Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First Time with Mr. H

We meet Mr. H a few months back and Wife and Mr. H have been texting and IMing ever since.  He travels to our area every 6 weeks or so on business.  The last few times he’s been in town, we haven’t been able to meet.  Last week was different.  We met for a couple of drinks and to get to know each other again.

Well after a couple of drinks, we decide to head back to his hotel for some fun.  In his room, I let him and Wife get started and try to not disturb them.  He gets Wife undressed as he kisses her, lays her down and starts his way down to her pussy.  He eats her for a long time and brings her to several orgasms.

They shift positions and he has her take his dick in her mouth.  This is something I’ve got to see and I get up to come over and watch.  It was amazing to see his black dick in my wife’s mouth.  (Had I mentioned that Mr. H is black before?  Aren’t they all?  lol)  He didn’t seem bothered at all by my now obvious presence in the room.  As they shift positions so he can fuck her, I strip down to my boxer briefs.  I watch as he brings her to orgasm again.  At one point she is almost completely covered by him.  All I can see is her white left hand with her wedding ring against the very dark skin of his back.  It was beautiful.  Then he turns her over for some doggy style.  After a bit, I move over to her face and kiss her as he is slamming her pussy.  Very hot.  I play with her nipples and eventually move a hand down to her clit.  Together we give her another orgasm.

He flips her over again and slides back into her with her legs in the air, and asks if she is ready for it all.  Of course, she says yes, and he gives it to her.  She was pleasantly surprised.  She let out an “OHhhhhhhhhh”.  She didn’t think he hadn’t already given her his whole cock, but he definitely had more.  And she liked it.  He fucked her that way for several minutes, working his way up to his orgasm.

Afterwards we got dressed and all walk down together.  In the parking lot he gave Wife a last kiss and shook my hand as we got in our car and left.

When we got home, I was very, very horny.  I just watched (and participated a bit) in a live sexual performance starring my wife and her black lover.  I needed her pussy bad.  We went to bed immediately and talked about everything that happened.  She knew she would be sore and did her best to get me to cum quickly, but my cock has a mind of its own and just loved the way her pussy felt, not quite the same as usual.  After another (at least for her) long session of fucking, I came in her pussy.

Just one more wonderful evening.

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