Saturday, April 10, 2010

How Many in a Week?

And what about the second meeting with Mr. H on Tuesday, 3/30/10?  How did that go?  It didn’t.  Life got in the way of fun this time.  We’ll have to meet him another time.

So, how about BD?  Wednesday, 3/31/10, I’m out of town and Wife has arranged for BD to come over for some fun.  He is invited to spend the night, two nights in fact.  I text and call her when I can.  Seems that BD has a family emergency and won’t be able to make it.  Wife goes shopping instead.  Maybe he’s not that interested.

Thursday, 4/1/10, BD has to work late, but he says he’s coming.  I’m not sure as Wife and I call and text.  She gets ready for him.  I go to bed around ten.  I’m worn out and have a long day planned on Friday.  Wife tells me he’s on his way and will be there soon.  She had hoped to go out on a date, but too late now.  She’ll just have to sleep with him.

I sleep a bit, then wake up.  I get hard when I realize around midnight that he is with my wife, and may be fucking her right then.  I can’t sleep and I’m going to be tired all day Friday.  But it’s a good way to be kept up.  Laying there in the bed with my hand on my hard cock.  A cock that is hard because my wife is having sex with another man.  In our bed.  Then laying in his arms.  Maybe sleeping together.  I envision him inside her as they kiss passionately.  Finally I fall back to sleep.

The next day Wife tells me what happened.  She met him at the door in a silky robe and bra and panties.  They kiss and go straight to bed.  Always the gentleman, he makes her cum several times.  He likes using one of her toys on her.  Later he rubs his unwrapped cock along her pussy, at times he “accidently” slips in.  Wife luvs it.  He luvs it.  He gets close to cumming and Wife hates to, but makes him stop.  He starts fucking her (this time with a condom).  Wife luvs it and she can tell he likes it too.  She watches his face as he cums inside her.  The first time he cums with her.  She likes that he got to cum and she wants him to cum more.

He didn’t spend the night.  He got there just after 10 and left after 1.  They had one session then drinks while they talked.  He laid there naked while she wore her robe.  He likes our bed.  It didn’t seem to faze him about the significance of being in our bed.  Later they had another session before he left.  She had started to lose some of her infatuation with BD, but it is back and stronger than ever.  She wants him again and often, and is not too interested in meeting other men again.

When I’m home I see the two condoms (one filled with his sperm) and wrappers in the trash can in our bathroom.  I also watch the security video.  I see his car pull up and park in our driveway and it stays there for 3 hours.  I wonder what my neighbors, some of whom know that I’m out of town, think of this strange car in our driveway for all to see.  I luv it.

Wife and I had a marvelous session ourselves when we were finally able to sleep together again.  And I couldn’t keep my hands off her before that knowing what she had done.  I love that she has a boyfriend that fucks her so well.

Well, the final tally is … 3 different dicks in 6 days.  I only gave that 30% chance, and she didn’t even get a chance with Mr. H.  Still it was a very busy week for my horny wife.

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