Saturday, March 6, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 4

Afterward we talk again for 15 minutes or so before he leaves
Wife & I rush off to bed.  Where we talk:

Wife and BC talked about some important topics.  Condoms yes, they both agree.  He is trying to see one other woman on AFF.  He’s single, no girlfriend – needs sex not the drama.  But still looking for the one.  She tells him he can text her whenever he wants.  He likes that.

She came multiple times, again and again he made her squirt.
She even came while he was fucking her (almost twice!)
Lots of fucking, some pussy eating, and plenty of hand(y) work
She concentrated on squeezing.

At times she heard the songs on the radio as they do things.  Later those songs remind her of what they were doing - the gift that keeps on giving.  Tik Tok by Kesha makes her smile now.

In our bed, she compared his to mine to STM’s – little bit thicker and longer than mine, not as big as STM’s.  Feels good.  STM was in to hard fucking, Black Diamond is more intimate – kissing, caressing, likes making her cum - a lot (he likes it a lot when she cums and he likes making her cum a lot).

He didn’t cum (again).

She wants to be with him by herself.  She would like the 3 of us together on special occasions (e.g. her birthday) but she wants one on one sex with him to be the norm.

She wants to go out alone with him, but mostly she wants to fuck him.

Right now though, she wants me to fuck her, and doesn’t want any foreplay.  I’m on top of her missionary style.  She’s telling about him, telling me that she compared the 3 of us.  I pound away for 10 to 15 minutes.  I’m trying my best to be quick, but I stay right at the edge and can’t seem to cum.  I’ve been waiting so long and sometimes this happens when I’ve been hard for a long time.  Finally I cum, and Wife is relieved, she is so sore.  Tells me she probably will be sore all week again. :(

She woke up wet three times that night – very unusual.

He’s definitely the whole package – good looks, charm, smart, a good person, and great in bed.  She has found a lover.  While he’s not 100% faithful to her and he’s still looking for “the one”, Wife is enjoying their time together.

We kiss and cuddle, and talk about Black Diamond.  She’s not ready to shut down her AFF profile yet, but she’s not interested in meeting anyone else right now.  I guess I’ll have to be tactful with the (promising) guys that send us emails trying to keep them interested for later without pissing them off.  I find that honesty is the best for this – she’s really into one guy right now, but she will be looking again in the future.

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