Saturday, March 6, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 5 - Epilog

Friday 1/29/10
We spent over $100 on sexy panties and body suit like the Playboy Bunnies wear.  I’m going to get to see her in them first, but who will get to take her out of them first?
We also bought HW & SwingLifeStyle car stickers and buttons from CafePress.  We haven’t put them on the car yet, but maybe next weekend.

So we made it to a milestone in our journey.  She has a lover.  Not a one time thing, but someone she will meet more times (hopefully often).  I’ve thought about ending the blog since she has taken a lover.  I’m not sure – Is this the end of the story or just the end of a chapter?  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or sending an email.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, don't stop posting now. All of those who have never made it that far will benefit from hearing about the hits and misses as you find your way along this marvelous path of discovery. And those of us who are somewhere along the path or have reached our destination will benefit from knowing that we're not alone, however the journey went. We've settled down with just one lover for her and won't change unless he finds a love of his own and goes on his way, but if that happens we'll be back out there looking and could always use some company.


Anonymous said...

omg thanks for the post!! god you two are living my fantasy! but wife will never go for it, so i have to live vicariously through you!

ritemate said...

Please don’t let this be the end.
Please don’t even let this be the beginning of the end.
My hopes are, this is only the end of the beginning.
Love to hear more about your cuckolding dynamics!
Don’t spare the juicy details.

Quiet Man said...

Wolfman, nbuidness, and riteman - Good to hear from you. I guess you've seen that I haven't finished blogging. I'm also glad you've enjoyed it so far and hope you'll enjoy where we're going just as much. If it hadn't been for your comments, I probably would have given up. Thanks.