Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hotel Dinner and Date

So what have we been up to with Couple 2.  We’ve seen them several more times and played once more.  We’ve gone out to places where family and friends were present, mostly only able to get quick, stolen touches and innocent hugs at as we left.  Definitely got us all worked up.

A couple weeks later we met again, this time at a hotel.  We fixed dinner in the hotel’s outdoor courtyard - steaks on a portable gas grill.  It smelled delicious and I’m sure several of the other guests wished they were joining us.  It did attract attention our way.  Wonder if anyone picked up on the fact that the couples at one point in the evening swapped partners?

Anyway, I overcooked the steaks.  They all ended up medium well.  Mrs. 2 loved them, everyone else thought they were good but would have liked a bit more red.  Still it was good and more importantly, it was fun.

After dinner we went to the hot tub.  We sat close to each other: Mr. 2, Wife, Mrs. 2, QM.  The touching begins and soon we go back to room and the clothes come off.  Mr. 2 & Wife took the bed, and Mrs. 2 & I took the couch.  Later all 4 of us were in the bed.  We enjoyed our play and this time Wife kissed a girl!

Now I need to admit that jealousy reared its ugly head for the first time in our adventures.  But not how you might think.  Mrs. 2 made the remark a few days before we met at the hotel that it’s a shame to leave after a few hours not use the hotel room all night long.  We couldn’t because we each have relatives/children living with us that shouldn’t be home alone all night (or more honestly shouldn’t find out we stayed out all night).  But each of us could have one person come home and be able to explain the other’s absence.  So Mrs. 2 asked Wife to spend the night at the hotel with her!  Wife didn’t say yes, but didn’t say no either!  She was considering it.  That was hot!

So jealousy, how did that creep in?  See I was jealous, no, more accurately envious, that she was able to spend an entire night with a lover.  There is nothing like having a hot session of sex, drifting off to sleep, waking your partner with erotic touches and having another session, over and over all night long.  And being with someone new makes it even hotter.  She has had permission for awhile and even tried to arrange it with BD a few weeks earlier.  Now she might get to do it.  And I wished I could.

The reason Wife wouldn’t commit (or at least the reason she told me) was that she had to work early the next morning.  However what she didn’t tell me was she and Mrs. 2 were looking for one or two women to spend the night with me!  As a gift for being such a good boy.  I guess I had no reason to be envious.

Turns out finding even one hot woman to sleep with a guy she hasn’t met is as hard as it sounds.  Of course, Mrs. 2 volunteered herself immediately, but Wife wanted someone (or ones) that we would not interact with again.  No chance to get too attached, I guess.  A few of Mrs. 2’s friends were up for it after seeing my picture and taking Mrs. 2’s word that I wasn’t a creep, but they couldn’t get free that night.  Others wanted to meet me first.  So instead of getting to spend the night with a strange woman or two, I got told about it.  Now I have a gift from Wife.  I have one night that I can spend with one (or two) women and do everything I want, whenever I choose.  There are some stipulations on who it can be; it can’t be anyone that we will see socially (including for play) or professionally.  I’m holding on to it for now.  I think picking up someone for a one night stand may be the best bet.

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