Monday, March 8, 2010


A year ago I published my first post about trying to find Mr. X.  I guess it’s fitting that the first guy was one (of the many) frauds out there.  Still he was very useful.  He wrote good stories about what he would do with Wife.  I think she needed that - the sexual interaction with a man other than her husband.  It made her visualize these things and realize that she really did want them.

Mr. Y was the first one we met.  He was very nice and respectful.  (Pussy!)  Is that what he thinks women really want?  No wonder he didn’t get anywhere with us.

Mr. Z  :D – Smokin!

Mr. A – as in Asshole!

Mr. B was a lot like Mr. Y only not so much.  Could be that we were a bit tentative from our lack of experience.  Nah, he was a pussy too.

Mr. C – fraud.  But definitely the best texter.  Wife disliked him as he made her wet.  Probably would have been fun for a few good fucks.

Mr. D – Double Asshole!  (That’s a visual!  I wonder if they would look like eyes.)

Mr. E – poor unfortunate fuck. (though who knows about the future)

Mr. F – Lucky Bastard!  I still don’t know how he got to bed with us.  We must have been feeling the season of giving. :)  Oh yeah, and he was young!

Mr. G – everything she could ever want.  (almost)

Mr. H – could be any of 4 or 5 guys or maybe she’ll stick with BD.  Maybe she’ll change him into everything she wants!  Mr. C needs to give him some texting lessons.

So in the last year I’ve shared the most intimate details of our lives as well as our feelings on these events.  And they were all true, the events happened as I’ve written, and the feelings and views we’ve expressed were real.  (Alright, at times I may have said he wore a yellow shirt when really it was green.  Damn, you people are such mother fucking lawyers. (-; )

Wife even tried her hand at writing.  It’s tougher than it looks.  It takes a lot of time.  Then of course you have to read all the other bloggers’ blogs out there, but you can’t just read the latest posts.  You have to go back to where you were, and read from there.  And before you know it, you’ve spent three hours and only written 2 paragraphs.

I’ve published 75 posts and 34,428 times you’ve read my posts.  Wow that’s a lot.  (I know the page counter is at 70,822, but that includes the X-rated consent page.  The counter also gives me one that only counts each visitor once no matter how many pages you perverts view.)  I know many of you came back again and again, even when I ignored this blog for months.  You’ve left comments and wrote me emails.  Thank you!  This is hard work and getting feedback is really the only reward.  It really is nice to have people appreciate your work.  I tried hard to answer all comments and emails.

I’ve accomplished most of what I set out to accomplish on this blog – chronicle my wife’s journey to find another man, not to replace me, but to increase her pleasure.

Though there are some things that I haven’t accomplished – telling the story of the Night at the Bar in the Land of Misfit Toys, add a link to this hotwife picture, as well as tell our history before March 8, 2009.  I’m sure there are others, but I’m too fucking lazy to think of them right now.

I just read what I’ve written above.  This certainly sounds like a good bye. Doesn’t it.  Who knows maybe it is?  Maybe it isn’t.


Get8More said...

Wow, I love you blog... and I will be following your adventures. Is the hotwife picture your wife? Because she is SSMOKING HOT!!!

Quiet Man said...

Get8More - My wife is hot, but no that's not her. I like to look at that blog and when I saw the ring on the first photo, I was hoping for at least 2 guys. Sometimes wishes come true. Thanks for letting me know you enjoy the blog.