Thursday, March 4, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 2

Saturday 01/23/10

Sat afternoon she can’t wait any longer.  She texts him and invites him to our home that night.  We rush to clean the house to make a good impression.  Then we shower and get ready.

At 7:30 he is to arrive.  Wife gets a text that he is just about here.  We wait, but he doesn’t arrive.  Finally Wife goes out to look.  He has gone to house across street!  He’s out of his car and walking to the door before Wife can text him.  That would have been interesting.  "Hello?" "You're not the hotwife I was looking for!"

We go out to eat.  I have a Longboard then Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Wife Mich ultra and and BD bud.  We order food.  He gets 30 wings!?!  Must be hungry.  Building up for something.

We go back to our house and put on the TV as we talk.  Oh Brother Where Art Thou? is on – he likes this movie.  We have a good conversation for 20-30 minutes then …

a bit of an uncomfortable moment happens.  In Oh Brother Where Art Thou? there is a KKK scene.  He says this scene is great!  “The color guard is colored!”  While we’re not perfect, I don’t think you can call us racist.  Still I’m a bit embarrassed for what my ancestors may have done.  Probably nothing, but who really knows.  BD doesn’t appear to be bothered by it.

Shortly after that, I set up a mattress in family room, turn down the movie, and turn on the radio.  I leave the room to let them get started before I join them.

On the computer in another room, I start typing…


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sidthekid, Working on it. I'll post after Wife approves it.

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Great blog very interesting and well written.
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Anon - Thanks!