Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Update May 15, 2010

A reader wrote to me to ask how everything was going and to say he hoped for more posts for he and his girlfriend to read.  I thought my answer might make a good, well really an OK, post.

Just busy.  Mainly.  So far we haven't done anything with any new guys (or couples).  But tonight we are going to a party.  Our first.  Maybe we'll get lucky.

Is your girlfriend a hotwife?  Does she want to be?   I love hearing that women read the blog.  I would love to see her with a big cock in her while you watched.  My wife loves it!  Not super active as you can see, but she makes them count.

I am thinking about broadcasting our next adventure with a new lover.  Chatted with a guy this morning that really wants her.  And not only that he me to help him.  I must say it was quite exciting hear what he wanted me to do.  He turned on his webcam and he is handsome and Hung!  In a couple of weeks I might broadcast what we do with him.  I'd like to capture it on video then post it.  I'll have to see if I can do that with the webcam.  What do you think?

Should I broadcast on AFF (also called and or is there another site that's better?  I would like a site where everyone can chat while it's going on and I can save it for later.  AFF lets you group chat while broadcasting but not save it or even scroll back more than a few messages.  Maybe I'll just post it here and let you comment here.

By the way, no one has found my AFF account and sent me a message.  I really thought this group would find me.  So here's a more direct hint: ImTheQuietMan in Dodge.

So let me know your thoughts and check out my AFF profile.

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