Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our First Meeting with Couple 4

Couple 4?  Where the hell did they come from?  They sent us email more than a month ago.  They looked good, had a nice profile, and can host.  However they live over an hour away.  We exchanged emails and chatted on SLS.  It always seemed like one or the other couple were not available.  After more than a month, we both finally had a free night.

We met at a restaurant near their home for a couple drinks - Yuengling on tap mmmmm.  We talked as we sipped our drinks, getting to know each other.  The first thing I notice is Mrs. 4 is a knockout with huge breasts.  They both are extremely nice and friendly.  We discuss work and family as we get comfortable.  Then we head back to their place to continue our discussions, drinking and games.  Once there, they suggest we play truth or dare as a way to get to know each other.  It was a lot of fun.  With questions like: What do you like best about the lifestyle? Rate your BJ skills from 1 to 10? and Have you ever been in a threesome? we learned a lot about each other.  And with dares like: a kiss, a lap dance, and remove shirts, we had a lot of fun too.  One of the dares I received was to remove my boxer briefs but leave my pants on.  I saw no way to do this other than to drop my pants leaving them on just one shin, drop my shorts and pull them through pant leg that was still on, pull up my pants and CAREFULLY zip up.  Mrs. 4 liked the show.

Eventually I had Mrs. 4 down to just her panties and asked for a lap dance.  I told Wife and Mr. 4 that they couldn’t watch and to do something else.  Once we got started with the lap dance my shirt came off, then she started to unzip my pants, but was hesitant.  She had remembered that I wasn’t wearing underwear and was just being cautious, luckily for me cause I had forgotten all about that.  And that was the end of the game.  On to a new game, :).

The four of us went into the master bed room.  He played with Wife as I played with Mrs. 4.  We took it a bit slower than they, and kissed as they moved on to oral, but when I moved down to Mrs.4’s breasts I forgot all about Wife and Mr. 4.  Turns out Mrs. 4 is VERY vocal.  She started squealing when I sucked her tits.  As my lips sucked her nipples, my tongue circled her areola and my hands massaged her bosom, I think I actually brought her to orgasm.  As I worked my way down to eat her pussy, I couldn’t help but notice that Mr. 4 was already rocking the bed fucking my wife.  It didn’t take long for me to bring Mrs. 4 to another couple orgasms.  She had to squirm away from me to get me to stop.  Next she wanted to suck me, which I was gracious enough to allow, ;).  After a while I was ready to fuck her and turned her over.  Mr. 2 and Wife were already done and were leaving the bedroom.  We continued to fuck for a long time, Mrs. 4 squealing all the way.  Now, condoms make it more difficult for me to cum.  It takes me awhile.  A long while.  Which isn’t a negative (most of the time).  But tonight the room was hot and we were making it hotter.  We ended up taking a break because it was too damn hot.

Afterwards we joined Wife and Mr. 4 on the couch.  We chatted for 45 minutes to an hour before we went for another round in the bedroom.  This time though we were in separate rooms.  The first time we have tried this.  We started with her sucking me, trying to get me to cum.  When I was ready I climbed on top with her legs up and fucked her.  I didn’t hold back.  The bed frame was creaking, the head board banging against the wall and she was practically screaming with each thrust.

I can’t tell you what a boost it is to a man’s ego to have a woman genuinely howl with delight as you bring her to orgasm after orgasm. 

Wife and Mr. 4 finished before us again.  I went all out.  I didn’t care if we were waking the neighbors.  After at least another 10 minutes, I’m getting very close.  And…

The light comes on.  WTF?  Mr. 4 came in and turned on the light!  He must have, because Wife never would have.  And Very Vocal Vixen and I were kinda busy and in any case she couldn’t possibly reach the switch.  Why would he do that?  I’m looking at her, still pounding away.  Maybe he wants a show.  She’s smiling trying to say something, but of course what comes out is another series of inarticulate jabber.  After a half a minute the light goes off.  Maybe he didn’t like what he saw, maybe he was checking to see if she was ok, maybe he needed something in the room, maybe this is his personal psychosis.  He likes to lure unsuspecting men into their bedroom to fuck with their heads as they fuck his wife.  With all these thoughts of Mr. 4, I’ve lost my concentration and I’m not ready to cum anymore.  We slow down the strokes as we continue to fuck and I find out they have the Clapper.  We turned it on and off for a few more minutes before we switch to titty fucking and I cum on her big, beautiful breasts.

Very hot indeed.

It was after midnight and we had a long drive home so we said our goodbyes.  We had a wonderful night and hope to see them again soon.


Get8More said...

You are so DAMN lucky.... that was one HOT night indeed!

Florida Dom said...

Sounded like a great first meeting.


Quiet Man said...

Get8More, Yes we are lucky. Sometimes I forget that and think of the nights when things don't go so well. Thank you for reminding me just how lucky we are. It was HOT. And they can't wait to meet again. I just wish they were closer.

FD, It was a couple of weeks ago and now I want more, more, more! Thanks for commenting.

MikeCindynJoe said...

Too funny about the light and the Clapper!



Quiet Man said...

I did not find it funny. Though if it happened to someone else, it would be hilarious. The timing could not have been worse.