Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AGH, Ahh, and Hmm

All day Monday, I my mind kept wondering back to the couple we met.  I thought of her hair and her smile.  I also thought of him, and him with Wife.  I didn’t get much work done and was distracted all day.  Why did she leave a glimmer of hope?  Rejection I can handle, this tease is driving me insane.  And we have no way to contact them.  Only thing we can do is wait for them to find us on SwingLifeStyle or go to the next Meet & Greet.

So Monday evening I check SLS and no email from them, but we do get an email from another promising couple.  It sounds like we may be compatible.  We sent back a reply and now we wait.  This was good.  It helps take the edge off the tease and adds a bit anticipation to meet the new couple.  (I may have to start naming them to keep them straight).  No reply yet.

Tonight we are meeting Mr. H.  He travels on business to our area about once a month, so he always has a hotel.  :)  Yes, he is black - I don’t know why, but the hottest guys are black.  We’re considering concentrating on finding a white guy, but fuck, we’ve been busy.  :)  Tonight we will just meet each other and have drinks.  Wish us well.


None said...

we also use SLS and have met some great playmates. You'll probably end um with some endless emailers as they allow free memberships and some folks get cold feet. Good luck.

Quiet Man said...

Cunning Linguist,
Thanks, I'm able to pick out the endless emailers/IMers most of the time. I did just chat with a guy for over an hour last week. Gave him pointers on what to say in his first email to Wife even. However he hasn't sent the email yet. Might have been his plan all along, might have gotten cold feet, or might just be a bit slow.