Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Story of Two Couples

Two couples meet online, on a swinger site.  They each like the other’s profile and hit it off pretty well via email, text and IM.  They exchange pictures, including face pictures.  He likes her, she likes him, they like her, she likes her, he’s ok with him, etc.  All around it seems like a good match.  Everybody is eager to meet in person.

That weekend, they arrange to have drinks together.  Or is it dinner.  Or maybe dinner and drinks and ???  One thing that is clear is there are no expectations other than to meet and see how things go.

One couple arrives earlier than the other, just before the arranged time.  Via text message they find the other couple will be just a few minutes late, so they give their names to the hostess for a table for 4 and wait in a very nice outdoor courtyard.  Minutes pass without sighting their new friends.  Then a couple approaches the hostess, an older couple.  They ask the hostess something and then all three look around.  This couldn’t be them.  Could it?  They go inside for just a minute before they come back out and have a seat at the bar, still looking around.

Wow, their pictures must be 15 years old.  They look like they could be the first couple’s parents.  Guess it’s just going to be drinks.

From the other couple’s point of view, they arrive a few minutes late, not excessively late, maybe 10 minutes.  Perfectly understandable given the distance they had to travel and the unpredictableness of traffic in this area.  They approach the hostess and ask if the other couple has arrived.  They look around and see only one couple that appears to be looking for another party.  The woman thinks “Husband is going to kill me.  I told him we were a good match.”  The couple she sees is sitting at the bar, and is much older. 

Then she catches the sight of a man her age, with a date, checking her out.  She realizes, about the same time he does, that this is the couple we are here to meet.

All of us had thought of leaving when we thought we were meeting the older couple, but none of us would be so rude.  And our kindness was rewarded by hot sexy new friends.  We never did see what happened to the older couple at the bar.

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