Friday, May 21, 2010

Our First House Party - Part 2 of 2

So after being rejected by Single Newbie Girl, and Mrs. 2, I was ready to go.  I hoped that my annoyance was perceived as drowsiness.  The only good thing was Wife and Mr. 3 were still in the room!  And I know that at least a few people took notice.  I was done in the pool and got dressed.  As I was finishing, Wife came out and she got dressed too.  Nearly 2 hours after they started, Wife and Mr. 3 rejoined the party.  Everyone that was left took notice when they returned.

We were ready to go and started making our goodbyes.  But, Mrs. 2 and Single Newbie Girl had gotten in the hot tub with several other people.  Mrs. 2 cajoled me to join them.  Wife said we could stay and urged me to get in.  So I stripped down in front of them and got in.  Single Newbie Girl was finally out of the one spot where she spent the whole night.  And she was actually in the water, albeit in a bathing suit, but in the water.  They made room between them (actually Mrs. 2 moved closer to an old guy (which both seemed to like) while Single Newbie Girl stayed put even though there was no one on the other side of her).  Over the next half hour I slowly proceed to caress Single Newbie Girl, very, very slowly.  But she lets me.  I ask if she’s ok and she is.  I touch her legs gently, her arms, her hand and slip my hand behind her back.  She’s enjoying it and so am I.

Mrs. 2 (and some others) get out of the hot tub.  She asks Single Newbie Girl if she is OK and she is.  A few minutes later, I want to kiss her.  I don’t ask but pull her close, a couple of inches separating our faces, and look into her eyes.  And she bolts.  Out of the hot tub and inside to change.  I guess I was showing no signs of stoppin, and my eyes were a poppin.  Since she wanted ta blow, let her go, let her go, let her go.  I had progressively gotten braver and braver.  Maybe she left because if she didn’t, she would regret it (though I (probably) wouldn’t have pressed much further since she is new).  Maybe she left because she felt I was pressuring her, taking advantage when I shouldn’t.  Maybe it was because I have a tendency to give out a low, guttural mmmmrrrrrrhhhhh when I’m really turned on.  Usually it has a very positive effect on women, but given my sleepiness and inebriation I may have over did it.  Alright, I know I over did it.  And maybe that came across as “This guy is growling at me!”  In any case, I got out of the hot tub to dry off.  Our towels were inside now and I had to stand naked for all to see while Wife retrieved a towel.  Nobody minded, not even me.

Mrs. 2 was in the pool so I slipped in to say goodbye.  She flirted with me and I slipped over next to her to hug her.  She slips away and I pursue.  She has me right where she wants me.  I catch her and don’t let her loose, I hug her to say goodbye and kiss her.  Single Newbie Girl left, and I was too focused on Mrs. 2 to say goodbye (and sorry, if I needed to) or even notice her leaving.  What must she have thought - he tried to kiss me now he’s pursuing her.  He didn’t want to kiss me, he wanted to kiss someone, anyone.  Yeah, I might have come off as a horny, desperate, preying bastard that growls.  Not my finest hour.

Now there was a small consolation, Mrs. 3 came over and hugged me goodbye while I was nude just about to slip back in the pool.  Maybe she was just being polite because she knew us, or maybe there is some attraction there (I hope so).  We shall see.  I didn’t make the mmmrrrrhhhh sound.

For what it’s worth, Wife has granted me permission to play alone with Mrs. 2.  Also, she has said at parties I can play without her and she is open to separate room swapping, though I’m not allowed to swing without her except for with Mrs. 2 (for now!).


None said...

To each his own but I'd have a real problem with my wife if she was denying me the chance to play with a willing partner while she was off with another guy for two hours.

If this is what you guys want then good luck, but seems more than a little hypocritical for her to have her fun and keep you frustrated.glybi

Quiet Man said...

To clarify, at parties, which is where she played for two hours, I am allowed to play separately from Wife. I knew that even without asking that night. Had I found a willing partner, I would have played.

So yes, things aren't always fair. For now, I can't go out to play on my own, except with Mrs. 2 (and my gift). That's about the only difference in our rules.

But you don't know our history prior to last March. I've had fun. It was time for her to have fun. That's part of the reason we started down the hotwife path. Now it's time for both of us to have fun.

Our rules are constantly evolving. I have no doubt that soon our relationship will be completely open. The two things that could destroy that are pushing too hard too soon and dishonesty.

She knows my feelings and what I want because we can share those without fear that I will insist on them. That lets her get comfortable and when she is ready, she suggests them.

It works for us.