Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wife’s New Fantasy Part 2

Saturday afternoon I took a nap with Wife in my arms. There was cuddling and a little fondling. It was a very nice refresher and a chance to be intimate without it being something more. I love my wife!

Saturday evening after dinner, we went to a neighborhood sports pub for a few drinks and an appetizer (We’ve really blown the eating out budget this month :)). It’s a family place so no chance of picking up someone. I did flirt with my eyes with the hostess. I’m pretty good at that. Wife says too good. But nothing was going to happen. The truth be told, she’s probably closer to half my age than my full age, but still she was enticed. It would have been fun to talk her into a three-way. I tried to start an innuendo filled text conversation with Firecracker, but she wouldn’t bite and kept things PG :(. Still we had a great time and we did get a bit aroused.

When we get home and go to bed. I caressed Wife using light touches again for a few minutes. Then I told her to get her toy and to come back with it in. I knew she was ready for it. I continued to caress her for a bit before I fucked her with the toy. After she is satisfied, I fuck her missionary style. It was a nice end to a nice night. Or was it?

Remember that we took a nap Saturday afternoon, which we usually don’t do. So at 3:30 I’m awake. I place my hand on Wife’s neck, lightly but firm enough so she can feel the strength in my hand. I leave it there for a few minutes while she wakes up. My hand there always gets her wet, but she says she doesn’t like it. After she’s awake and worked up, I climb on top of her and hold her arms down. We usually sleep naked so there are no clothes to get in the way. “Maybe I should tie you up” I whisper. I lean forward and do that little half pucker/pout that makes my lips so kissable. I keep just far enough away so that she can’t kiss me. I tease her for nearly a minute. Then we kiss and kiss hard. I’m still holding her down.

I tell her a story:

There’s a woman here, kneeling over your face. She’s lowering to your mouth. You can see the cum inside. It’s my cum. A man crawls between your legs. It’s her husband. He starts to eat you as you start to eat her. He licks your pussy till you cum. You’re still licking her pussy. He moves up and starts to fuck you. I come over so she can suck me. The sight of you licking his wife while she sucks me after I’ve cum in her is too much for him. He cums in you. I move between your legs. There’s a small pool of white cum at your opening with a promise of much more inside. I lick it up. My tongue dives deep inside and scoops up a tongue full of his cum. I show you then close my mouth and swallow it. I go back between your legs and lick up every drop.

Wife cums hard and I fuck her.

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