Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Night at a Show

After our night at the hotel, we planned a night out at a show with Couple 2.  We had a table that was the second row in from the back.  There was a table directly behind us and standing room behind that.  It was a fairly open location.  In front of us was a table full of drunken women.  They were quite entertaining.  Mr. 2 was interested in one of them.

We sat in a row, Mr. 2, Mrs. 2, Wife, QM.  I’m feeling frisky and have my hands on Wife’s legs, back and ass.  After a half hour or so, I ask the ladies to switch places.  They agreed right away.  I continued with my hands, but this time I’m on Mrs. 2 instead of Wife.  I’m sure the people behind us at the table and many standing were amused.  Later one of the chicks in front of us did a drunken double take and her brain had a hard time with the swap.  She stared for 10 seconds before her jaw dropped and then a huge smile came across her face.  It was so much fun having people know we swapped.

At one point the ladies went to the restroom and Mr. 2 and I stayed at the table.  A woman came up and stood next to me.  Since we were so close to the standing room area, this was not uncommon.  She laughed at what was happening on stage and later pointed and said did you see that.  Oblivious me didn’t know she was flirting.  I chatted back a bit then leaned over to talk to Mr. 2.  She kept talking to me sporadically and I would respond while I also held a conversation with Mr. 2.  One time I turned back and she was gone.  A second later the ladies sat back down.  It FINALLY hit me.  Later when I looked around I see she is at the table behind us.  She must have seen everything and figured she wanted some of that too.  Too bad she felt she had to sneak in when our women were gone.  She had a better chance of us welcoming her to join all of us than to steal me away.

After the show was over and the place began to clear, we sat and talked.  I caught the eye of a woman in a pink top, young and pretty, or maybe she caught my eye.  She was standing behind us and I had my hand down the back of Mrs. 2’s pants up to my thumb which she had to see.  We exchanged glances a few times, but I figured it would be rude to Mrs. 2 to go say hi.  Though I did think she would be a great way to use my good boy present.  So a few minutes later, she is standing next to us, which is strange now because the place had cleared out.  Then she bent down like she dropped something and comes up practically on the table.  I get a good look down her shirt.  She was more than interested.  I was dumbstruck.  I just looked at her tits.  Then she was gone.  Odd thing is Wife and Mrs. 2 never even noticed her (not sure about Mr. 2, though I don’t see how he could have missed it).  When I told the ladies about it, Mrs. 2 said I should have asked for her number!  If only I had known.

As we left, I saw both women with other guys they had found.  One smiled at me and one didn’t.  We ended the night in the parking lot.  No place to go and get comfortable (no time too).  We need to find a place to play without worrying relatives might find us.

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