Thursday, March 25, 2010

It’s Going to be a Busy Week

In one week’s time, Wife could sleep with 4 different men.  We have a “date” setup with a couple for Friday, a “date” with the new guy, Mr. H, on Tuesday, and Wife will (hopefully) finally get to play with BD while I’m out of town on Wednesday and Thursday, maybe even overnight.  And I’m sure she’ll get to sleep with me sometime that week.  So in theory, she could have 4 dicks in her in a week.

The probability is low, but the possibility is there.  First, the “date” with the couple is our first meeting.  We are open to playing on the first meeting, but the mood has to be right.  They may or may not be.  Add those together and you get less than 50% chance.

With the Mr. H, I think it is better than 80% that she will do something with him, but it may not be all the way.  So put that at 50%.

As for BD, Wife wants that to be 100%.  It’s not completely set up yet, so maybe 60%.

And as for me, that’s got to be 100%, unless the others cum through.  Then it may be more like 75%.

So 4 dicks, I would put at 10%.  3 dicks at 25%.  2 dicks at 60%.  And 1 dick at 100%.  I guess she wins in all cases, just wins more in some of them.

I might even win more than once.  The couple looks promising.  We are excited, but realistic too.  Wish us luck.

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Quiet Man said...

1 last night, 1 this morning :)

And she has finalized plans for BD to be here while I'm gone this week. She will almost certainly get 3, and maybe get 4. Lucky Bitch!