indulge? And do you (or she, or both) engage in 'comparison talking'...i.e. the difference between QM and XXX...during these pillow talks?
Answer: We often replay past exploits as well as potential new possibilities in bed.  (I was going to say fantasies, but fantasy implies something beyond reach.)  I usually bring it up, but she always enjoys it.  My enjoyment stems from her's.  She does do some comparison.  I know that BD’s dick is about 1/2 inch longer and maybe just a bit thicker than mine, as well as what he does (and doesn't) do better.

Question 2: And lastly, since you are (or are trending toward) the cuckold end of the spectrum (as opposed to just sharing/MFM's), do you enjoy (mild) humiliation talk/actions at all?
Answer: Boy this last question is hard to answer.  With BD it is more of them playing without me because that is what BD needs.  He still gets a bit nervous around me.  Wife would like MFM play.  There is nothing like having 2 people pleasing you.  But she is more than happy to spend time alone with BD.  In fact, this has made her think about going out on dates alone with him.  I want what she wants.  I get excited if she is doing something erotic and that she truly wants to do it, as opposed to doing it because it excites me.  If the later were true, I wouldn't get excited by it.  It's complicated.

So humiliation.  BD is never going to do that.  First, we established our relationship as friends first on the first night.  It would be hard to be the bull one night then a drinking buddy the next.  Second, it's hard to humiliate someone when you suffer from stage fright whenever he's around.  Third, frankly it's hard to find things about me to criticize.  I'd say I'm in the top ten percent in terms of looks, strength, success, intelligence and friendliness.  I am quite intimidating.

Also, it's not in Wife's personality to give out humiliation.  So I don't get excited by humiliation.  But if Wife liked it, (and she might like a guy dishing it out) I would want to do it for her.  And I would be hard when I did. 

I hope I was able to explain that well.  I honestly like doing erotic things that please my wife.  That is the part that is stimulating to me.

Question 3: I totally get the doing-it-because-it-excites-my-wife concept/motivation to your activities. Are there ANY hard limits that you think you could not/would not cross even if requested by your bride? Knowing what you do about her personality, does she seem likely to "push the envelope" with you with regard to sexual activities with or in the presence of one (or more!) of her lovers?
Answer: Limits: My first reaction was - No, I would do anything she wanted if it really turned her on.  But then I remembered some things I've seen on the web and had to back off some.  I remember one of the first accounts of a cuckold I read in 2003?.  It included a photo with a tattoo stating Eunuch xx/xx/2013.  He was celibate and would remain so for 10 years at which time he agreed with his wife and her lover that his penis would be removed (but not his balls).  They were still deciding if the balls should be left hanging or tucked inside.  While I like the idea of a cuckold with balls but no penis, and all the hormones produced by his testicles with no method to release the tension, you're out of your mind if you think I'm gonna do that.  So, I would do anything that didn't cause permanent physical damage.  (And I'm not much into pain.)

I'm sure that's not question you really had.  Yes,I would perform an hour of foreplay on her and let him be the one to fuck her.  I would hold his cock and guide it into her.  I would suck his cock.  I would let him fuck me, let many guys fuck me.  I'd eat their cum out of her pussy or off her tits.  I'd encourage them to have a baby and put my name on the birth certificate.  I'd help her find a new guy every week, or help her catch the one special guy.  But it has to be what she wants.  I don't want to do any of these things, but if she likes it, I want to do them all.

She's not the type to "push the envelope" on this, so most of those things won't happen.

 Question 4: Does your wife seem to have a 'type' - either personality (aggressive/dominant, player, etc.), or body type (swimmer, football player, Joe Sixpack) or 'other' (tattoos, cock size, 'bad boy' image, etc.)?
Answer: If I had to pick, I'd say her type (usually) is the player with a swimmers body, good looking, who’s confident and fun to be with.  Aggressive, but not pushy.  He knows he's sexy and he shows her that she is too.  But also willing to be in a long term relationship.

Question 5: In an ideal world, how often would you like to supplement your intimacy with 'others' - weekly, monthly, occasionally? Your wife, is she of the same mind?
Answer: In a (semi) ideal world, BD would live with us and sleep in our king size bed.  They would have sex whenever they wanted and I would have sex with her whenever she wasn't sore.  lol  Each night she would cuddle with him with me at her back for awhile, then turn over and cuddle with me with him at her back.  She'd have two men to please her that were faithful to her - her husband and her lover.  Sometimes the three of us (or just the two of them) would hook up with other couples or single females for some fun. 

In an ideal world I'd add a girl to the mix.  Firecracker would work.  Someone hot and sexy that would sometimes be with me, sometimes be with BD, and sometimes be with Wife.  And there'd be no jealousy.  Now that's a fantasy!

Question 6: I don't want to do any of these things, but if she likes it, I want to do them all...
One might/could assume that by listing specific activities (sucking cock, being fucked, cleaning/fluffing, pregnancy, finding her someone to fall in love with) you've contemplated them and not rejected them like you've done with castration (good call, BTW). Therefore, is it 100% true to say you don't want to do any of these things? Just asking...
Answer: That's true.  I don't want to do these things, but they don't disgust me either.  I don't want to suck a cock like I don't want to drive for 12 hours, which I will do when needed, not like I don't want to eat rotten food, which of course I won't.  But most men would put sucking a cock in the rotten food category.

Question 7: And I'm not much into pain...
Have you ever turned the tables in the bedroom and let her be in charge (see comment below)?
Answer: We've tried.  She just doesn't like that, and quite frankly she's not the take charge type of person.

Question 8: She does seem to enjoy directing you and/or placing limits on you from time to time... If so, does it involve physical discipline? 
Answer: The only limits she really places on me is that I can't fuck other women (usually).  No physical discipline. 

Question 9: What about strapon play - is that something you (or she) would be interested in? 
Answer: She wouldn't like that.  But she has hinted she might like a big guy taking my anal cherry.  And No, I’m not interested in that.  (Unless she asks really nice and it is turning her on.  I wouldn’t want to do it for myself or for the guy, but for her, maybe.)

Question 10: Maybe a tattoo (temporary henna, or permanent) indicating your status..."cuckold" or "Wife's Property" or some such? 
Answer: We've considered tattooing my wife's name on the head of my penis.  I'd be willing, but I don't think it is possible with good results.  The few real penis tattoos, and there are very few, look bad due to the loose skin when limp and not much better hard. 

Question 11: She's not the type to "push the envelope" on this, so most of those things won't happen.
Have you discussed (in conversation or fantasy/pillow talk) the limits of the envelope (i.e. like the acts you mentioned) or does it happen more-or-less organically (as it did in the car on the way to the hotel w/ Mr. F)? If so, what has been her reaction?
Answer: We have discussed everything I have written about, multiple times and in depth.  When I say she likes something, or won't like another thing, I'm not guessing.  I know.  Her limits morph and change over time.  She'll see a pic of something that she didn't used to like and say that it looks interesting.  I'll talk to her about it so she can explore her feelings.  Sometimes she will like something that she didn't before.

Question 12: Aggressive, but not pushy...
From your description, it seems as if your Wife enjoys a more dominant lover in bed - you seem to adopt that role. But perhaps your true nature is a bit more submissive (at least in the bedroom) and that has led you to the adventures you and she have engaged in?
Answer: I'm definitely a dominate lover (and else wise).  I can play the sub role for awhile, but I will lose interest if it is every time.  What has led to my wife being a Hotwife is that this was a way for me to let her enjoy some of the fun I have.  And maybe that will lead to her letting me have more. Or maybe not.

Question 13: ...with her whenever she wasn't sore...
Have you ever contemplated/discussed/practiced orgasm denial? What about chastity play?
Answer: We did have a period where she would say when I could have an orgasm.  I think she made me go 14 days once, but usually just 2 or 3.  Even during this time, she was not what I would call dominate.

Question 14:'d add a girl to the mix.  Firecracker would work...
I went back and read all the Firecracker posts. Truthfully, I'm a little confused (not that you owe me/your readers any explanation) - what is her relation to you two...Wife's friend? You've been given BJ permission...but not from Firecracker I gather (she falls in the 'socializing circle'). Was she your wife's one bi- experience?
Answer: She is a mutual friend.  Before her latest boyfriend came around she would call/text either of us.  Now she usually contacts Wife.  I think that just might indicate that she has/had interest for me and now doesn't want it to come up.  I do know she would have slept with me if she wasn't friends with Wife, because, well, look at me.  No, neither of us have enjoyed the pleasures of Firecracker.  I don't know if I put it in the blog, but Wife told me later, that it would have been ok if I had kept going the night of the striptease and got us into a threesome.  Bitch! tells me after it's too late to make it happen when I was searching for the go ahead while we were there.  So is she really off limits?  Probably not.  Wife hasn't said yes to anything anytime with her, but I think I if the opportunity came up, it would be ok.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It’s Going to be a Busy Week

In one week’s time, Wife could sleep with 4 different men.  We have a “date” setup with a couple for Friday, a “date” with the new guy, Mr. H, on Tuesday, and Wife will (hopefully) finally get to play with BD while I’m out of town on Wednesday and Thursday, maybe even overnight.  And I’m sure she’ll get to sleep with me sometime that week.  So in theory, she could have 4 dicks in her in a week.

The probability is low, but the possibility is there.  First, the “date” with the couple is our first meeting.  We are open to playing on the first meeting, but the mood has to be right.  They may or may not be.  Add those together and you get less than 50% chance.

With the Mr. H, I think it is better than 80% that she will do something with him, but it may not be all the way.  So put that at 50%.

As for BD, Wife wants that to be 100%.  It’s not completely set up yet, so maybe 60%.

And as for me, that’s got to be 100%, unless the others cum through.  Then it may be more like 75%.

So 4 dicks, I would put at 10%.  3 dicks at 25%.  2 dicks at 60%.  And 1 dick at 100%.  I guess she wins in all cases, just wins more in some of them.

I might even win more than once.  The couple looks promising.  We are excited, but realistic too.  Wish us luck.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AGH, Ahh, and Hmm

All day Monday, I my mind kept wondering back to the couple we met.  I thought of her hair and her smile.  I also thought of him, and him with Wife.  I didn’t get much work done and was distracted all day.  Why did she leave a glimmer of hope?  Rejection I can handle, this tease is driving me insane.  And we have no way to contact them.  Only thing we can do is wait for them to find us on SwingLifeStyle or go to the next Meet & Greet.

So Monday evening I check SLS and no email from them, but we do get an email from another promising couple.  It sounds like we may be compatible.  We sent back a reply and now we wait.  This was good.  It helps take the edge off the tease and adds a bit anticipation to meet the new couple.  (I may have to start naming them to keep them straight).  No reply yet.

Tonight we are meeting Mr. H.  He travels on business to our area about once a month, so he always has a hotel.  :)  Yes, he is black - I don’t know why, but the hottest guys are black.  We’re considering concentrating on finding a white guy, but fuck, we’ve been busy.  :)  Tonight we will just meet each other and have drinks.  Wish us well.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our First Foray into the World of Swapping

So we’ve learned that finding a guy for your wife to have sex with, which seems like it would be easy, is hard.  Well last night we learned that finding a couple for both of us to have sex with, which you expect would be hard, was hard.

We were definitely out of our comfort zone last night.  We had talked extensively beforehand about how far we would let things go if it felt right.  We set her limits the same as usual.  She can do everything she wants.  We set my limits to everything except penetration and giving oral sex.  She’s not ready for me to fuck another woman yet, and says I can’t give a woman the pleasure of my tongue cause I don’t give it to her enough.  Agreed.

We arrived at the start time, which was good, because it gave us a chance to get a drink.  Shocktop yum.  But they didn’t serve it with an orange slice.  I know if you haven’t tried it, it sounds bad, but it’s much better.  Anyway, we grabbed a couple of spots at the bar and watched as people came in.  We were nervous and pretty much talked to each other for the first 45 minutes.  We thought that there might be some sort of get to know each other activities, but we soon found that many, no most, people knew others there already.  Maybe we should have contacted some people before hand, then we could meet them in person there. 

So we waited at the bar talking to each other, starting to look around some, still nervous to make eye contact with anyone.  Ok I did make eye contact with a few young women, but I knew they were here for some younger meat.  The whole concept felt weird.  Do I look at a couple cause I like the wife?  What if Wife doesn’t like the husband?  What if Wife knows the husband!?

We were hopeful that a couple would come talk to us.  We’re attractive, and we were smiling, laughing and having a good time.  But no, no one approached us.  So when we had enough courage to get up and talk to a couple, we picked them out.  They were attractive and at a table on the side by themselves.  They looked like newbies too.  So we got up, walked over to them, and … walked right by.  Thought I was ready, but couldn’t do it yet.

We walked around to see what was happening elsewhere.  We were not getting looks, which is odd cause we usually get some looks at a vanilla nightclub.  Wife looked good, and of course so did I.  She didn’t seem nervous anymore, which can kill all the looks.  She said I never look nervous.  Finally Wife said I got a look, and she got some too.  I think the people fell into two classes.  Those that knew each other already, and those that this was all new to them.  Those that knew each other were having fun with each other by this time.  Those that were new, were just trying to get comfortable.  Like us 30 minutes ago, not ready to look anyone in the eye.

The couple that organized the event are standing near us and don’t have anyone talking to them for a change.  We go over to them and thank them for arranging the evening.  They are wonderful hosts and offer to introduce us to anyone we want.  Trouble is we don’t know who we want to talk to – everyone and no one.  After 2 to 3 minutes we let them go.  Really nice people.

We are ready again.  No really, this time we’re really ready...  I think.  We discuss which couples we should approach.  It’s a hard balancing act.  Finding a couple where we are both attracted to them, but that are in our age range.  Wife has standards that are high, due to the fact she has her pick of guys as a hotwife cause there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of them that want to meet her.  Here we’re just one more couple.  The hottest guys are in the “know” crowd and have got several women on them already.  I point out a couple, and she says no.  She points out a couple, and I think they are too hot to be the first couple we talk to.  We’d be too nervous.  Sounds aggravating, but it’s not.  We’re having fun.  But still haven’t talked to anyone.

We get up to walk around.  Back to the bar where we started.  We look at a few couples and are getting to the point where we just accept that we just aren’t going to catch anyone’s eye tonight and …  Wife says “Wait”, a guy may have caught her eye.  She looks again.  He’s not looking.  Then he is.  I turn around and give him a look that says “Can we come over and talk?”  He gives me the little head nod to come over.

It’s the couple we past by.  Now I know why we past them.  They are hot.  We all introduce ourselves and we say you look new to this like us.  After that, conversation comes naturally.  We talk first about this lifestyle.  Then we move on to other topics.  Things are looking up.  I think “Wow, I just might get to kiss her tonight!”  It took us an hour and a half to talk to another couple.  I’m so glad we finally did.  We talk for about a half hour and had fun.  He has to go to the bathroom and tells us when he gets back that there’s a dance floor in another area.  They ask if we want to go dancing.  Sure!

We dance next to them, not sure how to swap partners.  We need to learn, and so do they.  After a bit we drift apart.  I guess that they’re not that into us, cause I see them with another woman whose touching both of them.  Then they are dancing and talking to other couples.  I guess they are learning quicker than us.

We danced (only with each other) and hung out by the dance floor the rest of the night.  The other couple leaves when Wife is in the bathroom.  The wife makes a point to say good bye.  Why did she have to do that!  I had accepted that they preferred other couples and was ok with that.  I understand.  Now I don’t know what to think.  Did she say that to be polite, though she could have easily just gone out without looking my way at all.  We hadn’t talked to them in over an hour.  She didn’t have to seek me out.  But she did.  So now I think, maybe they do like us.  Maybe they just want to be friends.  Maybe they want more.  Or maybe she’s just polite.  I don’t know.

They go outside and he lights up a cigarette.  They hang around out front for a bit and we can see them.  Wife comes back and I show her and tell her what happened.  When we got home we tried to find them on SwingLifeStyle, but we never exchanged contact info.  Interesting, Wife has reconsidered the neither one of them can smoke policy.  She must have really liked him.  She also softened her stance on my limits.  She said that if we were with them, she’d be fine with me fucking her.  At least last night.

All in all it was a miserable night of drinking beer, dancing, chatting with sexy couples, and watching some fun shenanigans.  Which is to say it was a great night out.  Best night out since, well our first night with BD.

Next time:
1. Email before hand
2. Have a drink (one drink!, not 2, not 3, not 6) before we get there if we need to settle our nerves a bit
3. Arrive ready to walk up to people and say hi from the moment we get there – seize the day!  Take a chance.  The worst they can say is “No thanks.”  (Ok, they could say worse things, like “Have you met my mother?”)
4. Talk to lots of couples, if we see someone we like talk to them
5. Get contact info, phone number, profile name, something
6. Learn to get comfortable with splitting up.  The people having the most fun are the people that mingle together, then separately, then together again.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I’m Here

Looks like I’m back.  But there are going to be some changes around here. 

First, I will ignore this blog for months at a time.  Wait that’s not new.  I’m going to write when I want to write.  Wait, that’s not new either.  I’m probably not going to detail every time Wife fucks some other guy.  That’s new.  I’ll probably tell you about new guys and I plan to keep the stats up to date (maybe), but I’m not going to detail every time BD fucks her (unless it is as seldom as it was in February).

Second, the course of this blog is about to change.  To this point, I’ve tried to keep pretty close to the topic of Wife getting a lover.  I’ve thrown in a few posts about fantasies, and some on our exploits on our own.  I will no longer avoid discussing things not related to the title.

Third, my posts will probably be shorter and more to the point.  I won’t be telling every aspect of every love making session.  Why?  Cause it’s become routine for us for Wife to fuck around.  It has become part of our norm.  It’s still a lot of fun, just writing about it is not as fun as before.  I’ll probably let you know when we do something different and may even go to depths at times.

Lastly, we’re going to try playing with couples.  Wife is finally comfortable enough with this to give it a try (sort of).  So we are going to our first swinger meet and greet.  Maybe my next post will be about a foursome.

In the mean time, enjoy this.

Monday, March 8, 2010


A year ago I published my first post about trying to find Mr. X.  I guess it’s fitting that the first guy was one (of the many) frauds out there.  Still he was very useful.  He wrote good stories about what he would do with Wife.  I think she needed that - the sexual interaction with a man other than her husband.  It made her visualize these things and realize that she really did want them.

Mr. Y was the first one we met.  He was very nice and respectful.  (Pussy!)  Is that what he thinks women really want?  No wonder he didn’t get anywhere with us.

Mr. Z  :D – Smokin!

Mr. A – as in Asshole!

Mr. B was a lot like Mr. Y only not so much.  Could be that we were a bit tentative from our lack of experience.  Nah, he was a pussy too.

Mr. C – fraud.  But definitely the best texter.  Wife disliked him as he made her wet.  Probably would have been fun for a few good fucks.

Mr. D – Double Asshole!  (That’s a visual!  I wonder if they would look like eyes.)

Mr. E – poor unfortunate fuck. (though who knows about the future)

Mr. F – Lucky Bastard!  I still don’t know how he got to bed with us.  We must have been feeling the season of giving. :)  Oh yeah, and he was young!

Mr. G – everything she could ever want.  (almost)

Mr. H – could be any of 4 or 5 guys or maybe she’ll stick with BD.  Maybe she’ll change him into everything she wants!  Mr. C needs to give him some texting lessons.

So in the last year I’ve shared the most intimate details of our lives as well as our feelings on these events.  And they were all true, the events happened as I’ve written, and the feelings and views we’ve expressed were real.  (Alright, at times I may have said he wore a yellow shirt when really it was green.  Damn, you people are such mother fucking lawyers. (-; )

Wife even tried her hand at writing.  It’s tougher than it looks.  It takes a lot of time.  Then of course you have to read all the other bloggers’ blogs out there, but you can’t just read the latest posts.  You have to go back to where you were, and read from there.  And before you know it, you’ve spent three hours and only written 2 paragraphs.

I’ve published 75 posts and 34,428 times you’ve read my posts.  Wow that’s a lot.  (I know the page counter is at 70,822, but that includes the X-rated consent page.  The counter also gives me one that only counts each visitor once no matter how many pages you perverts view.)  I know many of you came back again and again, even when I ignored this blog for months.  You’ve left comments and wrote me emails.  Thank you!  This is hard work and getting feedback is really the only reward.  It really is nice to have people appreciate your work.  I tried hard to answer all comments and emails.

I’ve accomplished most of what I set out to accomplish on this blog – chronicle my wife’s journey to find another man, not to replace me, but to increase her pleasure.

Though there are some things that I haven’t accomplished – telling the story of the Night at the Bar in the Land of Misfit Toys, add a link to this hotwife picture, as well as tell our history before March 8, 2009.  I’m sure there are others, but I’m too fucking lazy to think of them right now.

I just read what I’ve written above.  This certainly sounds like a good bye. Doesn’t it.  Who knows maybe it is?  Maybe it isn’t.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 5 - Epilog

Friday 1/29/10
We spent over $100 on sexy panties and body suit like the Playboy Bunnies wear.  I’m going to get to see her in them first, but who will get to take her out of them first?
We also bought HW & SwingLifeStyle car stickers and buttons from CafePress.  We haven’t put them on the car yet, but maybe next weekend.

So we made it to a milestone in our journey.  She has a lover.  Not a one time thing, but someone she will meet more times (hopefully often).  I’ve thought about ending the blog since she has taken a lover.  I’m not sure – Is this the end of the story or just the end of a chapter?  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or sending an email.

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 4

Afterward we talk again for 15 minutes or so before he leaves
Wife & I rush off to bed.  Where we talk:

Wife and BC talked about some important topics.  Condoms yes, they both agree.  He is trying to see one other woman on AFF.  He’s single, no girlfriend – needs sex not the drama.  But still looking for the one.  She tells him he can text her whenever he wants.  He likes that.

She came multiple times, again and again he made her squirt.
She even came while he was fucking her (almost twice!)
Lots of fucking, some pussy eating, and plenty of hand(y) work
She concentrated on squeezing.

At times she heard the songs on the radio as they do things.  Later those songs remind her of what they were doing - the gift that keeps on giving.  Tik Tok by Kesha makes her smile now.

In our bed, she compared his to mine to STM’s – little bit thicker and longer than mine, not as big as STM’s.  Feels good.  STM was in to hard fucking, Black Diamond is more intimate – kissing, caressing, likes making her cum - a lot (he likes it a lot when she cums and he likes making her cum a lot).

He didn’t cum (again).

She wants to be with him by herself.  She would like the 3 of us together on special occasions (e.g. her birthday) but she wants one on one sex with him to be the norm.

She wants to go out alone with him, but mostly she wants to fuck him.

Right now though, she wants me to fuck her, and doesn’t want any foreplay.  I’m on top of her missionary style.  She’s telling about him, telling me that she compared the 3 of us.  I pound away for 10 to 15 minutes.  I’m trying my best to be quick, but I stay right at the edge and can’t seem to cum.  I’ve been waiting so long and sometimes this happens when I’ve been hard for a long time.  Finally I cum, and Wife is relieved, she is so sore.  Tells me she probably will be sore all week again. :(

She woke up wet three times that night – very unusual.

He’s definitely the whole package – good looks, charm, smart, a good person, and great in bed.  She has found a lover.  While he’s not 100% faithful to her and he’s still looking for “the one”, Wife is enjoying their time together.

We kiss and cuddle, and talk about Black Diamond.  She’s not ready to shut down her AFF profile yet, but she’s not interested in meeting anyone else right now.  I guess I’ll have to be tactful with the (promising) guys that send us emails trying to keep them interested for later without pissing them off.  I find that honesty is the best for this – she’s really into one guy right now, but she will be looking again in the future.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 3

BD and my wife are in another room getting naked as I typed this:

They are in the next room together right now.  I’m trying to give them some time alone so they can get started.  I plan on joining them soon. 

It’s gotten quiet.  I heard her ask if he wants a pillow so I took one to them.  Nothing much is happening yet.  It’s a bit contrived, but we do have a time limit (again).  Seems like we always do.  We can’t just let loose and be with him.

It’s quiet again.  I think that my typing even in the next room might disturb them.  I hope not.  I wonder what’s happening.  I have a very good imagination, but what I imagined

(I hear laughter)

before didn’t happen. 

(moan, moan, moan)

Yeah, my imagination is going again.  I don’t think my typing will be noticed, let alone bother them in the least.  I could probably sing show tunes in here and they wouldn’t notice.  I gave them

(moaning louder now)

15 minutes to get started on their own.  It’s been 9.  I can’t wait.  I want her to have an orgasm before I join them.  I think she was close, but not quite. 

(laughing again)

I’m going to take a peek.

She’s nude laying down, he is kneeling next to her, fingering her pussy.  12 minutes now.  Only 3 minutes left.  Should I let them have more?  I want him to have some fun too, before I join in. 

(light moans, heavy breathing, laughing, some quiet talking)

I think she might have had an orgasm.  15 minutes.  Should I go in?  I think I’ll go to the bathroom then peek in.
(moans, I hear him making sloppy noises with her juices) 

(he laughs)

I’ve been to the bathroom, and I peeked out.  I saw her – alone???  What happened?  Oh there he is.  He’s fingering her pussy. Couldn’t see him due to the angle I was looking.  23 minutes.  I’ll give them a few more minutes . 

(moaning getting louder now.  I think he is fucking her.  I hear the slap slap slap of bodies together.)

Time to go in. 

29 minutes.  I’m back.  :(  I went in.  He was fucking her missionary, but stopped and had her turn over before they saw me.  She was a bit dry at this point so I gave him some lube.  Then I laid down and kissed her.  Here is my naked wife laying doggy style as a black man lubes his dick and her pussy.

I asked her if I should take off my clothes and she says “No”.  “Should I leave?” “Yes”.  I kiss her again and say goodbye.

She likes whatever he is doing now.  I’m hard.  Sitting here listening to my wife enjoying the charms of another man.  I wish I could join them.  He is fucking her again.  I hear the slap slap slap.  36 minutes.  I peek again.  She’s on her back, legs spread with him in the middle kneeling. 

The moans are lighter.

No now heavier.  I think she is cuming again.  I think he has his hands in her.   Oh yes she is cuming.  I wish I could see her.  She is very comfortable with him.  Has he cum?  He didn’t get to last time.

It’s been quiet for a few minutes.  I wait.

Not any more.  More moans.  Then quiet again.

47 minutes.

Now 49 minutes and slap slap slap.  Yes he is fucking my wife.  His dick is in her pussy.  I told her to remember to squeeze him.  She can forget when she has so many orgasms.

Much more slapping. 

After a bit, quiet then laughter.  He is a lot of fun.  I think they are done.  Over an hour and a quarter and they were at it the whole time.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 2

Saturday 01/23/10

Sat afternoon she can’t wait any longer.  She texts him and invites him to our home that night.  We rush to clean the house to make a good impression.  Then we shower and get ready.

At 7:30 he is to arrive.  Wife gets a text that he is just about here.  We wait, but he doesn’t arrive.  Finally Wife goes out to look.  He has gone to house across street!  He’s out of his car and walking to the door before Wife can text him.  That would have been interesting.  "Hello?" "You're not the hotwife I was looking for!"

We go out to eat.  I have a Longboard then Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Wife Mich ultra and and BD bud.  We order food.  He gets 30 wings!?!  Must be hungry.  Building up for something.

We go back to our house and put on the TV as we talk.  Oh Brother Where Art Thou? is on – he likes this movie.  We have a good conversation for 20-30 minutes then …

a bit of an uncomfortable moment happens.  In Oh Brother Where Art Thou? there is a KKK scene.  He says this scene is great!  “The color guard is colored!”  While we’re not perfect, I don’t think you can call us racist.  Still I’m a bit embarrassed for what my ancestors may have done.  Probably nothing, but who really knows.  BD doesn’t appear to be bothered by it.

Shortly after that, I set up a mattress in family room, turn down the movie, and turn on the radio.  I leave the room to let them get started before I join them.

On the computer in another room, I start typing…

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 1

Friday night 01/22/10

All week long, Wife has held off texting Black Diamond (BD a.k.a. Mr. G).  She wants him to text first this time.  She does well and holds off all week.

Friday night, we spent at home alone and together.  We rented a movie and watched it together.  The couch was moved in front of the big screen TV so we could cuddle up together.  When we went to bed, we did some more cuddling - but nothing more.

4AM - I wake up with an erection.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had any pussy and I want some.  NOW!  My hands are all over her body, touching her breasts, hips, thighs, and pussy.  She wakes as I move her where I want her, giving me access to her body. 

After awhile I get the vibrator out and run it across her pussy.  She is wet, no need for more foreplay.  I slide it in, just a bit.  The second stroke a little deeper.  Each time further in until she’s taking the whole 8 inches with each stoke.  She has an orgasm (thinking of BD, I’m sure).  Then I fucked her.  First time since Sunday when she was with him.  I think of this as I cum.  :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Odds and Ends - February 13, 2010

1. Wife sucked BD’s (Black Diamond, aka Mr. G) cock while we were parked in the SUV at the end of the last adventure.  I forgot to mention that.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t see it in the dark.  I like seeing a cock in her mouth.  She hasn’t sucked my cock in months and his was in her mouth twice in the first two times that she went out with him.  I’m glad she is comfortable enough with him to suck his dick.

I might just have to have her suck mine tonight - whether she wants to or not.

2. I ran across an old friend from school a few weeks ago on the web.  He has a fairly distinctive name and while surfing some erotic sites on web, there it was.  About right age and height, but he had grown a beard and gained weight so it was a bit hard to recognize the face (and I certainly never saw the rest of him, before).  Still I was in disbelief.  This man lived a several hours from where we went to school.  Could be him, but might not. Yet there he was – doing some things that I wouldn’t do, but things that are exciting to see some one else do (although he took it a bit too far, and he was a bit, ok a lot, out of shape).  Still he’s got some balls to put those pictures up for the entire world to see AND has my name and city on the pics.  This disturbed me somewhat, so I did some checking, and found that my friend has a different middle initial.  Still, I don’t know and I’m not about to get back in touch just to ask (I’m afraid he’ll say yes).

I wonder how I would react if he had a more appetizing physique.  Would I call him and see if he wants to fuck Wife?

3. Speaking of running into people on the web, I showed Wife a profile for a couple on a sexual matchmaking site I just refound.  Trying to open the door to some play for both of us.  She liked him, and she liked her.  We’ll see.  A few days later I see not only the same man, but the very same picture - Where? as a suggestion for a friend on my real Facebook account!  He is a friend of several of my friends.  And I have met him, though briefly.  At times the thought of hooking up with them excites me, and at times it frightens me.

4. The website I first saw them on is SwingLifeStyle.  I had looked at this site before and found it lacking in ease of use.  But they have been working hard and now it is certainly much better.  Check it out.  When Wife starts looking again, I plan to use it.  Unlike AFF, their rules for free versus paid accounts are clear and easy to find.  If we like it, I might just become a lifetime member.

5. (Warning, this item turned into a long gripe session.  You might want to skip straight to number 6.)  AFF on the other hand is getting more difficult to use.  We are currently standard (free) members and the logic to determine when we can view profiles and when we can’t is completely illogical.  I was on their IM app a few weeks ago and as a couple we get several invites whenever we open the chat.  I always check out the profile of the guy (it’s always a guy, never a woman or couple, always a guy) to get an idea if Wife will be interested at all.  No sense wasting each other’s time.  (Unless, of course, that’s the only reason you’re on and never want to actually meet, Bastards.)  So as I’m chatting, I get two new requests, I open one profile and know it aint going to work.  I open the other profile, but I can’t.  In the minute between these two the system decides no more looks for you - in the middle of the afternoon!  WTF.  And for several days after that I couldn’t view profiles, then suddenly I could view them again.  I don’t understand.

In addition, standard members can no longer leave testimonials.  We finally have met some guys to leave some good testimonials for and we can’t.  ):

They’ve also taken away the ability for us to set Wife’s mood.  I think they may have eliminated it for everyone, not just for standard members, but I could be wrong.  I liked that feature cause it was one of the few things on the profile that we could change without having to wait for our profile to be reapproved  We used it to tell those that wrote that we were not looking at the moment.  We didn’t want to turn off our profile completely but we also didn’t want to have guys think we were ignoring them.  But nope that’s gone too.

Alas there is some good news to report with AFF.  I found that you can get to AFF by going to  Use your same username and login and you get a nearly identical site, with one positive exception.  Your profile, mail, hotlist, friends, cupid setting, everything is there from AFF, and it doesn’t matter which you log into because they use the same database.  So why does it matter which you use?  With when you hover over a picture a flyover pops up with a preview of the member’s profile, same as with AFF.  But unlike AFF, you can hotlist them, flirt, or invite them to join your friends network – all things to get the ones you want to notice you and write.  When you can view profiles, this is no big deal, but when you can’t, you can’t do any of those things.

BTW I did find a way to see the less explicit versions of profiles used to entice you to create an account.  Don’t ask me how to do this, I don’t know.  All I know is one of the multiple web browsers I use (the worst one.  You can guess which.) can’t seem to remember that I’m logged in after I do a search by username.  It takes me to the order page and I click the user’s pic and up comes the PG-13 version. (:  Big hassle, but worth it for a select few profiles.

I also found a way to view all the photos in a profile.  If you can view profiles, are a bit computer savvy, and you have some friends in your network with photo albums, you should be able to figure out the web address.  Hint: Use the “Send Voice Message” address and modify it.  Again big hassle and all you get is thumbnails.

Edit:  I wrote this a section a few days ago, but now things have changed yet again.  There is a new alert feature that lets you know when anyone does anything you might be interested in.  You can customize it so you don’t get too many.  It also seems to have an effect on the links on a page (at least in the browser I usually use for that site).  Turn if off if the links on the bottom half of the page don’t work. 

Also, we can once again set Wife’s mood again, but we can no longer view profiles.  In addition, the big company browser is now remembering that we’re logged in and therefore not letting us see the PG profiles again.  But I’ve found if I search on a user name in one browser and get the order page, I can copy the link on the picture and paste it in another browser to see these.

6. Finally, we do have another tale to tell.  It actually happened before I had a chance to write the last series of posts.  But don’t worry, I have good notes.  It just takes a lot of time to write these posts. And then Wife needs to find time to read and check them.  She reads all of them before I publish to make sure I got it right, especially when I try to state what she was experiencing.  That last line in item one might be a bit more difficult after she reads this one.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Round 2 with Mr. G - Epilog - Naming Mr. G

He has entered her - time for Mr. G to have a name.  We thought about this a lot.  It’s hard work.  I wanted to call him Dick since part of his name is a euphemism for penis.  You know - Richards, Peters, Cochran.  Wife didn’t like that.  We considered Tall, Dark and Horny; Onyx; and Mr. Charm, but finally settled on Black Diamond (BD).  Because, well he is black, and he is a precious gem to Wife.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Round 2 with Mr. G - Part 3

It’s been about an hour and a half since we left the restaurant.  And during all of it Wife was getting pleasured.  Mr. G used his hands on and in her.  He kissed her, on her breasts, on her neck, on her lips.  And she kissed back, their tongues intertwined.  She touched him, rubbed his chest, stroked his cock, pulled him towards her.  And they fucked, many times.  His dick in my wife’s pussy.  Her legs spread for him.  He frequently changed positions and techniques.  She had many orgasms, too many to count.  Not only that, but they were some of the best orgasms she’s ever had.  He made her squirt.  On rare occasions I’ve been able to do that, but only a few times.  And she has to be really turned on and comfortable.  I’m very happy and excited for her.

He unfortunately was not able to cum.  There was still a bit of stage fright (or something unnerving about fucking a friend’s wife).

Turns out I was pretty close to getting a creampie.  They got swept up in the moment (although this could never be mistaken for just a moment).  They did not use a condom.  (We have no reason to not trust him, but he if he did this once with Wife, he could do it with others too.  Wife will talk to him about this.)

We take him back to his car.  Wife kisses him in the parking lot.  The first time I can really see them kiss.

We race home, and cuddle in bed.  No need for a shower tonight.  His skin was on hers now mine is.  I’m so horny.  I want her so badly, but she is sore.  He worked her over good.  After 30 minutes of light foreplay, Wife tells me I’ll have to settle for a hand job - from myself.  I masturbate as she watches and tells me how good he was.  I cum on my chest and stomach.  She gets a wet wash cloth so I can clean up.

She’s still sore in the morning.  In fact she is sore for days.  I wait, each night cuddling and caressing, but no release.  Finally Thursday morning, I can wait no longer, but she is still not ready.  She watches me masturbate again.