Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Round 2 with Mr. G - Part 3

It’s been about an hour and a half since we left the restaurant.  And during all of it Wife was getting pleasured.  Mr. G used his hands on and in her.  He kissed her, on her breasts, on her neck, on her lips.  And she kissed back, their tongues intertwined.  She touched him, rubbed his chest, stroked his cock, pulled him towards her.  And they fucked, many times.  His dick in my wife’s pussy.  Her legs spread for him.  He frequently changed positions and techniques.  She had many orgasms, too many to count.  Not only that, but they were some of the best orgasms she’s ever had.  He made her squirt.  On rare occasions I’ve been able to do that, but only a few times.  And she has to be really turned on and comfortable.  I’m very happy and excited for her.

He unfortunately was not able to cum.  There was still a bit of stage fright (or something unnerving about fucking a friend’s wife).

Turns out I was pretty close to getting a creampie.  They got swept up in the moment (although this could never be mistaken for just a moment).  They did not use a condom.  (We have no reason to not trust him, but he if he did this once with Wife, he could do it with others too.  Wife will talk to him about this.)

We take him back to his car.  Wife kisses him in the parking lot.  The first time I can really see them kiss.

We race home, and cuddle in bed.  No need for a shower tonight.  His skin was on hers now mine is.  I’m so horny.  I want her so badly, but she is sore.  He worked her over good.  After 30 minutes of light foreplay, Wife tells me I’ll have to settle for a hand job - from myself.  I masturbate as she watches and tells me how good he was.  I cum on my chest and stomach.  She gets a wet wash cloth so I can clean up.

She’s still sore in the morning.  In fact she is sore for days.  I wait, each night cuddling and caressing, but no release.  Finally Thursday morning, I can wait no longer, but she is still not ready.  She watches me masturbate again.


relevent married guy said...

Very sexy....but she really should consider including you, if only after the fact in this crazy sexy fun play..... The best part for us is the follow up sex, whether it is right after or a couple of days after her sexy play. We are both like animals after she has been with another guy.
Thanks again for sharing and good luck!

Quiet Man said...

Yeah, we usually are too after her adventures. This time she was tired and sore. I'm not about to make her worse. We enjoyed what we did.

I think she should consider letting me have some fun with others too, but that's another story. It's all about her - for now.

She was definitely sore for a few days. I could tell when she walked or even just moved. He worked her over good. But I think she may have been enjoying my celibacy also.

We've played with denial for short times in the past and she likes falling asleep full satisfied while I hold her with a huge erection. After about 30 minutes my erection goes down and I can sleep. This usually leads me waking up in the middle of the night and ravishing her. We both enjoy that.