Friday, March 5, 2010

Round 3 with Mr. G - Part 3

BD and my wife are in another room getting naked as I typed this:

They are in the next room together right now.  I’m trying to give them some time alone so they can get started.  I plan on joining them soon. 

It’s gotten quiet.  I heard her ask if he wants a pillow so I took one to them.  Nothing much is happening yet.  It’s a bit contrived, but we do have a time limit (again).  Seems like we always do.  We can’t just let loose and be with him.

It’s quiet again.  I think that my typing even in the next room might disturb them.  I hope not.  I wonder what’s happening.  I have a very good imagination, but what I imagined

(I hear laughter)

before didn’t happen. 

(moan, moan, moan)

Yeah, my imagination is going again.  I don’t think my typing will be noticed, let alone bother them in the least.  I could probably sing show tunes in here and they wouldn’t notice.  I gave them

(moaning louder now)

15 minutes to get started on their own.  It’s been 9.  I can’t wait.  I want her to have an orgasm before I join them.  I think she was close, but not quite. 

(laughing again)

I’m going to take a peek.

She’s nude laying down, he is kneeling next to her, fingering her pussy.  12 minutes now.  Only 3 minutes left.  Should I let them have more?  I want him to have some fun too, before I join in. 

(light moans, heavy breathing, laughing, some quiet talking)

I think she might have had an orgasm.  15 minutes.  Should I go in?  I think I’ll go to the bathroom then peek in.
(moans, I hear him making sloppy noises with her juices) 

(he laughs)

I’ve been to the bathroom, and I peeked out.  I saw her – alone???  What happened?  Oh there he is.  He’s fingering her pussy. Couldn’t see him due to the angle I was looking.  23 minutes.  I’ll give them a few more minutes . 

(moaning getting louder now.  I think he is fucking her.  I hear the slap slap slap of bodies together.)

Time to go in. 

29 minutes.  I’m back.  :(  I went in.  He was fucking her missionary, but stopped and had her turn over before they saw me.  She was a bit dry at this point so I gave him some lube.  Then I laid down and kissed her.  Here is my naked wife laying doggy style as a black man lubes his dick and her pussy.

I asked her if I should take off my clothes and she says “No”.  “Should I leave?” “Yes”.  I kiss her again and say goodbye.

She likes whatever he is doing now.  I’m hard.  Sitting here listening to my wife enjoying the charms of another man.  I wish I could join them.  He is fucking her again.  I hear the slap slap slap.  36 minutes.  I peek again.  She’s on her back, legs spread with him in the middle kneeling. 

The moans are lighter.

No now heavier.  I think she is cuming again.  I think he has his hands in her.   Oh yes she is cuming.  I wish I could see her.  She is very comfortable with him.  Has he cum?  He didn’t get to last time.

It’s been quiet for a few minutes.  I wait.

Not any more.  More moans.  Then quiet again.

47 minutes.

Now 49 minutes and slap slap slap.  Yes he is fucking my wife.  His dick is in her pussy.  I told her to remember to squeeze him.  She can forget when she has so many orgasms.

Much more slapping. 

After a bit, quiet then laughter.  He is a lot of fun.  I think they are done.  Over an hour and a quarter and they were at it the whole time.

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